16 Scientific Health Benefits of Bignay Tea (No.12 is Great)

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Bignay is known as a species of fruit tree with Antidesma bunius as its latin name. This fruit originally comes from Southeast Asia and Nothern Australia. However, nowadays it is popularly grown in Philippine. The taste of this fruit is sour just like cranberries. Though, it is being well processed into many food products such as juices, jams, and tea.
Moreover, bignay tea is made from the extract of bignay’s bark tree. As a result, consuming bignay tea is providing a good source of nutrients.

Hence, to know the detailed information about the nutritional value, check the table below.

InformationAmount per 100g
Protein0.75 g
Calcium0.12 mg
Phosphorus0.04 mg
Iron0.001 mg
Thiamine0.031 mg
Riboflavin0.072 mg
Niacin0.53 mg

As shown on the table, bignay offers you to have a good source of nutrients if you want to consume it. Consequently, check the following statement to know more about health benefits of consuming bignay including the fruit and tea form as well.


1. No caffeine contained

We all have known that most of the tea contains caffeine inside. In contrast, bignay tea is a natural tea that provides no caffeine content. Indeed, it is made from the barks of bignay tree which offer you great health benefits. At this point, you do not need to worry to consume bignay tea regularly as it does not contain any caffeine in it.

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2. Source of Phytochemicals

Consuming the high intake of fruits and vegetables will lead you to have a good source of phytochemicals. However, what the phytochemical is? Well, it is the one that is responsible for protecting the body from getting certain diseases. For this reason, bignay tea as a plant-based beverage provides you a great source of phytochemicals which is beneficial to promote the health well.

3. Source of Flavonoids

Another health benefit that bignay tea offers is the way it is being a good source of flavonoids. Flavonoids are known as beneficial compounds that have antioxidant to reduce the risks of the variety of diseases. Thus, consuming flavonoids-rich foods helps you to have a healthier life as it helps prevent any diseases that could happen.

4. Helps Losing Weight

If you are having a diet, you may want to have many kinds of fruits and vegetable options as a diet menu. At this point, you may feel bored to have avocado salad, carrot juice, or even an oatmeal bowl with the blueberries on the top as your daily diet menu. As a result, by consuming bignay tea, it provides you a great taste and beneficial nutrients contained in it. Indeed, you will have a different menu of diet meal as you choose bignay tea to consume.


5. Acts as Antioxidants

Many kinds of fruits and vegetables which have a good source of antioxidants contained. So does the bignay fruit. Then, by consuming bignay tea, it helps you to fulfill the antioxidant nutrients inside the body. Hence, with antioxidants, our body works well to prevent certain health problems including cancer as well as it fights against free radicals.


6. Prevents Constipation

Due to the presence of a laxative effect in bignay fruit, it helps you to prevent constipation. This common digestive problem may have several symptoms such as the difficulties in passing stools or having hard or small stools. Then, if you want to prevent this kind of diseases, it will be better to consume bignay tea as an option.

7. Promotes Colon Health

It is known that bignay tea is the natural cleanser for your colon. Indeed, it removes toxins and detoxicates our body from unneeded and harmful substances. Then, as you consume bignay tea regularly, it will promote the colon function which is processing the 3 pints of liquid stool it receives each day into the form of solid stool. Otherwise, some colon health problems may occur such as an abnormal colon muscle contraction which leads to abnormal cramps and bloating.

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8. Promotes Good Digestion System

As described above, bignay tea has a great role in promoting good digestion system. Not only to prevent constipation but also it is beneficial to promote the colon health. Such a good and beneficial tea, right?

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9. Promotes Healthy Liver

Everyone wants to have a healthy liver. Then, they try to maintain the health by consuming good food every day and applying healthy lifestyle as good as they can. Consequently, you may have to choose bignay tea as an option to achieve the good health and life. As it helps to lower the levels of SGOP and SGPT which is being an indicator for liver function tests to assess the function of the liver. Furthermore, if these enzymes show the raising blood levels, it means that your liver signifies liver disease or injury.


10. Boosts Immune System

It is also known that bignay tea is beneficial to boost the body metabolism. Hence, with the good body metabolism system, your body will do a great work to against some bacteria and viruses that may cause certain diseases and infections.


11. Prevents Cancer

The presence of catechins in bignay tea help to lower the process of cancer cells growth in the body. This one is also linked to the another bignay tea’s health benefit which prevents free radicals as well as it prevents cancer.


12. Prevents Premature Aging

The antioxidants contained in bignay tea helps you to delay the formation of the aging process. As a result, it helps you to lower the process of lines and wrinkles and promotes the youthful skin.


13. Controls Blood Pressure

Are you aware of your health body condition? Or are you trying to find the proper fruits or vegetables that may help you to get the best health? Then, having bignay may be a good option among others. As bignay tea helps to control blood pressure, it also helps to prevent certain cardiovascular issues such as hypertension. Then, what are you waiting for? Try to consume this beneficial tea in case having a good health in life.

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14. Treats Urinary Tract Infections

Bignay is known as a natural and alternative treatment of urinary tract infections. In addition, women have higher chance to get urinary tract infections risks compared to the men. It is due to the presence of shorter urethras in women which allow the bacteria to have easy and quick access to the bladder. The symptoms of this kind of diseases may follow by various ways such as burning feeling when urinating and a frequent or intense urge to urinate. To deal with these problems, you may need to consume bignay tea regularly as it offers you a good help indeed.

15. Treats Syphilis

To treats syphilis, you need to have a single dose of penicillin to destroy the infection. However, there is bignay tea which offers you an alternative treatment. Then, you can boil the leaves of this fruit trees as a tea to treat syphilis well.

16. Treats Snake Bites

One of the health benefits of bignay tea is the way the bignay leaves decoction helps to treats snake bites. It is also known that bignay tree parts have been used as alternative medical treatments by Asian physicians.


Now you know the health benefits of bignay tea after reading some statements above. Consequently, we also list the tips for consuming bignay below.

Tips for Consuming

  • You may consume bignay as tea, however, there are a lot of options to make bignay as different food menus. For the example, you can use this fruit as a wine and vinegar. To have the flavor bignay foods, you can make this fruit as juices and jams.
  • Then, for recipe tips, to make a bignay juice, you need to pick the fruits which have the darkest red in color. Put them into a saucepan and boil it until the fruits turn into soft texture. Add some sugar or honey to sweeten. Then, your bignay juice is ready to be consumed.
  • Though this fruit can be eaten raw, still, one that is important is to ensure that you wash the fruit first before eating it as a raw food. Moreover, you may want to have bignay leaves as your favorite salad. Mixing the bignay leaves with sweet fruits will be totally a good idea to have such a delicious diet menu.
  • Last, it is known that every part of bignay tree is edible. However, you must prevent to eat the roots as they are poisonous. Also, pregnant women are best to not consume bignay as it might cause abortion.

To conclude, bignay is a fruit which is very beneficial to promote the body health. Indeed, bignay tea takes part to prevent certain health problems. As this fruit packed with a good source of nutrients, you may have no doubt to consume it regularly as it promises you excellent benefits. So, stay healthy good people!