9 Incredible Health Benefits of Drinking 3 Liters of Water a Day

It is undeniable that water is very vital to your health. Around 45 to 75% of your body weight consists of water. Water plays a very important role in heart health, weight management, physical performance and brain function. The question now is: do you think you have drunk enough water a day? Doctors recommend that […]

8 Important Health Benefits of Jaggery Water with Lemon Everyday!

In Asia, there are some types of sweetener you wouldn’t find in Western countries. One of them is jaggery. Jaggery is similar to other traditional cane sugar, such as gula merah and gula aren in Indonesia. In fact, jaggery is just a different name for panela sugar. Like other cane sugar, jaggery can be dissolved […]

12 Surprising Benefits of Lemon Peel Water for Weight Loss That Proven

Who ever thought that a simple thing such as the benefits of lemon peel water for weight loss will able to bring a great result and impact to the body. This is something that people might not aware and consider before. But this is a true fact that consistently drink a glass of lemon peel […]

Proven Benefits of Gargling Salt Water for Bad Breath, You Won’t Believe This!

Bad breath is a common annoying problem for most people. Bad breath can indicate that someone does not keep the cleanliness, either it indicates serious infection within the oral tract. The effect of bad breath can influence our self confidence and even our performance. To get rid off this problem, there are may things offered, […]

Amazing Benefits of Drinking Salt Water Every Morning for Health

Salt might be an ingredient which exist in everyone’s kitchen. But it doesn’t mean that salt is not special. This essential ingredient in possesses various benefits for our health, especially the natural salt. And there are also various kind of healthy natural salt. For example, we can get the Health Benefits of Korean Bamboo Salt. […]

Potential Benefits of Salt and Sugar Water for Health Problems

Salt and sugar solution have been known to be powerful and effective home remedy. It is simple, cheap, but never under estimate the benefits of salt sugar water. People also call it as ORS, or Oral Re-hydration Salts. Well, from the name, we can guess the main benefits of this solution. It takes a big […]

12 Fabulous Benefits of Alkaline Water for Weight Loss Treatment and Body Fit

People now might start to hear the benefits of alkaline water for weight loss treatment. While at the first, alkaline water was known as water with various minerals that useful for body detoxification and to maintain the PH level of the body. Therefore, many people interest to consume this kind of water even the price […]

15 Amazing Benefits of Mint Leaves and Lemon Water

Do you know that  lemon water is a low-calorie and low-sugar beverage that can boost your vitamin C intake? Or you are usually drinking lemon water every morning just to increase your energy and mood? Well, I believe that most of us must have tried mint leaves and lemon water. Mint leaves could be found all […]

7 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse osmosis water, is water that purified from some technology processes that uses a semi permeable membrane to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from drinking water. You might call it with a water that being drunk whit out being boiled or heated to 100 degrees of Celsius. It is purely from water that flowing […]

16 Amazing Benefits of Warm Salt Water Rinse for Toothache

Have you ever had a toothache? A toothache is usually caused by various factors such as perforated teeth, sensitive teeth, brittle teeth enamel, porous teeth and, sensitive gum problems. A toothache usually causes discomfort because the pain will spread to all parts of the mouth. The pain is not only in the teeth but also […]