14 Health Benefits of Not Drinking Soda (No.2 Deadly)

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You may realized that drinking soda is not good for you but you keep drink and enjoy it since you don’t experience any disorder. It is sure that some people are hardly to resist soda drink due its sweet taste and pleasant fizz. People take soda drink in many occasion such as when they watch movie, go to vacation, after dinner, mix with cocktail in hot day and etc. Cold soda drink is really quench your thirst during hot day. But do you know that the more soda drink you consume the more harmful effect you bring out. Soda contains high sugar and carbonated which known can higher the effect of certain serious disease.

Soda drink or popular with the term soft drink is a beverage that contains carbonated water, sweetened sugar and artificial flavor. There are a lot of soft drink brands that we can found in the market. It is best serve with ice cube or just served chilled whether some of soft drink can also served warm. Soft drinks available in many form of packaging from glass bottle, can and plastic bottle.

Soda Drink History

During 1767, an English scientist Joseph Priestley found red a method to infuse the water with carbon dioxide and resulting carbonated water . The invention of soda water or carbonated water later make great change in the beverage factory. Some factories start to produce water and it was sold greatly during Great Exhibition of 1851 in America. At that time Schweppes sold over a million bottles of soda water and other types of beverage such as lemonade, ginger beer, and Seltzer water. Nowadays soft drink has been spreaded world wide and become one of most popular drink in the world.

Why We Should Stop Drinking Soda?

The main reason that we should stop drinking soda is to stop gaining excessive calories and sugar. A professor of clinical nutrition at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center stated that the calories of soft drink comes up from the adding of sugar and drinking soda will not give you any value of nutrients such as Vitamin, mineral and other important nutrients. Studies have been proved that soda drink can cause many health effect that can be serious. Even if you drink sugar-free sodas you still won’t get anything from the beverage unless the harmful effect.

Benefits of Not drinking soda

Stop drinking soda may be hard for some people but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Look at these benefits that you may get from stopping your habit to drink :

1. Stay away from obesity

Six of every ten people and also one among five children in USA are suffer from obesity. This phenomena occur due to the unhealthy lifestyle and high consumption of sugar and fat including soft drink. Soft drink contains high amounts of fructose corn syrup which provide same calories to over 1p teaspoon of sugar or 140 calories in 12 ounce soft drink.

People who drink soda after meal increase the risk of being overweight and obese since the soft drink seems to have hidden calories. Soda is claimed as zero-calorie food which means that soda is high in calories but zero in nutrition. Obesity is leading cause of several deadly disease such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Stop drinking soda can help your body to stay healthy and prevent obesity.

2. Prevent from diabetes

Diabetes is an epidemic worldwide and high sugar consumption is one of the cause. It is also belong to seven leading cause of death in United States. A study by Dr. Dora Romaguera at the Imperial College School of Public Health, London showed that consuming soda drink can increase the chance of develop diabetes by 22%.

The high content of sugar in soda drink has high glycemic index which trigger the increasing of blood sugar level. It will be so dangerous for people who suffer diabetes if they consume soda drink.

3. Get Rid of Tooth Decay

Not only promoting diabetes type 2 the high level sugar in soda drink can cause tooth damage and so does the high acid content. Soda drink does not only added by sugar but also many different types of acid. The tangi flavor of soda drink usually comes from Phosphoric acid in order to balance the sweetness of the drink.

Other acids that used to characterized the flavor of soft drink such as citric acid from or¬anges, tartaric acid from grapes, malic acid from apples and also ascorbic and carbonic acids. These acids can break the enamel of the teeth and resulting dental caries or tooth decay. This effect is also bad for children since soda drink can also promote tooth lost during childhood.

4. Keep healthy heart

If you love your heart so you better start to stop drinking soda drink. A study reported that men who drink one can of sugary drink a day including soft drink have a 20% higher risk of having heart attack and even death due to heart disease compared to men who rarely drink soda.

5. Protect the kidney

Kidney stones are common disorder which occur in urinary tract. It is one of the most painful kidney disease that may afflict humans. According to Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), a department of the National Institutes of Health, reported that more than 1 million cases of kidney stones were diagnosed in 1996 and the number increase every year.

A study which involved 1,009 men who had suffered kidney stones and drank at least 5 ounces of soda drink per day reported that after three years of survey the men who reduce the intake of soda drink have almost one-third less like to experience recurrence of kidney stones.

Researchers also found that after someone consume high amount of soda drink a day, in the next day they found that the urine of the person contained high level of oxalate and low level of citrate and magnesium. These substance may contributes in the development of kidney stone.

6. Maintain Healthy Liver

Daily consumption of sugary drink including soda for more than six months can increase the accumulation of fat in the liver and causing fatty liver disease or hepatic statosis. This may lead to development of other disease such as diabetes type 2 and heart disease. The function of liver in detoxify and removing harmful substance from the body will also disturbed by the presence of more fat. So if you want to have healthy liver stop drinking soda right now.

7. Keep strong Bones

People who drink soft drinks instead of dairy products has lower calcium intake. Low calcium intake contributes to osteoporosis ( a condition which the bones will easily fractured and broken). The risk of experience osteoporosis is higher in women rather than men. A study by Grace Wyshak of Harvard Medical School found that there is a link of soda drink consumption with the risk of bone fracture in teenage girls.

The girls who regularly drink colas or other soft drinks have five times greater risk to experience bone fracture compared to them who rarely drink it. Based on those statement it is a good reason for you to keep strong bone and keep going your activity by cutting the soda drink intake to your body.

8. Lower risk of cancer

Daily consumption of soda drink is associated with the increasing risk of cancer. A study conducted with over 60,000 men and women reported that the risk of pancreatic cancer increase to 87% to people who regularly drink soda compared to those who rarely drink soda.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest also reported that regular consumption of artificial sweetener found in soda drink “aspartame” may increase the risk of cancer. By cutting soda drink from your daily habit you have save yourself and reduce the risk of cancer.

9. Reduce the risk of Gout

Gout can be descibe as pain that is used to occur in the joint of the bones. Gout occur by the presence of high level of uric acid in the blood. Soda drink contains high amount of sugar or fructose which can promote the formation of uric acid by 75%. You can slowly reduce the risk if you do slowly reduce or cut your soda drink intake

10. Prevent from Alzheimer

Alzheimer is a condition of damage in the neurologic area of brain. It is belong to one neurodegenerative conditions that can occur as people get old. It is one symptom of dementia. High level of sugar can decrease brain activity in growing and connecting to new cells. Consumption of soda drink which contains high sugar seriously is one step backward for your brain.

11. Slimmer body

You will get this benefits if you start to cut your daily intake of soda drink and do your activities as well. High level of sugar usually will be accumulate under skin and belly. By cutting the sugar from such drink you has greater chance to have slimmer and healthier body.

12. Maintain normal metabolism

Soda drinks contains high level of sugar and other chemical which can disturb the metabolism process. High level sugar in blood in long periode may cause insulin resistance and it will be hard for the body to break down the sugar into energy as well. If you want to have healthier metabolism so stay away from soda drink

13. Ability to feel “satiety and hunger”

Most people who used to eat excessive amount of sugar will lost the control of “satiety” and “hunger” especially obese people. Most of them are not capable to differ the true hunger signal and cant get the satiety signal which can stop them to eat. These signal are not working on those people. Soda drink has high level of sugar which can damage the body signal of hunger and full. So if you want everything back to normal, don’t hesitate to cut your soda drink.

14. Prevent from addiction

By not consuming soda drink you has protect yourself from sugar addiction. Yes, sugar can also be addictive. When you consume sugar, the brain will release a chemical substance called dopamine that giving signal pleasure to the body. This dopamine may become addictive to some person. Some soda drink also contain caffeine which is higher the risk of addiction.

How to Deal with Soda Drink ?

It is not a big problem for people who do not consume regular soda drink but it is a big deal for the drinkers. Below are the tips that you may follow in order to reduce the consumption of soda drink :

  • Its better to choose other drink else soda if you feel thirsty. Choose mineral water it will be best or you can also take some fruit juice.
  • If you still craving for soda drink, you can drink it but mix it with some amount of water. This will be a healthier option to reduce the risk of soda drink
  • Don’t let your children drink more soda and avoid to stock soda drink in the kitchen. Instead if soda drink better prepare more healthy stuff in kitchen or fridge
  • If you drink some amount of soda dont forget to burn the calories by exercise.

Those all the benefits of not drinking soda drink but if you belong to regular drinker, you can consider those benefits and make reasons to stop drinking soda drink right now.