16 Health Benefits of Milk Tea (Amazing Drink Combination)

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Milk TeaThere are many health benefits of milk tea. This benefit produced by the combination of milk and tea. A milk and tea have some health benefit in their self, and when this two beverages are mixed, it will gives health benefits. The health benefit that gives by this beverage is keeping our immune. Immune is the most important thing inside the body because has function to guard our healthy.

Milk has contains many chemical composition that needed by body. A milk can stimulates child growth, because it contains some nutrition that body’s child need. Milk will keeps the bone and brain to grow. In other side, milk has good effect to delay a hunger while changing fat into an energy. The most import resulted from milk is strengthen teeth and bone, especially in growing child.

A tea contains chemical compound that body need. Every chemical compound has function to our body. A chemical compound like antioxidant is the most important nutrition to our body. This compound can protect us from free radical that will destroy our immune. Tea also have a good effect on our mind because it can stimulate and relaxing mind. Consume a tea will also resulted skin health and avoid stroke.

Some milk compounds

  • Calcium. The first compound of milk is calcium. Calcium is one of element that needed by body, especially for a growing child. That is why, a baby or a child should drink a milk, because the calcium in the milk worked for their bone and teeth growing. But drinking of milk is not only for a baby or child. Everybody should to drinking a glass of milk regularly, it will fills a calcium needed in our body, and make our body health.
  • Carbohydrate. Drinking a glass of milk will give the energy for a body, because the other compound in the milk is carbohydrate. To do the activities we need the energy, and we can find it in a glass of milk.
  • Mineral. Mineral is also one of important element that needed by body because mineral have many roles in the body. In the glass of milk can give enough of mineral for health body.

The type of milk

  • Human milk. The first milk we know after we born is from our mother. Human, as mammal, is extracting milk during pregnancy. The early milk from mammals is called colostrums. It has important role in our childhood.
  • Vegetable milk. This is the milk that produced by an essence of any seed, like soy etc. This kind of milk has the benefit from the other type of milk because contain non-fatty acid. Milk from vegetables can be found from soya. Soya can be processed to get it juice then process to be soy milk. Others are from rice. When rice is medium cook, it still contains a little water colored like milk. It can be used as “pseudo” milk.
  • Animal milk. Some animal also produces a milk, such as cow and goat. The fat molecules from goat is smaller than a fat molecules from cow milk. That is why goat milk is better than cow milk to digest. Goat milk also contains less lactose (milk sugar), which gives benefit to our body to break down the lactose. However, for people with allergic, have to consult with the doctor first about consuming goat or cow milk.

Health benefits of milk

  1. Strength your body. There are many components of milk. The first one of health benefit of milk is make our body strength. The calcium of milk especially can make our bone strength, so we can do many activities.
  2. Producing energy. Drinking the glass of milk can produce the energy. The carbohydrate and the other elements of milk beside make strength our body also produce the energy, so we can do anything after drink the glass of milk.
  3. Skin care. For a long time, milk believed can make our skin good and bright. So, the health benefits of milk is not only for body inside but for body outside like skin.
  4. Less stress. Sometimes we got stress from many things. Drinking the glass of milk before we go to bed can, it makes a solution to less stress. Milk also can be used to decrease stress.

Some tea compounds

  • Antioxidant. There are many components of tea that can give health benefits for our body. The first component is antioxidant. The antioxidant is very good for health body. It can prevent the body cells damage and also can prevent aging early. Antioxidant has role as detoxify agent. It detoxify cell-damaging chemical messenger in our body.
  • Tannin. Tannin is one of component tea that make bitter taste. However, these same chemicals can also have negative impacts on health. Tannins are also has responsibility for inhibiting for iron absorption.
  • Flavonoid. Tea has flavonoid which use as aging delay agent.
  • Carotenoid. Besides that, tea also has carotenoid which use as aging delay agent.
  • Catechin. Tea contains catechins which can avoid heart disease.
  • Amino acid. Rich amino acids are contained in tea totaling up to over 25 types. They can play as supplement that required by human body.

The type of tea

  • Green tea. First and the most popular is green tea. This type of tea is the most popular in China and Japan. Green tea also believed as the most have health benefits for body, especially because green tea can fight cancer.
  • Black tea. The other type of tea is black tea. This kind of tea is growth in China. This tea is made by fermented tea leaves. It gives darker tea leaves result and growth into black tea. As it dark color, black tea contains higher caffeine then other type.
  • White tea. The next type is white tea. This kind of tea is just drying tea without fermentation process. It has minimally processed. White tea does not require shaking, rolling or panning. The process is only about fresh tea leaves then withering and last is drying by air. That simple process then produces white tea. White tea has no caffeine like the other tea and contains the most antioxidant.
  • Oolong tea. Other tea is Oolong tea. As same as black tea, Oolong tea also has fermented process. However, Oolong tea is only partially fermented. As it fermented process, Oolong tea contains caffeine in the inside. Caffeine works by stimulate the main nervous system, heart, and muscle.
  • Puer tea. One of the other tea types is Puer tea. Puer tea (Pu-erh tea) is a variety of fermented and aged dark tea. This kind of tea is well known in Yaman, China. Puer tea is post fermented process. This means that Puer tea processing includes both fermentation and then prolonged storage or let be aging. Puer tea contains antioxidant and caffein. It can be used for reducing high cholesterol.

Health benefits of tea

  1. Reducing weight. Consume a pot of tea without adding sugar have benefit to reduce weight. It will be better if drinking a tea before eat, because the component essence of tea will worked when we eat nothing.
  2. Vanishing bad breath. Tea also has benefit to vanishing bad breath.
  3. Reducing cholesterol. Besides reducing weight, a tea compound of polyphenol. That is one of component of tea that can reduce cholesterol in the body.
  4. Reducing fever. When we get a fever, we should take a rest for a moment. Besides that, there is a simple solution to reduce fever. Drinking a pot of tea every a half hour can reduce fever.
  5. Mood booster. There is one of a component of tea that will make good mood. The component of black tea or green tea is l-theanine. That component is very good to be a mood booster.
  6. Avoiding stroke. Drinking a pot of tea regularly or 3 – 4 times of day can help to avoid stroke.
  7. Relaxing body. The last health benefits of tea is to relaxing body. After we drink a pot of tea, our body can relax, caused by the component of tea is very good.

5 Main Health benefits of milk tea Summaries

  1. Refresh the body. Caffeine compounds can be used to refresh body.
  2. Anti-inflammatory. Milk tea usages are as anti-inflammatory agent. This comes from antioxidant in tea compound.
  3. Weight loss. Milk tea can also use as fatten and weight loss agent. It makes fatten by its fat compound in milk. Otherwise, it can also be used as dietary agent by its polyphenol and caffeine from tea. Consult with the doctor to get the benefits you need. When you make this drink, just get little milk than your tea, because more milk in your drink it’s mean more fat.
  4. Resisting stress. The antioxidant has a function resisting stress.
  5. Normalize the blood flow. Milk tea also uses for normalize the blood flow.

How to make a milk tea

First thing you have to do is make a cup of milk and a cup of tea. Then, make a compare amount of those. After you compare those, then mix it become one. Last thing, serve it as you want, hot or iced.

When the right time to drink of milk tea?

This combination of milk tea can be enjoyed anytime. It can serve hot in the morning side your breakfast. It gives the relaxation to your body in the morning. You can also enjoy it at afternoon with your lunch. Milk tea can also become your friend before bed time. It relaxation sensation helps you to have sleep well. It releases your tough routines all day long. It gives you relaxation after sleeping at night.

People who avoided to drink a milk tea
  • Anemia. They who have anemia are not recommended to consume milk tea. It can cause low blood flow. You have to avoid consuming milk tea continuous if you are with diabetic and gallbladder. It does not help you. Also, it is not recommended for they are with obesity.
  • Pregnancy. Otherwise milk tea has several benefits, it is not recommended for they who have some cases. It is not recommended for pregnancy. For pregnancy women, daily consume milk tea may caused an effects to the baby.
  • Enlarged prostate. It also not recommended for people with prostate diseases. It can cause enlarged prostate disease by consuming milk tea daily.
  • Gallbladder
The disadvantages of milk tea
  • Increases weight. Milk tea can increase weight because it contains fat from the milk. More, it and iron absorption. Iron absorption
  • Anemia. Nevertheless, milk tea causes anemia because it can make low blood flow.
  • Irritate the womb. Drinking milk tea may irritated womb when it continuously consuming.
  • Headache. Consuming it continuously can affect headache and nausea.