16 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Malt Vinegar

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The topic about vinegar has been risen since very long time ago. Thus there were many kind of flavoured vinegar has been produced and consumed until now. Many ancients have been used vinegar with fruits and honey. Traditional vinegar can be produced by raw materials and it contains sugar. It is also from the long fermentation but it can be used for heal some diseases. Traditional vinegar can be made from grape, apple, plum, coconun, rice, tomatoes, and also potatoes.

The vinegar is commonly made for pickling the vegetables and also fruits for salad dressing, mustars and so on. In the other side, one of the most popular vinegar is malt vinegar. The potential health of vinegar have been proved by researchers.

Malt vinegar contains nutritional benefits and it has been proved that the acid in vinegar can rise the health benefits for human and manage the blood sugar level. The health benefits of vinegar itself bring the good news for medical fields. Since very long time ago medical practitioners also have used malt vinegar to treat diseases including treat poison inside the bodies, high fever, dropsy, and even common stomachache.

Besides, melt vinegar can be functional therapeutic which include antibacterial activity, antioxidant, blood pressure reduction and also preventing the cardiovascular. For further benefits hereby other super benefits of drinking malt vinegar:

1. Control Blood Sugar (Antidiabetic Effect)

Drinking Malt VinegarHealth Benefits of Drinking Malt Vinegar which very effective is for control blood sugar. There are many foods containing antidiabetic effect but the effective way to do so is using malt vinegar. According to some studies have revealed that malt vinegar can be the best way to do a diet of managing blood sugar level especially for diabetics patients.

Diabetes is defined as the condition which lead to high blood glucose levels bothe the state of hunger and after consuming a meal. (Long Term Effects of Type 2 Diabetes)

It is proved that malt vinegar also can increase the insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity can be improved by malt vinegar treatment Drinking malt vinegar correctly will lead to the normal blood sugar and even will heal diabetes. The acetic acid on malt vinegar plays a great role in managing and also controlling blood sugar. (Read : Best Vegetables For Type 2 Diabetes)

2. Control the Weight (Antiobesity Effect)

Drinking malt vinegar have lead to antiobesity diet. Some studies revealed that malt vinegar can reduce the weight and even can manage the weight well. According to a study held in US that melt vinegar can be the powerful to manage the weight if it is mixed with high glycemic meal since it can manage the blood sugar and can reduce the calories. Some studies released the statement that malt vinegar can decrease the glycemic of meat.

3. Anticholesterol

Another benefit of malt vinegar is that it can build the plasma level of cholesterol. Some studies have revealed that malt vinegar can even decrease the high cholesterol level by its acetic acid. This anticholesterol effect can reduce the cardiovascular disease relating to mortality. Generally consuming the natural antioxidants such as polyphenols can reduce the formation of oxidized LDL in bloodstream.

This polyphenol such as chlorogenic acid can be found in malt vinegar can combat the oxidation of LDL. In the other sides, it will protect and improve the health by protecting body from cardiovascular problem. Some studies analyzed that consuming acetic acid foods including malt vinegar will reduce the serum cholesterol and also triglycerides.

4. Keep the Heart Healthy

Heart is one of the most important part of body that we should give proper attention on it. Keeping the heart healthy is a must. Consuming the food for heart health is the most important we should know. One of them is melt vinegar. According to several studies that melt vinegar contains acid and it can reduce the high blood cholesterol. Besides the acid of malt vinegar can control the fat production related to its ability to manage the weight.

5. Anticancer – Antitumor Effect

Another good news of malt vinegar for medical field that it can reduce the cancer cells. Malt vinegar contains antioxidant activity which can reduce the cancer risk. The antioxidant activity of ethyl acetate of malt vinegar can reduce the cancer cells activity.

According to the researches that drinking malt vinegar can reduce the cancer cell lines including colon adenocarcinoma, breast adenocarcinoma, prostate carcinoma cells and even lung carcinoma cells. Malt vinegar has demonstrated its ability and power to combat the glycolysis of cancer cells. Besides, it has been proved that the antioxidant activity in malt vinegar is greater than in wine.

6. Treat the Wounds

According to some studies of vinegar that malt vinegar can treat the wounds well. Malt vinegar has been medicinally to treat the wounds for human. Besides, it is also used to be hand-washing agents in order to prevent the infection.

7. Prevent the Osteoporosis

A medical research has revealed that malt vinegar can also prevent the bones from osteoporosis. For those who wants to protect the bones from osteoporosis, you can drink malt vinegar correctly in the right dosage.

8. Antimicrobial Effect

Malt vinegar has been demonstrated that it contains antimicrobial properties in which it can be helpful to heal some diseases and even protect the body and protect the nail fungus and also ear infection. The acid contents mainly organic acid of malt vinegar can prevent the pathogenic microorganism. Another study also revealed that malt vinegar can be useful to inhibit the pathogenic bacteria on fruits and even vegetables.

9. Antioxidant Effect

Some studies have demonstrated that malt vinegar contains antioxidant effect. It is proved that malt vinegar can reduce the incidences of the degenerative illnesses. The bioactive such as polyphenols and also vitamin of malt vinegar can protect body against oxidative stress.

10. Antihypertensive Effect

It has been known that malt vinegar is rich in health benefits for human life. The studies have been stated that malt vinegar may effect to lower the blood pressure. Those studies have proved that malt vinegar can even heal the hypertensive relating to stroke.

11. Therapeutic Effect

Another secret benefit of malt vinegar is that malt vinegar can be used as the therapeutic effect on burns related to antibacterial properties activity. The extracellular structure synthesized in malt vinegar can play a great role in tissue repair. Besides, the malt vinegar will also heal and treat the muscle pain or damage by inflammation.

12. Increase Cognitive Ability

Malt vinegar is not only the effective way to heal some diseases but it can also increase the cognitive ability in brain. Numerous studies have revealed that consuming malt vinegar in correct way can cause and rise the significant improvement of cognitive ability. Further explanation that malt vinegar can increase the neurite growth in pheochromocytoma cells. In the same case malt vinegar can improve the cognitive function in humans brain.

13. Detoxification

There are many foods which are useful to assist detoxification process. One of the is malt vinegar. Some studied explained that malt vinegar can effect to detoxification. Besides it will also balance the body and improve the cardiovascular stimulation. For those who wants the best for detoxification can start drinking malt vinegar in right dosage.

14. High Fever

Drinking malt vinegar can also heal the fever or cold and even sore throat. The vitamins and probiotics of malt vinegar can cure the cold and also sore throat. The acetic acid of malt vinegar is also contributing in that process of healing fever naturally.

15. Treat Poison inside the Body

The benefits of malt vinegar have been known well. One of them is that malt vinegar can treat and heal the poison inside the body. The minerals such as potassium in malt vinegar can help reducing the inflammation and also improving poison. As it is mentioned above that malt vinegar can be the best way to do detoxification, so it is also effective to treat the poison or toxic inside the body.

16. Whitening the Teeth

For those who wants to start whitening their teeth, drinking malt vinegar will be the alternative and natural way to do so. It is due to the pH of malt vinegar and its acid can remove the stains on teeth and it will lead to the whiten teeth result.

Side Effect and Dosage of Drinking Malt Vinegar

Even though drinking malt vinegar will bring the health benefits, but it will be better to consult to the doctor before consume it. The side effects of too much on drinking malt vinegar can cause the tooth damage enamel or tissues of mouth and throat because it is high in acetic acid.

Long term consuming of malt vinegar can also cause the low potassium level in which relating to the bone density. The good way to drink malt vinegar correctly is about 5% of the acid. It is recommended as the ideal dosage.