20 Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea – Medical Uses – Skin Treatment

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Do you know what exactly chrysanthemum tea is? Well, chrysanthemum tea is a kind of beverages that is processed as a flower-based infusion drink. Indeed, unlike other kinds of tea which are made from the leaves, roots, barks part of the plant, in contrast, this tea beverage is made from the flowers part of the species Chrysanthemum morifolium or Chrysanthemum indicum which are popular in East Asia including China. Moreover, the tea is brewed from the dried flower and being consumed as a golden tea and has flowery flower taste like chamomile. It is also known that chrysanthemum tea has been used as a natural medical treatment since the ancient time. Further, these flower benefits are linked to the great nutrients contained.


Thus, to give you more detailed information, here we list the health benefits of consuming chrysanthemum tea below.

1. Source of Vitamin C

The presence of vitamin C contained in chrysanthemum tea helps you to get the healthier body. By consuming chrysanthemum tea, it will lead you to prevent the infections and diseases caused by the bacteria and virus reaction.


2. Source of Vitamin B

Not only for providing a good source of vitamin C, but chrysanthemum tea also provides the excellent source of vitamin B such as choline, folacin, niacin, and riboflavin. Further, the presence of high amounts of vitamin B-carotene which is being converted into vitamin A in the liver help to treat skin problems and boost the immunity as well.


3. Source of Calcium

Chrysanthemum tea contains a good source of minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. With the presence of calcium, it helps our body to strengthen the bone structure and bone density as well. Also, by consuming calcium foods, it will help you to prevent certain bone health problems including osteoporosis.

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4. Source of Magnesium

One of the health benefits of chrysanthemum tea is the way this beverage provides a good source of magnesium. Besides, this nutrient has a great role in promoting body function such as reducing fatigue and insomnia as well as regulating the body temperature.

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5. Source of Iron

Some of you may ask about why we have to consume foods that contain a good source of iron. Then, this question will be followed with a simple answer. It is linked to the work of your body. If you have a chronic fatigue, it might be one of the symptoms of anemia. Then as a solution, you need to consume foods that is rich in iron. At this point, it is best to chrysanthemum tea together with sunflower seeds, lamb, and nuts to fulfill the need of iron nutrients. Hence, by consuming iron foods, not only you will fulfill the nutrient needs but also you help your body to promote the formation of hemoglobin which has a role in transferring oxygen through blood cells greatly.

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6. Source of Potassium

If you want to build a good muscle, then it is recommended to consume foods that are rich in potassium nutrient. Also, potassium is beneficial to promote cardiovascular function and to stabilize the blood pressure. Moreover, to support the muscle work, you need to do exercise regularly as well as consuming good foods at the same time.

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7. Source of Amino Acids

With the presence of amino acids in chrysanthemum tea, it offers us one of great health benefits. It is known that amino acids take part in building blocks of protein form in the body. Thus, if your body has succeeded to have amino acids nutrients, then you will achieve the great bodybuilding process.

8. Source of Antioxidant Properties

As chrysanthemum tea contains an amazing source of flavonoids, it helps you to have natural antioxidant properties. Also, these flavonoids nutrient are beneficial to maintain the health and to prevent any risks of health problems.


9. No Caffeine Contained

Unlike other kinds of tea, chrysanthemum tea has no caffeine contained. Thus, if you consume the good drink which has no caffeine contained, it will help you to prevent certain health problems such as having tension and anxiety.

10. An Option to Drink

You may get bored with the same beverages to drink. Indeed, you may have a regular tea or coffee at breakfast time. Besides, a fruit juice might be the one which is always there as your daily drink menu. However, you can get out of this situation. By having chrysanthemum tea, you will have a good option to drink. Indeed, you will have the amazing experience to taste the unique and the fresh beverage as well as it also offers you many great health benefits.


11. Acts as Anti-Inflammatory

Due to the presence of great nutrients, chrysanthemum tea also acts as the anti-inflammatory agent which has a role in reducing irritations and infections that may occur to the body. Indeed, chrysanthemum tea is very beneficial to protect our body in such great ways.

12. Prevents Free Radicals

As described, chrysanthemum tea has antioxidants properties to prevent free radicals. Besides, free radical is a compound that is harmful and may lead to certain diseases including cancer. There, the great nutrients contained in chrysanthemum tea helps you as a solution. As the consequence, you do not have to worry about getting any free radicals from bad environment and toxins as you have already consumed chrysanthemum tea as well.

13. Have Antibiotic Effects

According to a study, it has discovered that chrysanthemum tea has antibiotic effects which help to fight several types of bacteria such as streptococcus and staphylococcus.

14. Promotes Eyes Health

Vitamin A contained in chrysanthemum tea helps you to promote eyes health. By drinking this kind of beverages regularly, it provides you best benefits such as relieving redness, itchiness, and dryness in the eyes. Therefore, to have healthy eyes, it is recommended to consume chrysanthemum tea as an option.


15. Boosts Immune System

It seems that we have to thank the presence of vitamin A and C contained in chrysanthemum tea in high concentrations. Indeed, these vitamins are very beneficial to boost the immune system as it prevents certain diseases by stimulating the production of white blood cells.

16. Detoxifies Body

Our body needs to detoxifies toxins in the blood. Otherwise, the toxins will be harmful to the body. As a matter of fact, drinking tea helps to purify the blood, then, as this article described, you need to drink chrysanthemum tea in case promoting the good detoxifying process.

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17. Promotes Heart Health

Studies have shown that there is a link between chrysanthemum tea and the blood pressure levels. As a result, the regular intake of chrysanthemum tea helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well. Further, it helps to prevent cardiovascular issues including heart attacks and strokes due to the potassium contained in this tea.


18. Relieves Respiratory Problems

Another health benefits of chrysanthemum tea are the way this beverage helps to relief the respiratory problems. Moreover, this tea also has a role to make the lungs strong and keep it in a good condition.

19. Natural Treatment for Cold

If you suffer from cold, it is highly recommended to drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea daily. Indeed, it will help to lower the body temperature as it acts as a natural coolant. In addition, by consuming chrysanthemum tea, it will help to eliminate unnecessary stress hormones in the blood.

20. Promotes Healthy Skin

If you want to have a healthy skin, you may have to do more efforts in case getting a beauty and elastic skin. Hence, one of the options to reach it is by consuming chrysanthemum tea regularly. Due to the presence of high amount of beta carotene which breaks down into vitamin A, it offers many great benefits to our body. Consequently, vitamin A which performs as antioxidants helps to eliminate oxidative stress and damaged cells as it helps to relieve skin irritation, redness, and eczema. What is even great is the way chrysanthemum tea also prevents the presence of wrinkles and blemishes.


Now you know the health benefits of chrysanthemum tea, then to provide you more information, we also list the great tips for consuming this kind of teas below.

Tips for Consuming

  • To make dried chrysanthemum flowers as a tea, you just need to follow very simple ways to do. First, you have to add 3 grams of dried chrysanthemum into a cup of hot water, then just let them steep for 5 minutes. Finally, your delicious tea is ready to be enjoyed as a drink.
  • Next, you can have the cold chrysanthemum tea as an option. However, we recommend you to add honey or sugar to sweeten your favorite tea. Enjoy your tea as a perfect substitute for regular tea or coffee.
  • Before consuming chrysanthemum, you have to be careful as the chrysanthemum oil is very strong based on its chemical composition which also being used as pesticides. Indeed, you must do not want to get any irritations caused by the wrong contact exposure of chrysanthemum. Then, to have a safe way, you can buy the dried chrysanthemum at the shop to make it as a tea.
  • If you suffer from allergic reactions after drinking this kind of teas, it is best to stop and contact your doctor for further treatment.
  • For pregnant women, it is best to not consume chrysanthemum tea as a study has shown it is harmful to the baby. As a result, you have to consume this beverage in moderate as you have to also remember that high intake of chrysanthemum tea may lead to hypotension.

To summarize, if you want to get a healthier body, you may have chrysanthemum tea as your drink option. However, we recommend to drink it in moderate for getting best results. Therefore, if you have decided to drink this kind of teas, then your healthier life will greet you with many health benefits that chrysanthemum tea has offered.