5 Refreshing Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Hair

Long, soft, and shiny are the hair conditions that women desire. However, this is often just wishful thinking because there are various problems that could occur, such as dandruff, loss of hair, oiliness, and others. Cinnamon or Dalchini is a spice obtained from the inner bark of the tree of the genus “Cinnamomum”, as previously […]

5 Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Fertility – What are Those?

Pregnancy for most husband-wife couples is the thing to wait for. Although it is not always the woman who is in trouble, there are various possibilities regarding the causes of female infertility that are highly focused on female reproductive organs that need to be known. Pregnancy begins with the release of a healthy egg from […]

Health Benefits of Garlic for High Blood Pressure That Should be Known

Of the various health problems that dominate the world of modern health, hypertension is one that needs to be watched out for. The reason is, high blood pressure or hypertension often does not cause symptoms, but can cause various health problems. That’s why, some treatments are always needed, including the benefits of grapefruit for blood […]

Benefits of Pav Bhaji Masala – Powerful Indian Spice

Now that you know the meaning of the word “Pav” from our previous article on Benefits of Vada Pav, now let’s talk about another top Indian food, the Pav Bhaji Masala! But wait, it’s not actually a food, but it’s actually a seasoning. For what you say? Well its name literally said it, this actually […]

Miraculous Benefits of Nutmeg for Pimples Cure

Pimples or acnes are not life-threatening condition but they could kill you socially. In present world, perfect appearance could give you a very good first impression especially when you need to apply to your dream job or meet your future partner. Though of course there is such thing like inner beauty but you cannot avoid […]

Beauty Secrets: List of Herbs Good for Skin Health and Benefits

There are a lot of people out there are willing to spend a lot of money just for so called professional skin treatment from the licensed practitioner or doctor. The fact is even the professionals are using herbs as part of their traditional skin treatment. So, what is the point of paying expensive beauty package […]

List of Herbs Not to Take While Breastfeeding

During breastfeeding mothers will easily getting hungry and eating regularly is highly recommended to ensure the optimal production of breast milk to fulfil the demand of the baby. However, during breasting stage mothers should be super careful as well in consuming foods especially herbs because they could affect the milk production and even the baby. […]

List of Herbs and Spices to Grow – Tasty, Healthy and Easy

Herbs are not only beneficial for cooking or tasty herbal beverage but in modern study, herbs could be used as home remedy or first aid solution. Growing some herbs in your back yard could be more than just a hobby because they could be super useful one day. The list of herbs and spices to […]

Complete List of Adaptogenic Herbs – Potent and Natural Stress Relieve

Adaptogenic herbs are the list of herbs that contain adabtogens; type of herbal pharmaceutical properties which has counteracted effect with some stress symptoms. If you think that stress is only affecting your mind and then you are wrong because health risk of stress is more than that and it could affect your physical body significantly […]

Exotic List of Jamaican Herbs and Spices and Health Benefits

Jamaica is an island country located in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Anything about exotic culture, exotic foods up to exotic herbs could be found in this country. The list of Jamaican herbs and spices and health benefits below will tell you more about this country. Jamaican Dried Pimento (Allspice) Jamaican dried pimento is the local […]