9 Delicious Health Benefits of Feijoada

Anyone living in America Latin must had heard about the health benefits of Feijoada. This awesome dish is actually a mixture between beans with meat. Most of the dish using pork meat as the ingredients, but some prefer to choose beef meat too. Therefore, this dish bring an authentic taste with a great benefit. Of […]

Powerful Health Benefits of Galbi – Korean BBQ Dish

Beef is incredibly rich in health benefits whey protein, and eating it is a delightful treat for meat lovers out there. Many agree that the treat gets even greater when the beef consumed is in the form of grilled meat – which also includes galbi! Galbi is Korean word for “rib”, and is sourced from […]

Health Benefits of Warthog Meat Compared to Beef and Pork

Warthog meat is not pork but warthog is one animal species comes from the same family with pig, Suidae. Warthog is native to Africa and also well known as one of the wild boar or African game meat. From the appearance, warthog has leaner posture than pig but with the similar signature with pig in […]

Health Benefits of Veal Meat – High Protein Source

Veal meat is actually beef because veal is meat of calves or young bovine. However, beef and veal are two different things because from the nutrients, texture, colour and aslo the flavour are different. Some scientific studies also stated that the health benefits of veal meat are also significantly different with the health benefits of […]

Health Benefits of Rat Meat that Amaze You

Have you ever imagined of consuming meat other than the regular beef, mutton, pork or poultry such as duck and chicken? Well, there are also a lot of people out there who are so into exotic meat like crocodile or porcupine. How about you? What do you think of trying something new like rat meat? […]

Health Benefits of Pheasant Meat – Healthier Option of Poultry

Pheasant is one of the bird species native to Asia which is well known for its brightly decorated colour of the feathers. In Asia, pheasant meat is consumed as one of the alternative meat choice after chicken due to its lower calories content but higher in protein. Nutritional Facts of Pheasant Meat Aside from the […]

Health Benefits of Ostrich Meath – Healthier Option of Red Meat

Ostrich is one of the bird species native to Africa. Aside from being part of bird species the ostrich meat is grouped into red meat instead of white meat unlike others poultry such as chicken and duck. From the nutrients the content is closer to poultry but when it comes to texture, colour and characteristics, […]

Health Benefits of Porcupine Meat – High Protein Source

What do you think about eating porcupine meat? Well, the appearance of porcupine which represents all the defensiveness will make people think twice to eat the meat. However, for those who are so into exotic meat, porcupine could be a tasty option for meal and also there are some possible health benefits of porcupine meat […]

Health Benefits of Bison Meat – Leaner than Beef

There are a lot of options of red meat and bison meat is one of the meats that you could consider to replace your regular beef, mutton or pork. It is because bison meat is considered leaner even compared to high quality beef. Nutritional Facts of Bison Meat Some schools are considering replacing the regular […]

Wonderful Benefits of Homemade Sausage for Your Daily Consumption

Who wouldn’t love sausage? It is very simple to prepare, easy to get, delicious and practically filling. It can also be cooked into any kinds of foods you want. However, some people and even health practitioners claim that sausage we get from store may be bad for our health, especially for its preservative. So how […]