24 Health Benefits of Pandan Leaves (No.1 Surprising You)

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Pandan leaves is some plant that mostly grow in southern Asia and usually grow wild on your garden. In some country such Indonesia Pandan is one of the needed ingredient to make traditional or even daily food so that it can taste more delicious. It’s fragrant also smell good and rise your appetite.

Health benefits of Pandan Leaves for some treatment is very potent. Based on many long term studies and observations pandan leaves occur to have so many benefits for health. It can be a natural and safe traditional cure. It also recommended by some doctors to help you boost your health.

Here are the explanations of the surprising pandan leaves benefits:

  1. Lower High Blood Pressure

Pandan leaves benefits for high blood pressure is very impressive. Dizziness and tired are common symptoms of high blood pressure and it can drive stroke. Don’t just ignore this warning if you don’t want to regret that later. To prevent the effect people who have high blood pressure should preserve their diet of some booster blood pressure food. Another way you can do if you find out that you blood is high is pandan leaves.

You can boil two cups of water with 10 grams of pandan leaves. Wait until the remaining water is a half of the first amount. Then you can drink half of potion in the morning and the rest in the evening regularly to normalize your blood pressure.

  1. Eliminate Dandruff

Who doesn’t hate dandruff. It’s can cause our head itchy, scalp flaking, even hair loss. If you find out that shampooing is not really get rid of your dandruff you may wanna try this method. Mash ten fresh pandan leaves until it feel smooth then mix it with approximately 100 ml of water. Then apply the mixture throughout your scalp. Let stand for about 30 minute before rinse it with water or shampooing. Do it regularly. In addition. beside eliminate dandruff pandan leaves can also nourish you hair.

  1. Blacken Hair

Do you want to make your black hair look darken? If you possibly have pandan leaves in you house you can use it to be a treatment. Chop about 7 pieces of pandan leaves and boiled with water. Let the water condense all night. If you have noni fruit you can mix it with the pandan water in the morning and massage to your scalp. Do it regularly to have better effect.

  1. Overcoming Weak nerves

Due to the reduction of exiting nerve stimulation people can undergo frequent cramp. That is indicating your nerves are weaken. Pandan leaves can help overcoming your weak nerves as a herbal cure.

Chop 3 pieces of pandan leaves then boil it with three cup of water. Wait until it just remain 2 cup. Cool down before you drink it in the morning and afternoon.

  1. Rheumatism or Anti-Rheumatic and Stiff

Arthritis actually can affect not only elderly but also the young people as well. If you are too long soak in the water or experience frequent cold you can exposed arthritis.

Cope the effect by pandan leaves! Chop 3 pieces pandan leaves. Then mix it with heated coconut oil. After it’s cooling down, you can use it as liniment to your affected part of rheumatism.

  1. Boost Appetite

Pandan leaves also can help you when you lose your appetite. Just boiled 10 grams of pandan leaves in to 3 glass of water. Wait until a cup remain. Divide it to 2 portions to drink in the morning and evening.

  1. Nourish and Boost your Health

The nourishing essential oils which are contain in the pandan leaves such as glycidudes, alkaloids, traces of tannin  and isoprene esters can boost you health.

  1. Pain relief

Health benefits of pandan leaves also very potent for pain relief. Pandan leaves contain laxative properties that can act as a pain reliever from headache, ear pain, chest pain, and arthritis.

  1. Reduce Cramps

If you feel cramps, you can use pandan leaves as a traditionally cure to help reduce your cramps. Pandan leaves also can help you with gastrointestinal track cramps, especially stomach cramps. You can make pandan leaves tea and drink it to help you reduce your cramps.

  1. Anti-carcinogenic Properties

Another amazing benefits of pandan leaves is anti-cancer. It can counteract the effect of toxins and inhibits cancer cell development. It said that pandan leaf tea can also heal some type of cancer.

  1. Great for anxiety and stress

Drink 2 or 3 cups pandan tea a day will help your anxiety and stress problem.

  1. Gum pain

Even if you have brushed your teeth everyday you may have gum pain or any oral discomforts. Try to chewing fresh or dried pandan leaves. It is one of great ways to get rid your problem.

  1. Natural Mosquito Repellent

One little mosquito can bring worst harm to you. Many diseases caused by mosquito happen in a year. Especially in a rainy season. Rub your skin with extract pandan leaves for better protection against those harmful mosquitoes. (Read : Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites Naturally

  1. After Child Birth Relaxing Energy

After child birth mothers completely lose their energy and feel tired. Pandan leaf tea can be given to them as a relaxants.

  1. Reduce Fevers

Another pandan leaf tea benefits is can help reducing fever. It can be a traditional cure to help reducing your fever. It also often be recommended by doctors to their patients who have high fever. The effect can be immediately lower patients temperature and make recover as fast as your temperature return to normal.

  1. Eliminate Tinea Versicolor

Fungus in your skin can cause tinea versicolor. It can make your skin look awful beside make you want to scratch over and over. For some people who have skin fungus problem pandan leaf can help get rid of it. Just make some extract juice of pandan leaves then mix it to a cup of salt water to consume one cup a day. Do it for at least 3 day to have the best effect.

  1. Detoxing Agent

It is not a secret anymore that your body contain toxins. Even though your liver is in charge of toxins remover but the works of liver can down if you don’t maintain your diet. You can use pandan leaf concurrently as a detoxing agent. It can detox both your liver and your body from unhealthy substance or toxins.

  1. Mild Laxative for Children

If your children have some indigestion you can give them pandan leaf tea. It is a safe and mild laxative natural cure for your children.

  1. Heal Sunburns

Here’s another method to heal your sunburn in summer. Add a lot of pandan leaf tea to your bath. You can soak in while bathing. It can help you sooth away your sunburns.

  1. Natural Cockroach Repellent

Cockroach as harmful as mosquito. Not only the shape of it which can give you a heart attack but it can bring you a millions of bacteria and infectious agents. You have to watch your way to eliminate it. Using some commercial bugs killer spray may cause another problem inside your house. And do not even think to step your foot on them. It will release the bacteria in some radius.

One natural way to deal with it is using extract of pandan. You can add some water and mix it with the extract to a spray bottle. Then spray it anywhere the cockroaches is mostly like to appear. You can get rid away those cockroaches safely.

  1. Antihyperglycemic Effect

Some study in Thailand have been published on Pharmacognosy Magazine in 2015. According to the study pandan leaf tea or extract pandan leaf can help people to lower their sugar blood. Another good news for diabetes patients. Although the experiment involved none of diabetes patients but it’s been proven that the plasma glucose of those people was significantly decreasing. Therefore, further investigation is required.

  1. Treat Muscle Pain

Pandan leaves also have a great effect for treat muscle pains. Drink pandan leaf tea as soon as you feel muscle pains caused by fatigue.

  1. Overcome Men Health Problem

What i mean with men health problem here is premature ejaculation or impotence. Apparently pandan leaves also very effective to be a cure.

  1. No side effect!

The last benefits of pandan leaves is “no side effect” is currently found for your health. So it is the safest, natural, and easy way to help you boost your health.

Pandan Leaf Uses

Not only delicious to eat, pandan leaf is actually great for your health. It contain essential nutrients which can prevent various diseases or even get rid of it. To make it as a natural traditional cure you can make some extract drink or make it as a tea.

Pandan Leaf Tea

First you will need these ingredients below:

  • 3 cups of water
  • 4 pandan leaves
  • 5 grains of cardamom
  • 1 peace of finger ginger
  • 2 tablespoons of palm sugar

How to make:

  1. Boiling 3 cups of water.
  2. After the water boil, add all the other ingredients but sugar.
  3. Boil over medium heat for approximately 10 minutes.
  4. Pour it into a cup or glass
  5. Add the palm sugar
  6. Your tea is ready to be served.

To make some pandan leaf tea is very easy yet beneficial for your health. If you have a lot of pandan leaves on your garden or your kitchen try to make some panda leaf tea. It may change your perception of this fragrant food ingredient.

Those things above is some benefits you can find while enjoying your new tea recipe. Now you may want to start growing pandan leave on you garden after read those amazing benefits. Anyway i will always support you to have some healthy diet for your healthy life.