Super Health Benefits of Buah Merah

For you Indonesians, especially Papuans, you are certainly no stranger to the health benefits of red fruit. Because this red fruit is the original fruit of Papua. Papuans used to call it a miracle fruit. Why is that? Because this fruit based on various studies has many health benefits. Latin pandanus conoideus, red fruit contains […]

Super Health Benefits of Abaca You Must

Health benefits of abaca are one of the banana species with the Latin name Musa Textilis. This plant is a native plant of the Philippines which was originally considered a wild plant and can not be used like other banana plants. in Indonesia, you can find much Abaca in Kalimantan, Sumatra, and North Sulawesi. Related […]

Health Benefits of Furanocoumarins – Substance of Grapefruit

Furanocoumarins are lethal synthetic substances that help to shield plants from pests. A furanocoumarin atom comprises a furan ring joined to a substance called coumarin. Furan contains a ring made of four carbon iotas and one oxygen molecule. Coumarin comprises of two six-membered rings. It has a wonderful fragrance and is utilized in certain aromas […]

Health Benefits of Gorakhmundi – Powerful Ayuverdic Herb

Gorakhmundi (Sphaeranthus indicus) is a common winter weed that is popular for use as supplements. This Ayurvedic herb is also known as the rice field weed, because it grows as wild weed within rice paddy fields. Despite so, gorakhmundi contains valuable health benefits that no other herbs of its kind have; in fact ancient Ayurveda […]

Health Benefits of Goron Tula – The Amazing Wonder Fruit of Fertility

Are you having sexual problems? Do you want to improve your fertility? There might be thousand cures for these kinds of problems, medically or traditionally. However, do you know that there is a fruit that can help to cure it all? You might have never heard about this, but it is real. Goron tula is […]

Health Benefits of Yellow Cherry Tomatoes – The Nutrition Facts

Tomatoes are sometimes regarded as a fruit, and sometimes as a vegetable. They too have been a staple ingredient in so many cuisines around the world. Many of the world’s most popular cuisines feature tomatoes, such as pasta, pizza,  burger, sandwich, salads, soups, etc. Their easiness to cultivate and their fast growth cycle is also […]

Health Benefits of Acerola Cherry Extract – Recommendation Intake

Vitamin C benefits is often proclaimed as the secret to a prime immune system, but then there are more functions of vitamin C 1000 mg benefits compared to merely being just that. A lot of our body’s most important components, starting from the skin, ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels are made and maintained with the […]

Health Benefits of Sweet Granadilla Passion Fruit

Granadilla (Passiflora liguralis) is a variant of passion fruit that is first grown in South America’s Andes Mountains, spanning from Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, to Venezuela. In where it comes from, it is called “granadilla”, but outside that, it is just known simply as “passion fruit.” Granadillas are round yellow or orange shaped with light […]

Here’s The Health Benefits of Maypops Fruit (Passion Flower)

Maypops fruit (Passiflora incarnata) is a stunningly beautiful purple flower, native to the Americas and have been used as a folk medicine for treating cuts and bruises. Today, modern herbalists see a newer perspectives to it; used as a tonic to treat stress, anxiety, or restlessness. They are also remarkable in being an easy-to-grow and […]

Katunkuma Health Benefits – Bitter Taste but Sweet Result

Katunkuma, or bitterberries, or African eggplants (Solanum anguivi) are indigenous to non-Arid regions of Africa. They grow in shrubs expanding up to 3 metres tall, with prickly stems and edible fruits. In India, katunkuma are also traditionally used for medicinal purposes, while in Africa, particularly in Ivory Coast and Uganda, katunkuma are semi-cultivated and are […]