30 Health Benefits of Beer (No. 6 is Unbelievable)

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beersBeer is one of the beverages well known worldwide. Though in each country has their own way to enjoy beer, some prefers cold beers some others prefer warm beers. However, mostly beer is widely consume in four seasons countries especially on winter since it is the best season to enjoy beers while in tropical countries, cold beer is much preferred and though not widely consumed as daily beverage but sometimes beer found being served in special occasions or celebrations.

In several countries, their have their own signature of beers. It is true that since mostly beer products contained alcohol, some people prefer to avoid consuming it but do you know that even beers could be very beneficial to human’s health. You probably don’t know that beer is actually just another version of fruit beverages which is also full of vitamins. Besides, not all beer products are containing alcohol. What you need right now are reasons, reasons why you should consume beers and find out what beer could do for your health since drinking beers right now is not only about the fun but also about lifestyle.

Nutrients Facts of Beer

Calories1 %Magnesium1 %Niacin3 %
Carbohydrate1 %Phosphorus1 %Vitamin B62 %
Protein1 %Potassium1 %Folate1 %

Health Benefits of Beer

Health Benefits of Beer could be best one for you to increase your metabolism, it also give important positive factors for many diseases.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Believe it or not there are actually some researches that have been done and proven that statement that beers could assist in reducing the risk of heart disease. However, though it is proven that beer is good for your heart but the alcohol contained in beers could harm you, that’s why be a smart drinker is prominent in this matter since only the moderate drinker that only keep around 5% alcohol consumed per day could enjoy this perk of beers. Consuming alcohol more than that just probably cause others health problems.

  1. Creativity Booster

It is actually science the proves beer has significant role to boost your creativity. Researches have been conducted that stated beers could stimulate and affect consciousness and cognition system that make you much more aware and could act as creativity booster. If you are in the middle of hectic life with piles of unfinished work stuffs, why don’t you give yourself sometimes to enjoy a glass of beer before you start to hit the road and watch the beers do the wonder to your life.

  1. Diabetes Type 2 Prevention

The number of people who are diagnosed of diabetes is increasing day by day. Those people just don’t know that to prevent it, there is a delicious way in the form of a bottle of beer. Yes, it is true that beer could help in reducing the risk of diabetes type 2 but still the moderate amount is the key. Making sure you drink it wisely for the benefits of beer.

  1. Lowering the Development of Kidney Stone

Some people said that beer is bad for kidney. Well, it is true IF you drink it too much, it will be bad for your kidney, your heart, your body, well practically it will be bad for your life. However, if you drink it wisely, beer has a lot of wonderful properties that could offer you a better and healthier life. One of the reasons why beers could be good for your kidney is because it will stimulate the number of trips you should make to the bathroom that could provide healthier function of kidney.

  1. Delicious Way to Recovery from Workout

There is no a better way to recover from a heavy workout but a bottle of cold beer. Well, after an intensive workout sugar in beer will do the wonder since your body will crave to glucose which is not only providing you the new energy you have spent but glucose has important role in forming the muscle mass. Besides that beers could help you recovering faster to deal with dehydration you suffer during the workout compared to other beverages.

  1. Instant Confidence Booster

You have problem with yourself when it comes to you to talk in front of a lot of people? Perhaps a glass or a bottle of beer before the speech could give you the confidence booster you need.

  1. Proven to be Able in Stopping the Development of Cataract

You must not realized that beer is actually rich of antioxidant which is good for eyes and even some researches have proven beers to be effective in stopping the development of cataract. However, you should realize as well that only those who consume beers in moderate amount could enjoy its benefits, more than that you will get the opposite effect of it.

  1. Lowering the Blood Pressure

The cause of blood pressure is when heart is forced to work too hard more than its capacity. The main cause is when heart should pump and distribute the blood the process is interrupted like there are the accumulation of blood clot in the artery or the productions of bad cholesterol. Well, beers could help you removing the bad cholesterol as well as prevent the accumulation of blood clot.

  1. Good for Your Immunity System

One of the wonderful benefits of beer to your help is it could help you maintaining your immunity system. It is because beer has properties that could fight infection caused by viruses or bacteria. So, it is not only for the sake of fun or the delicious taste of beer why people prefer to drink it during winter, it is because beers could act as additional layer of protection to your immunity system since during winter you will easily get cold.

  1. Good for Bones Health

Believe it or not beer has ability to increase the bone density, so it is good for your bone health and reduce the risk of fracture and others bone conditions like osteoporosis.

  1. Has Anti-Cancer Properties

You must have known that beer is delicious beverages made from fermented grains. That’s why beer has more than enough source of anti-oxidant which is also good to fight cancer by preventing the development of cancerous cells and as the opposite accelerating the regeneration of new cells.

  1. Prevent the Accumulation of Blood Clots

As mentioned above that beer is just another version of fruit beverage which is also rich of vitamin. One of the vitamins contained in this beverages is Vitamin B6 which has significant role in preventing the accumulation of blood clots by preventing the compound called homocystein to be built up that could cause the clots.

  1. Controlling Cholesterol

Vitamin B6 contained in beer is also able to help you controlling the production of LDL or bad cholesterol. So, if you have problem in controlling your cholesterol, perhaps giving a glass of beer a chance everyday is worth doing or perhaps it is the only delicious way you could find to deal with your condition.

  1. Prevent Anemia

Health benefits of beer be best for anemia. You have problem with anemia and you have no idea how to deal with the condition? Well, why don’t you try a glass of beer. One of the main cause of anemia is when you are suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency and a glass of beer is containing adequate amount of Vitamin B12 and folid acid which is good to fight anemia.

  1. Good to Improve Focus

Vitamin B12 and folid acid are not only good to fight anemia but also already proven to be able in increasing focus and concentration. It happens all the time to people who are supposed to think hard for work or for study. That’s why forcing yourself is never good, why don’t you spare sometimes to enjoy the life, going out with friends and drinking beers, you will be surprised when you come back to your routine you will be more energized and more focus.

  1. Could Act as Anti-aging

Believe it or not a glass of beer is actually containing anti-aging properties that will keep your skin healthy and your look younger. It is due to the vitamin E that is also found in adequate amount in a glass of beers. You find your skin starts to wrinkle? Try a glass or two of beers.

  1. Prevent Dementia

Do you know that one of the main cause of dementia is when your brain is not getting enough nutrition? It is due to some disturbance that might occur during the blood distribution from hearts. The direct effect is in the form of stroke while the long-term effect is dementia. A glass or two of beers you consume could remove all the obstacles in the artery and make the blood distribution without disturbance.

  1. Reducing Stress

There must be a reasons why a lot of people prefer to drink a glass of beer while they feel down. It is because beer has properties that could assist you relieving your stress.

  1. Better Sleep

Try a glass of beer to drink with your friend at night and you will feel energized the next morning. It is because you have a high quality sleep during the night and the credit goes to the beers you have consumed before bed.

  1. Good for Digestive System

Gastric acid is one of the compounds with prominent role in your digestive system and drinking beers could stimulate the production of this acid. That’s why drinking beer is highly recommended for those who have problems with their digestive system.

  1. Fighting Diuretic

Once you have a glass or two beers you will find yourself go to the bathroom more often than usual. It’s probably not comfortable but it surely has benefit to your health since the increases in urination means the more possibility for toxic in your body to be flushed away.

  1. Act as Detox

One of the ways to detoxify you body is by flushing all the toxic in your body away and urination is the most effective way to flush them. Drink beers regularly might increase the urge to bathroom but it is actually what you need, the increased urination means the bigger possibility for you to wash away the toxic in your body through the process.

  1. Natural Source of Polyphenol

It is a common knowledge that polyphenol is one of the strong anti-oxidant with a lot of health benefit for human. Well, beer is actually one of the source where you could get enough polyphenol for your body.

  1. Protection Against Alzheimer

Do you know one of the properties that could prevent brain degenerative disorder like Alzheimer? It is Xanthohumol; and this amazing compound is also found in beers. Besides Alzheimer, the same compound is also able to fight Parkinson though the further studies about the significant of beers in dealing with Parkinson is still required.

  1. Natural Treatment for Dandruff

Dandruff is common problem that could be suffered by anyone. However, sometimes dealing with dandruff as not as easy as you think. Well, if you have a bottle of beer at home why don’t you try to wash your head with it? You will be surprised that beer is actually very effective to treat dandruff and get rid of it for you.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Strokes

Beer has special compound that could prevent the accumulation of blood clots in artery. Once all the blood clots removed means that all the blood distribution will be like highway, so there is no reason for brain to suffer from strokes.

  1. Good for Weight Loss

You probably don’t believe it that beer is actually good for weight loss since beers always closely blamed for the beer belly. Well, is it true that beer could cause beer belly? Research actually stated that there is no strong evidence in this matter but the researches also emphasized that most of beer drinkers are also suffering obesity which is related to unhealthy diet and not the beers. Besides, beer is containing very few of calories even lower than orange juice. There is no healthier and more delicious way to lose your weight but enjoying a glass of beer.

  1. For the Sake of Happier Life

Could beers actually make you happy? Of course it could and then why people always serve beers for celebration or in special occasions? It is because beer has significant role in increasing your mood. If you consume beers daily and then you will be able to get enough dosage of happiness everyday for the sake of happier life.

  1. Beer as Part of Cooking Recipes

In modern life beer is not only consumed as beverages but also as one of the recipes in cooking, not only for the main course but also for the dessert.

  1. Beer for Tender Meats

One of the reasons why beer is widely used as part of cooking recipes is not only the flavor that will flavoring the food but also the ability of beers to tenderize meats and make it taste much more delicious and juicy.

Cautions You Should Aware of Beer

One thing you should remember when talking about the cautions you should aware of beer is not the beers you should afraid of but the alcohol contained in beers. Beer is just like any other beverages which is delicious and healthy but when you consume it too much then it could turn into harmful for your health. The question is, when it happens should you put the blame to the beers or to yourself?

Below is the list you should aware of beers IF you consume it too much.

  1. Could Increase Level of Blood Sugar

One of the side effect you should aware of beer is its ability to increase your appetite. That’s why the obesity case is relatively higher in people with active beers drinking habit than people with non-drinking habit. This kind of lifestyle will lead to the increase of blood sugar level if you are not careful.

  1. Diuretic

The increased of urination might be good for your health but not really good for those who are athletes, since they will easily get dehydrated.

  1. Interact with Certain Medications

It is better for you to avoid consuming any medication after consuming beers. It is because some antibiotics have side effects when they are interacted with beers.

  1. Dangerous for Pregnant Women

It is a common knowledge that pregnant women should avoid drinking beers in all cost since the alcohol is bad for the development of fetus.

  1. Gout

You have problems with gout, well alcohol contained in beers just makes the condition worse.

  1. Liver Condition

In adequate amount beer is good for your liver but once you have problem with your liver is better for you to avoid it since the alcohol is harmful for your liver condition.

  1. Mental Conditions

Those with mental conditions are supposed to avoid beers because the alcohol contained will only cause the condition worse and numb their common senses which are already in trouble.

  1. Bad for Surgery

Beer contained some properties that could trig your concentration and focus. That’s why stop drinking beers two weeks before the scheduled surgery is highly recommended to avoid the interaction of beers with the anesthesia.

  1. Neurological Conditions.

Beer is supposed to be avoided by those who have diagnosed with certain neurological conditions because beer has significant effect in nervous system. Consuming it just make the condition much worse.

  1. Addiction

That’s why some people with addiction tendency is better to avoid consuming beers in all cost. Only those who have good discipline could enjoy all the benefits of beers, that’s why be a smart drinker first before you decided to be a drinker.

In other words, before you put all the blames to beers, you have be the smart drinker first. As the results you will get all the fun of drinking beers and at the same times enjoy all the health benefits offered by this delicious beverage.