21 Scientific Health Benefits of Bamboo Tea #1 Top Beauty Treatments

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Bamboo is commonly known to be used as many kinds of wood applications such as furniture, flooring, fence posts, decorations, artworks, and others. However, do you know that bamboo can be a great source of good nutrients comes from the tea making process of its leaves? Well, the bamboo tea is made from dried leaves to be a herbal decoction. Besides, it also has been used as a medicine since ancient times as cooling and calming medicinal product. Moreover, it has the mild sweet taste which can be enjoyed in the hot and cold from as well.


Consequently, knowing that bamboo tea is beneficial in promoting the health, we will list the health benefits you can get from drinking bamboo tea below.

1. Rich in Silica

The first health benefits you can get from consuming bamboo tea is the way it provides a rich amount of silica. Moreover, the high amount of silica contained in bamboo tea helps to repair the cells. Also, it helps in strengthening the bones, teeth, nails, and improving the skin health as well.

2. Strengthens the Teeth

People may consume milk to promote the teeth health. Yet, it is bamboo tea which also takes part in making your great teeth formation. As describes, the silica composition in bamboo tea is helping to strengthen the teeth.


3. Source of Fiber

Everyone is talking about the great benefits of fiber. Due to the presence of fiber, it is linked to improving the good digestion systems. Also, it prevents from constipation. Moreover, it is shown that bamboo tea provides you 4% soluble fiber as well as it is relaxing the stomach region system.

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4. Source of Polyphenols

Like other plant teas, bamboo leaves are also great in having polyphenols which have a role in reducing free radical cell damage.


5. Acts As Antioxidants

The presence of good nutrients in bamboo tea makes it a good source of antioxidants. Hence, with antioxidant, it helps to reduce any bad formation and prevent the risks of having certain health problems. In addition, to get best antioxidants, you may want to have other food options, then taking green fruits is such a great choice.


6. Acts As Anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory is well known as the property which can help in reducing the inflammation or swelling. Otherwise, the inflammation can damage to the body and will increase the risks of having certain health problems such as obesity and heart disease. On the other hand, the good amount of bamboo tea intake may help you to have a natural and very great anti-inflammatory.

By consuming bamboo tea helps to reduce the risks of having inflammation problems such as asthma. In addition, to get the best function of anti-inflammatory properties in the body, you may have to consume other foods that are packed with best nutrients such as berries, fatty fish, and broccoli as options.

7. Acts As Detoxifier

Our body needs to detoxify toxins in case maintaining the health. Otherwise, it will be harmful to the body. Therefore, you need to consume bamboo tea regularly in order having the best toxin detoxifier.

8. An Option for Diet Menu

Getting bored with the same food menu while dieting? Then, the bamboo tea is such a great way to help you out from the problem. As described above, the fiber content in bamboo tea helps you to maintain a healthy diet. Indeed, it makes you fell full longer. Also, the good taste of bamboo tea will make your diet completely perfect.

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9. Lowers the Sugar Levels

Everyone wants to lower their blood sugar levels. Hence, they eat foods which have low in sugar levels contained. In addition, the fiber inside the bamboo leaves also helps in lowering the blood sugar.

10. Prevents Diabetes

This statement will be linked to the previous one. For this reason, the high level of blood sugar may lead to diabetes. Then, as already described, with the consumption of bamboo tea, it will help you to lower the blood sugar level. Hence, you may do not have to worry to have the risks of diabetes since you have been eating good foods like bamboo tea.

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11. Prevents Free Radicals

Free radicals are unpaired numbers of electrons which make a bad form to damage the body cells. On the other hand, to prevent the free radicals, you may have to consume bamboo tea as well as it acts as antioxidants. Further, it also helps to reduce the cancer cell formation in the body.

12. Prevents Hypertension

Studies show that bamboo tea has a linked to the tea which has the calming effect. As a matter of fact, it has a function to lower the blood pressure and preventing hypertension.

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13. Relieves Menstrual Pain

To relieve the menstrual pain, it is good to drink bamboo tea to recover. As a result, it will help in reducing the abdominal pain, back pain, and bone pain with consumption of the bamboo leaf decoction.

14. Smooths Urinating

Surprisingly, bamboo tea is having a role in healing the bladder problems. Moreover, to recover this kind of health problems, you may have to drink bamboo tea regularly to prevent the pain during urination. Then, simply boil the fresh bamboo leaves with water and drink it well with adding sugar or honey to flavor.

15. Your Favorite Aromatherapy

Bamboo leaves can be used as an aromatherapy as it is being a natural exfoliant. Then, having bamboo tea is a great way to maintain the physical health as well as promoting the mental health by being an aromatherapy.

16. Relieves Stress

As we all know, drinking certain types of tea helps to relieve the stress which caused by problems in life. To get the soothing effects of the tea is one of the main reasons why people love to drink tea as well. Then, so does the bamboo tea. With the great taste of this tea, it will make you relieves the stress surely.


17. Heals Cuts and Wounds

As bamboo tea has been used since ancient times, it is believed that this kind of beverages helps to alleviate pain caused by cuts and wounds.

18. Promotes Overall Body Health

With all best health benefits that have described above, it concludes that bamboo tea is really taking parts in maintaining the overall body health. Indeed, if you want to have healthy life, then try bamboo tea as your option to drink.

Bamboo Tea as Beauty Treatments

Get your natural beauty treatments by having bamboo tea as a drink! Therefore, you will take a great alternative way to achieve the beauty in life. Besides, check the followings statement to find out what are bamboo tea benefits for beauty.

19. Promotes Skin Health

Having a good skin is a must. Then, you may have to consume foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals to promote the skin health. Though, you do not need worry to find the best food to eat as a skin health supplement.
As a solution, bamboo tea really provides you great beauty benefits from it. Take the fresh bamboo leaves and grind it until smooth. Also, give it olive oil or honey to use as a face mask. Hence, your skin will be smooth and soft as well. Besides, if you are using the bamboo face mask as beauty treatments, make sure that you are not getting the allergic reaction from it. If so, contact your doctor is the best way to help.

20. Improving Hairs Health

If you want to have a healthy hair, you may have to consume bamboo tea since it has been providing silica greatly. With the presence of silica, it helps to promote beautiful and healthy hair.

21. Strengthen the Nails

The presence of silica is helping to strengthen the nails. Moreover, the antioxidants content in bamboo tea helps to maintain healthy issues is good for promoting the nails health as well.


Tips For Consuming

On the other hand, the question comes up with how to make the bamboo tea greatly. As the consequence, we provide the answer below. Check it out!

  1. First, add one teaspoon of bamboo leaves to a teapot. Then, pour two or three cups of boiled water.
  2. Second, allow it to steep for 3-5 minutes. Brew them up to 10 minutes to get a stronger taste of the tea. Moreover, filter the infusion using a strainer.
  3. Last, you can sweeten the tea by adding some honey, sugar, or lemon juice to flavor. Thus, your bamboo leaves tea is ready to be enjoyed. Indeed, the bamboo tea is very easy to make at home.

Making a choice is always being a harder thing. However, if you put your choice on having bamboo tea as an option to drink, it will be totally a great idea. Not only for providing you well and the soothing taste but also it gives you many beneficial nutrients that are important to maintain the body health. Therefore, keep drinking bamboo tea and live your life well!