18 Health Benefits of White Tea #1 Top Beauty Treatments

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Tea is always used as mainstays in various occasions. Good to accompany an afternoon snack or a relaxing cool down in time. This habit seems to have good benefits. Like we know, tea contains antioxidants such as polyphenols and catechins which are good for health. This substance can counteract free radicals, preventing cancer and can serve as an antivirus.

There are several types of tea that is so popular as a source of antioxidants among tea connoisseurs homeland of black tea, oolong tea and green tea. But actually there is one more type of tea in the world known as the ‘king’ of antioxidant. His name is white tea. What distinguishes this tea with other types?

White tea, or Camellia sinensis, comes from the youngest tea leaves still rolled up in the upper parts of tea trees. This young tea leaves are often covered with fine hairs that will change color to white silvery after the leaves are dried. The white color is at the origin of the name white tea. Because of its straight and sharp after the drying process, white tea is often also referred to as ‘silver needle’.

White tea is one kind of tea which is distinguished by the production process, which in the process is not getting oxidised. The real white tea making process is very simple. Pick a dry leaves and dry it.

To enjoy the taste is special and all of its health benefits, white tea should be processed and presented by well qualified. Fresh white tea leaves should be picked before the sun rises up, and the drying process should be carried out with a maximum temperature of 60 C. While the presentation must be done with a hot water dispenser and a maximum temperature of brewing only 2-3 times.

Grade tertinggi white tea namanya silver needle. Teh ini hanya dibuat dengan bahan pucuk teh yang masih kuncup. Grade kedua namanya white peony atau pai mutan. Teh dibuat dengan materi satu pucuk dan dua daun. Sedangkan grade terendah white tea namanya shoumei. Ini terbuat dari remahan daun dan daun-daun tua.

Type of White Tea

  • The highest grade is silver needle. This tea is only made with tea buds that are still closed.
  • Second grade name is white peony mutants or pies. Tea made with materials of the bud and two leaves.
  • While, the lowest grade of white tea is Shoumei. It is made of crumbled leaves and old leaves.

The main characteristic of this type of tea has a mild flavor and sweetness, and does not produce the scent of grass as much as some types of other tea. Unfortunately, these plants are very rare. White tea main producing areas is in China, especially in Fujian Province. Harvest process can not be arbitrary because the tea leaves can only be picked in three days during a year, in early spring.

Nutrients Values in White Tea

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Thus, white tea may not be so popular that other types of tea such as green tea, matcha, black tea, and more. Yet, there are many health benefits of white tea that you need to know.

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White Tea for Beauty Treatments

As a woman, it is a normal feeling for wanting to get a glowing face, skinny but also healthy body, clear skin, free-wrinkles, and so on and so on. Woman tend to pay more attention on their body, not to forget also our body appearance. Here are some of the Woman’s Problems that can be helped by White Tea beneficial compound. Let’s pay full attention, Ladies.

1. Anti-Aging

White tea is a good choice for an anti-aging agent. Why? Because it has an amount of antioxidant equals to 10 glass of apple juice. Also, in comparison to other vitamins, white tea’s benefit is equal to 100 times vitamin E, and white tea’s benefits = 31x vitamin C. You can imagine yourself on how effective this tea for your skin and body is.


2. Skin Protection

Beauty is something that is always inherent in women, because that woman has always wanted to take care of the body to keep it beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful. By consuming white tea regularly may give a constant protection to your skin. White tea is believed to make your skin felt smooth and bright. As explained above, the amount of antioxidant inside it is equal hundred times better than several vitamins and other sources. That’s why, white tea isn’t only believed, but has been proved to tackle off free radicals which will make your skin looks dull and not maintained well. So, are you interested enough to try?

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3. Fix Skin Problems

Skin wrinkled, stained, dull, and many others caused by toxins and bacteria, as well as the inability of the body in repairing a wide range of skin damage is. White Tea working with several ways to banish and fix these problems. White tea works to protect and help the liver and kidneys, so it can clean up toxins that ultimately did not accumulate to cause damage to your body. The benefits of white tea for skin really help and improve the repair process, so that wrinkles and fine lines will slowly disappear, so your skin tight again and found the elasticity back.

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4. Natural Hair Nourishment

Your hair has the same mechanism as your skin, and white tea will help improve the condition of your hair the same way when he improve skin condition by helping to remove toxins before they could lead to disaster for the beauty and charm of your skin or your hair.

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5. Get Rid of Under Eyes Black Circles

Stress cause so many other disadvantages to our body, especially our appearance. One of the problems is having an under eyes black circle and eye bags that make us seek for ways to get rid of it. Then if you’re one of those who are sick of having a tired looking eyes, white tea might be the answer to you prayer! White tea is known of its theanine antioxidant compound and its ability to calm down nerves and give us relaxation.

6.  Get Rid of Eye Bags

The best time to actually sip some tea is between morning until afternoon time of your day. You can consume this tea daily to get the maximum and faster result. Difficulty in sleeping can be caused by many tensions mind, and therefore the substance of theanine helps relax the nerves and your mind so that ultimately helps you to be able to sleep more easily at night. Add some lemon or soy extract to make it easier for the body to absorb its beneficial compounds.

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7. Help to Get Body Goals

White tea activate the thermogenesis process which will burn fats and help us reducing some weight in order to get our ideal body goals. Apart from its ability to maintain skin health and solve skin problems as mentioned above, white tea also help us get off the excess fats inside our body. It helps lowering bad cholesterol and fats that will then make you seen skinnier and feel happier about that. Besides doing a regular daily exercise, this tea treatment is recommended for any of you who have been searching for an alternative faster way on losing some weight. The best way to consume this white tea is explained later in the low part of this article.

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8. Ease off PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)

There are no complete research about this, but a lot of women who drink white tea or green tea less suffer a while longer period. This is because white tea and green tea have properties improves blood circulation and resell the blood, thus preventing clots and help reduce cramping. Meanwhile theanine helps maintain a good mood so that ultimately reduce PMS.

9. Improve Mood

One of the famous antioxidant compound in teas is EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), especially green and white tea, but not in black tea because it transform into Thearubigins in black tea. EGCG has the ability to boost up energies and stamina. Along with theanine with has its magic to relax our mind, white tea may help us improving our mood.

10. Relax You 

Any of you who are hopeless after taking another mediation have to try to take this white tea treatment as your daily habits. Slowly but sure, in 3 months, you will start gaining more focus, getting a better memory, and be more passionate on what you’re doing particularly. You will feel more relax and take life easier.


Indeed, it must be good for female out there to drink white tea as it has many benefits for beauty. Thus, beauty treatment with natural sources is the best way to look beautiful.

Another Uses of White Tea

Meanwhile, here are more uses of white tea for body health.

11. Promotes Kidneys Health 

White Tea helps our liver and kidneys do their works efficiently, by throwing out detox from our body. When our liver is in hard work on maintaining toxin compound in our body, it is shown by the appearance of a black circle beneath our eyes, and also it might reveal a big form of eye bags. White tea will help us do the detoxification process to our body, besides it also help us relax by releasing theanine antioxidants, which work calms the nerves and gives relaxation.

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12. Increase Memory

White tea helps us increase our Memory. Declining memory can be characterized by difficulty on remembering things or becoming easily forgotten. White tea, just like green tea, contains that active compound that could help us with our skin and mind problems, including memory matter. According to a study that engaged the parents which their memories are measured before & after consuming the tea, revealed that their memory to remember things were strengthen by consuming tea within 12 weeks. And another study also doing a test on giving stoke patients a tea treatment, and the result was insane. Tea could actually help them get well faster from stroke.

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13. Promotes Dental Helath

Prevent Dental Caries to form. A report that has been published in 2012 invented some fact that tea, mostly all kind of tea, has the possibility to increase dental health by decreasing inflammation caused by bacteria. It may kill bacteria that cause several dental problems such as smelly breath from mouth, protecting our teeth from getting perforate, and so on. Evidently, white tea contains of fluoride, tannin, and flavonoid. This natural substantial substance on this type of tea are up to 34%, make it really effective on reducing dental caries, as reported by a study.

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14. Prevent Cancer

As researchers in University of Maryland Medical Center reported their study, they proved that green and white tea might stop several cancer cells growth, including breast cancer, esophagus cancer, prostate cancer and stomach cancer. Another study has also proved that white tea might have a higher benefits than green tea. Researchers from Linus Pauling Institute, in 2000, tested 4 types of white tea to the rats to evaluate its benefits on helping to prevent colon cancer. Although the result needed to be tested later in human, but the researchers still concluded that white tea is more effective to prevent cells damage which can cause a further cancer case. It was because white tea contains a higher level of polyphenol than green tea and any other tea.


15. Prevent Heart Disease

The Scientists also note that green tea has shown positive results in preventing atherosclerosis and high cholesterol, which both can lead to heart disease. Another study also said that white tea could prevent the blockage of blood vessels, reducing blood pressure, and prevent coronary heart disease.

16. Maintain Blood Sugar Level

Drink 2-3 cups of white tea helps in blood thickening process and thereby maintain the health of your heart. Studies show that drinking white tea can also help in controlling blood sugar levels, preventing diabetes.


17. Rich Source of Antioxidant & Flavonoid – White tea is a source of antioxidants and flavonoids which boost immunity and cure numerous type of disease.

18. Contain of Polyphenol – White tea also contains polyphenols which helps in the breakdown of triglycerides (fats in the blood) that is stored in the body, and also improve blood circulation, protect against free radicals, preventing the growth of cancer, boost immunity, etc.

As a result, there are many health benefits of white tea both for health and beauty.

Drink White Tea in Recommendation

A better way of serving or brewing tea are required to get the best quality of tea that we drink. Plus, it helps the tea optimize its potential good benefits from the compound inside. So, here is the recommendation on How to Brew White Tea:

  1. Please check the water quality that we’re going to use. You can always filter it if needed, because bad quality of water can ruin the final taste of our tea. Remember, the clearer the better.
  2. Heat up the water until it boiled up. After you turn off the fire, please let it sit for a couple minutes until the temperature slowly decreasing to approximately 70-80 C. It isn’t recommended to use the water that just boiled because it will make it taste wretched.
  3. For 200 ml of water, prepare 2-2,5 grams of white tea. Place it inside the teapot.
  4. Pour down the water that has been boiled previously.
  5. Let it sit for a couple minutes (3-10 minutes, according to your own taste preferences).
  6. The White Tea is ready to drink. Drink while it is warmly hot so that the content of effective components in white tea will be not changed much.

White Tea Cautions 

  1. Please take care of the white tea condition. It needs to place in an air-tight, dry, and cool container just when you receive it from the seller because it easily be putrid if it wasn’t placed as it should. White tea usually last up to 6 months.
  2. Adding some lemon juices, soy milk, or rice extract could possibly make it easier for our body to absorb the antioxidant inside the tea. This fact is supported by the journal of Molecular Nutrition and Food Research in 2007.
  3. White Tea has a less amount of caffeine in comparison to black tea, coffee, or even green tea. It contains 30-55 milligrams caffeine per-cup, while green tea contains 35-70 milligrams caffeine.
  4. National Cancer Institute stated that hot tea, the type of tea that need to get brewed before, could rise up its polyphenol compound inside it.
  5. It is better to consume your tea after 30-60 minutes of interlude. Just in prevention of your food nutrition not to get robed by the tea simultaneous compound.
  6. Don’t drink the overnight brewed tea. Usually tea gets oxidized and stale if you let it sit overnight. It may give you unexpected effect if you consume it.
  7. Avoid drinking tea during pregnancy and lactation. Because caffeine and stimulant substances in tea can stimulate uterine contractions. In addition to nursing mothers would disrupt production of milk-producing glands or breastfeeding mothers.
  8. If you’re in watch of consuming another medicine, it is always better to have a talk with your personal doctor first, before consuming white tea on a daily basis. In fact, when we consume it regularly it might interfere several medical activity.

Meanwhile, there are good and bad cautions to all materials. Thus, if you drink white tea in recommendation amount that the beverage will surprisingly give you good effects for body and health.