19 Benefits of Drinking Water Every Morning (No.4 Amazing)

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Benefits of Drinking Water Every Morning will give your body positive impacts. We all know that water is essential to human health, and it is one of the six basic nutrients which vital to our body along with carbohydrates, protein, fats,vitamins, and minerals but sometime it is often overlooked.Water is not just liquid, it is known for its revitalizing and healing properties. People who used to overlooked to water usually have problem with their health due to dehydration. Studies shown that dehydration can increase by two-fold the mortality of stroke patients who admitted to hospital and it is also make the patient stay in hospital for longer period.

To improve health and fitness, drinking water is a must. Yet, drinking water every morning is should be considered as important activity as you begin your day. Water which is taken in the morning will rehydrate your body as well as improve your body organ’s function. As we know, our body need at least eight glass of water everyday and the water intake requirement is different from one to another.

Reason to Drink Water

Below are the reason why we should drink water everyday :

  • About two thirds of human body consist of water.
  • Water is vital in digestive process and absorb certain nutrients from food
  • It can prevent constipation.
  • Water Flushes toxins and waste from the blood.
  • Transfer the nutrients to your cells.
  • It provides moist to ear, nose and throat tissues.
  • Water required to lubricates and cushions your joints.
  • Play role in keeping normal body temperature.
  • Protects nervous system, spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.
  • It contains no calories.

Benefits of Drinking Water in The Morning

If you didn’t used to drink water in the morning, its maybe because you haven’t found out its benefits. Below are the benefits of drinking water in the morning everyday

1. Prevent from ulcer

Benefits of Drinking Water Every Morning could prevent you from ulcer. Fluid or water intake which taken normally everyday can help to prevent ulcers since studies proves that poorly hydrated person are having twice greater chance to suffer from ulcers. Drinking water in the morning also have positive impact to your stomach and can enhance the ulcer healing process.

2. Relieve constipation

People who lack of water intake usually have problem with digestion, especially constipation. It is reported that inadequate water intake may cause chronic constipation especially in older person. Drinking water in the morning can increase stool frequency and enhance the beneficial effect of fiber which consumed everyday.

3. Treat urinary infection

Urinary infections and continence may affect anyone. Drinking water everyday in the morning can help to maintain a healthy urinary tract and kidneys. By maintaining adequate hydration levels in the body, you can prevent infection on urinary tract. It is because water has ability to flush the toxin and waste material from the blood and keep the kidney and urinary tract clean.

4. Prevent gallstone

Drinking water in the morning means that you have an effort to keep your body well hydrated. A study reported that a well hydration in the body can decrease the risk of gallstone or kidney disorder formation by 39% because water can be helpful in diluting the urine and make it easier to pass the kidney without making the kidney overwork.

5. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Adequate hydration which can be start by drinking water in the morning can reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 46 per cent in men and 59 per cent in women according to a research and water also has protective properties that can prevent the development of blood clot by decreasing the blood viscosity.

6. Stabilize blood pressure

Hypertension or hypo tension, both can be dangerous. Water can be very helpful in stabilizing blood pressure.some people suffer from dizziness when they are standing which caused by blood pressure drop. So don’t forget to take water in the morning everyday to avoid this problem.

7. Prevent diabetes

Poor hydration can lead to diabetes since water play important role in weight management and control the function of some body’s system just like its control blood flow and insulin. Drinking water in the morning everyday can slow down the development of diabetes especially for them who suffer from diabetes type 1. Water also very important to keep healthy blood sugar level, so if you don’t wanna experience life with diabetes, make sure your body get well hydration.

8. Improve brain and mental function

Dehydration will give bad effect to performance. It can cause dizziness, headaches, tiredness, reducing focus, concentration and alert. Water play important role in brain function as most part of brain made from it. Student or worker who drink water in the morning everyday are reported to have better study and work performance compare to them who didn’t take water in the morning.

9. Prevent injury from fall

Dehydration is claimed to be the one of risk factor of fall and having injury especially in older people. Lack of fluid intake will decrease mental performance and cause dizziness and even fainting. Injury from falling and accident may cause broken hip or bones which can decrease someone’s life quality. This is why taking water in the morning everyday is so important.

10. Fasten healing process

A research showed that dehydration can increase healing time and mortality rates in older people who suffer from stroke and pneumonia. It is also reported that taking water in the morning regularly can fasten healing process and shorten the hospital stay for some patients.

11. Maintain healthy skin

You can keep healthy skin by drinking glass of water everyday in the morning and the rest day. Skin is human body water reservoir and it play important role in managing fluid regulation within the body. Lack of fluid will cause dry and rough skin. Dehydration may also trigger wrinkle and aging skin on sign due to connection skin loose. So keep drinking water in the morning to s=keep your skin healthy and moist.

12. Help in weight lose

Benefits of Drinking Water Every Morning could help weight lose. If you are having diet program to lose weight, don’t forget to drink water every morning and it does work. Water will flush away the fat-product break down and reduce appetite. Water also contains no calorie and help your body to digest better.

13. Relieve headache

Headache can be very annoying if you wanna start your day in the morning. Dehydration can cause severe headache and causing dizziness. Taking water in the morning will help you to relieve headache since it has effect on calming the nerve and stabilize blood pressure.

14. Help to regulate body temperature

Taking water in the morning everyday can help to regulate body temperature during hot season or temperature. Water is well known for it cooling effect and it will help the brain to set the body normal temperature as well.

15. Promote healthy exercise

Water can help the muscle to gain energy and better movement. Taking water in the morning just before you taking exercise will boost your metabolism and make you more energetic. Adequate water intake can also prevent you from having cramps and sprain during exercise.

16. Strengthen immune system

If you drink water regularly in the morning, you will be hard to be caught by influenza since a good hydration will support the immune system function and fight against disease.

17. Enhance mood

Water will make you feel relax and it also help you to increase your mood. This is why people will feel happy if their body is well hydrated.

18. Relieves fatigue

Dehydration can make your metabolism going slow and organs work harder in order to flush away the metabolism waste and toxin. Taking water in the morning will help your body to flush the toxin and metabolic waste from blood and make your organ work easier.

19. Reduce the risk of cancer

Studies show that water may reduce the risk of several types of cancer such as bladder and colon cancer. Drinking water in the morning can dilute the carcinogenic substance and flush it away from the ody through urine and it will also decrease the period of waste accumulation inside the bladder.

Water is essential for life but make sure you consume proper and clean water to avoid the health risk of taking dirty or unhygienic water. Too much taking water in the morning can increase urination and this may bother your activities. Taking one or two glass of water will be enough in the morning and you can drink more water during the day. Teach your children to drink more water in the morning and don’t forget to bring some water whether you have to travel or going somewhere to keep the body hydrated.