28 Proven Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea (No.22 Is A Shocking)

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health benefits of earl grey teaTea is no longer just a beverage but drinking tea is already becoming a lifestyle. It is because tea is not only used to relieve your thirst but also used as medication. Earl grey tea is one of the variant of tea that is recently becoming popular among tea lover due to its unique flavor and of course the health benefits of Earl Grey tea. As being the most recognized flavor of tea in the world, the popularity of earl grey tea is progressively increasing day by day.

What is Earl Grey Tea?

Traditionally earl grey tea is made from the humble black tea combined with specific ingredient, oil of bergamot that gives the taste of black tea more unique. However, the name of Earl Grey is assumed to be closely related to Charles Grey, the British Prime Minister in the 1830s. This assumptions has been confirmed by the Grey family that back then, this kind of tea was blended by a Chinese to be especially served for Lord Grey. Though according to the market references, Robert Jackson & Co. claimed that the recipe of original Earl Grey tea never leave their hands since the first time Lord Grey gave them the recipe in 1830. The history is not ended there; various people have claimed that they are actually the original holder of the original recipe. Well, whatever the history back then was, as long as Earl Grey tea could be enjoyed as part of healthy beverage today, nothing to worry about.

Why Earl Grey Tea is So Popular?

As being made from common black tea, how could this Earl Grey becomes popular not only in Europe (especially England) but also in America and some part of Asian? The main reason is of course the unique flavor of Earl Grey tea and the warming nature that you will feel after drinking the tea. What makes the flavor of Earl Grey tea differs from other types of tea is the additional ingredient, oil of bergamot made from dried bergamot. Bergamot is a fragrant fruit similar to orange or lemon with yellow color. That’s why a lot of people could not resist the colorful and fresh flavor of this Earl Grey tea and there are many health benefits of earl grey tea.

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For such a simple beverage, Earl Grey Tea is surprisingly having a lot of health benefits. And for being one of the most favorite tea varieties surely many people would not think twice to consume Earl Grey for the sake of its healthy benefits.

  1. Light Energy Booster

If you decided to stop drinking coffee but still intend to enjoy the energy booster caused by the caffeine, Earl Grey tea is a lighter substitute to the caffeine intake and provides you the energy you need to start your day. However, compared to the caffeine contained in coffee, caffeine contained in tea is a bit lighter so, it is providing you a soothing effect when ending your day at night.

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  1. Boosting Metabolism

Have you ever suffering a slow day in the middle of the day? Well, perhaps your metabolism is not working properly due to certain factors. Why don’t you stop for a while and enjoy a cup of Earl Grey tea to help your body adjusting to the life pace and boosting your body metabolism so you will feel energized again.

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  1. Stimulating Immune System

Earl Grey tea is containing a great amount of bergamot, types of fruit with benefits similar to orange or lemon. So, it is so rich of vitamin C that provides one more layer of protection to your immunity system. Taking a cup of Earl Grey tea regularly could assist in stimulating your immunity system.

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  1. Effective to Prevent Cold during Winter or Rainy Season

It is getting hard to deal with cold or flu during winter or rainy season. By making sure your immunity system is not in danger state, Earl Grey tea also contains some anti-viral properties that are effective to prevent cold infection. Furthermore, antioxidants contains will make sure the accelerating of healing process.

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  1. Natural Source of Antioxidant

Earl Grey tea is tea made from tea leaves which are rich of antioxidants and then the fact that the black tea is added with bergamot which is also one of the natural sources of antioxidant makes Earl Grey tea is super tea which is rich of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important compound to help your body fighting free radicals.

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  1. Controlling the Triglycerides Level

The level of triglycerides could lead to several serious conditions especially related to heart health. Finding a solution to assist in controlling the triglycerides level is important and drinking Earl Grey tea regularly could affect the reducing of triglycerides level significantly. Probably it is the most delicious way for you.

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  1. Reducing the Risk of Heart Attack

There are a lot of factors that could cause a heart attack. First is when heart is forced to work too hard so heart attack could occur. Second is because the accumulation of blood clot in the artery so the blood distribution is disturbed and heart should work extra hour to pump the blood so the red liquid could reach all cells throughout the body.

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  1. Effective Solution to Prevent Stroke

Factors that could cause heart attack could cause stroke as well, it is depending on the tendency whether it is heart which is no longer able to cope with the force or brain which is no longer able to tolerate the limited supply of blood to brain. The amazing thing about Earl Grey tea is, it could prevent blood clot and make sure heart will work in normal pace to prevent stroke to occur.

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  1. Generally Good for Hearth Health

All foods that are rich of potassium and low in sodium is good for heart. Earl Grey tea which is made from black tea with additional ingredients of bergamot are the reasons why this type of tea is good for heart. Antioxidants contained will make sure to support the optimal function of heart.

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  1. Decreasing the ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is one of the important compounds in human body with essential function in body metabolism. Unfortunately, the high level of bad cholesterol in the artery could cause the accumulation of blood clot that will harm the heart function in distributing red blood cells throughout the body and Earl Grey tea has some properties that could decrease the production of ‘bad’ cholesterol and increase the counterpart best known as ‘good’ cholesterol.

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  1. Super Beverage for Digestion

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the center of human body is in the digestive system. Once it is disturbed all metabolism will be disturbed as well. That’s why tea is believed by many Chinese to be good for super beverage for digestion and Earl Grey tea is just one of the top varieties.

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  1. Lowering Inflammation in the Gut

Inflammation could occur in all parts of human body including the stomach. This condition for some people considered being common but in long term this condition could be endanger the good part of human body. That’s why consuming Earl Grey tea regularly could assist in lowering inflammation in the stomach effectively.

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  1. Easing Up Constipation

Once digestion system is disturbed by many factors, some conditions that could occur is like constipation and diarrhea but mostly constipation. This condition is probably considered common condition because everyone must have suffered this condition at least once in their life. In short term, constipation might be just an uncomfortable condition but in long term could lead to more serious problem including colon cancer.

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  1. Regulating Bowel Movement

It is not easy to control your bowel movement but mostly what you eat or consume will affect the movement. Fiber always good for the bowel movement and though tea is not rich of fiber but Earl Grey tea contains some properties that could regulate the bowel movement so nutrients extracted from foods could be absorbed optimally.

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  1. Relieving Cramps for Women during PMS

Condition like cramps during PMS for women is probably a common condition. However, this condition could be really uncomfortable especially for active women. That’s why is highly recommended for a woman to have a cup of tea to reduce the symptoms of cramp during PMS.

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  1. Has Antibacterial Effects

Some of herbal plants have antibacterial properties including plants used to make black tea and then Earl Grey tea. Antibacterial properties are natural solution to fight infections caused by bacteria. The conditions could be varies but the most common one is high fever. Taking a cup of Earl Grey tea will provide the antibacterial effects to help body fighting the bacteria.

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  1. Best Remedy to Deal with Stress

Stress could happen to anyone; even the happiest person in the world will suffer this condition. If you think you’re no longer able to cope with the day at work perhaps pause for a while, take a deep breath and drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea will help you releasing the stress. It is because bergamot has natural aromatherapy quality to assist in soothing your stress.

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  1. Easing Up the Symptoms of Depression

Besides the natural aromatherapy quality from bergamot, this fragrant fruit also has calming effect and able to easing up the symptoms of depression when drinking it. However, you should aware that depression is a serious condition that should be handled by the professional, that’s why, don’t depend on Earl Grey tea to deal with the condition.

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  1. Helping in Increasing Focus during Work

There must be the time when you feel burn out but still so much to do at work. Don’t force yourself, instead you should take some time to take a deep breath and treat yourself with a cup of Earl Grey tea. The aromatherapy quality will help you releasing the pressure in your head and making you more focus during work.

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  1. Better Replacement of Caffeine in Coffee

Some people thought that they are no longer able to live without coffee. Unfortunately, not all of people could deal with the side effects of coffee. Actually, it is not the coffee that they couldn’t live without but the caffeine contained in coffee. So why don’t you replace your coffee with tea since tea has more healing properties compared to coffee and at the same time you could still get the caffeine you need.

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  1. Preventing the Development of Cancerous Cells

Earl Grey tea made from some herbal plants that have been proven to be rich of antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential when it comes to fight free radicals that enter the body. Antioxidants are responsible to prevent the development of cancerous cells caused by the free radicals and at the same time accelerate the regeneration of new cells.

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  1. Delicious Beverage during Weight Loss Program

Well, don’t just depend on green tea to deal with weight gain problem. Actually, all types of tea is good for weight loss program but Earl Grey tea is one on the top of the list. Furthermore, today there are more variants of Earl Grey tea which well known as Earl Grey Green with addition of green tea to make it super solution to deal with weight problem.

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  1. Easing Up Throat Problems

Some people don’t see the reason to see a doctor when it comes to throat problem. However, this condition could be really uncomfortable especially for you who are working in the field that required you to talk a lot. Try a cup of warm Earl Grey tea to easing up the throat problems.

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  1. Providing Solution to Glowing Skin

Some people just don’t know why their skin is getting dull day by day. Well, there are some factors that could cause the condition but whatever the causes are, Earl Grey tea has some properties that could promote solution to glowing skin because this type of tea is so rich of antioxidant that will accelerate the regeneration of new cells to replace the old skin cells.

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  1. Fighting Oral Infection

As rich of antioxidants, especially one type of antioxidant called catechins, Earl Grey tea has been proven to be effective in fighting oral infection and keeping the health of oral organ. However, you have to careful with the stain caused by tea to your teeth, that’s why is better to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after drinking tea.

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  1. Promoting Teeth Health

Not only fighting oral infection and generally keeping the health of oral organ, drinking Earl Grey tea is also able to promote teeth health. It is because the fluoride contained in this type of tea which provide one more layer protection for teeth from decaying and cavities. Just make sure to brush your teeth to remove the stain caused by tea after drinking it.

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  1. Keeping Body Hydrated

Tea is also containing moderate amount of caffeine and Earl Grey tea which is made from black tea has higher amount compared to other types of tea. However, when coffee will dehydrate your body, tea will provide you the opposite effect, it will keep your body hydrated.

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  1. Reducing Blood Sugar Level

Many studies have been done that showed the significant relation between tea and the reduction of blood sugar level. With one condition, it is as long as the tea is consumed without the additional refined sugar.

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Thus, there are many health benefits of earl grey tea for you that you can consume it every early morning for best treatments. Also, you can buy the earl grey powder or process it by yourself.

Some Precautions of Earl Grey Tea

Even super delicious with impressive list of health benefit like Earl Grey tea is without precautions you should aware of. Though perhaps, it is only in the matter of amount because too much is never good.

  1. Could Cause Gastric Upset

Not only Earl Grey tea, all types of tea could cause gastric upset to some people, especially those who already have problems with their digestion, even the light tea could cause the issue. If you suffer this condition is better to avoid Earl Grey tea and probably all types of tea.

  1. Contains Caffeine

Though all types of tea are containing caffeine but nothing you should worry about the side effect of caffeine unless you consume it in the large amount.

  1. Not Recommended for Pregnant Women

Caffeine contained in Earl Grey tea is probably higher compared to other types of tea that’s why is better for pregnant women to avoid Earl Grey tea and consume lighter tea instead.

  1. Could Interfere in Iron Absorption

All types of tea, including Earl Grey tea contain a certain acidic compound that interfere the iron absorption. If you are currently taking iron supplement is better to not taking it along with tea.

  1. Cause Stained Teeth

Though Earl Grey tea contains fluoride that could protect the health of your teeth but the tannins contained in tea could stain your teeth. That’s why is better to rinse your mouth throughoutly after drinking tea.

  1. Affect the Potassium Absorption

Not only iron, Earl Grey tea also contains a toxic compound best known as bergapten that interfere the absorption of potassium. However, it only happens if you consume the tea in the large amount.

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Today, you could find a lot of brands as well as varieties of Earl Grey tea in the marketplace. Furthermore, people are also becoming more creative in serving the Earl Grey tea. Some people prefer the original form of Earl Grey tea but others prefer the more innovative way in drinking Earl Grey tea but adding steamed milk, vanilla and honey. More unique variants of Earl Grey tea is also adding rose petals or jasmine to be blended along with tea which is widely well known as French Earl Grey. Meanwhile, Russian also has its own version of Russian Earl Grey with citrus peels are being added to the tea blend. Some brands are also joining the innovation by throwing more variants to the marketplace like Earl Grey Green with green tea leaves and Earl Grey White with white tea leaves. Which one is your favorite?

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