22 Health Benefits of Water Kefir – Weight Loss – Beauty Treatments

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Water kefir is highly rich in probiotic beverage made from kefir grains which contain a good source of healthy bacteria and yeast. For more information, kefir is centuries fermented old drink discovered in Caucasus mountains. This beverage continues to be popular in Europe, Southwestern Asia, Russia and gained more popularity in the United States.

This beverage has a wonderful flavor like natural and light refreshing soda. In the same way, the taste also can be referred as a lemonade or mild cola. Besides, it is normally made by combining the use of sugar water or fruit juice. Thus, you can combine and mix this beverage with fresh fruit, vanilla, honey, or maple syrup to boost the nice flavor. Consequently, the final flavor of water kefir is now on your hand. Indeed, it can be your alternative option for your sweet drinking menu.


Moreover, water kefir has an excellent source of probiotics and nutrients for our body. Then, here we list the health benefits of water kefir below.

1. Source of Probiotics

Studies have shown that water kefir provides an excellent source of living probiotics due to the fermentation process of bacteria in yeasts. Further, the yeasts are being converted into simpler sugars, lactic, and acetic acids, carbon dioxide, and ethanol. Thus, water kefir is being the most powerful probiotics foods cause by the digestible nutrients from the sugars.

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2. Source of Vitamins

It is known that water kefir is having a good source of beneficial vitamins. At this point, water kefir is highly rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Moreover, the juice fruits you have been added to flavor water kefir is increasing the amount of vitamin C and other good nutrients. Then, if you want to fulfill your nutrients needs, try to consume water kefir as it will do a good job for your health.


3. Acts as Antibiotic and Anti-Fungal Properties

Indeed, our body needs a protection. The threat may come from the bad environment, pollutions, bad lifestyle, and bad processed foods. Then, since the water kefir rich in probiotic, this probiotic acts as antibiotic and anti-fungal properties. Further, this beverage contains beneficial bacteria which fights fungi and other bacteria that may lead to certain diseases. For this reason, water kefir is being such a good protector for our body.

4. Lowers Risks of Diabetes

Due to work of probiotics, water kefir lowers the amount of sugar inside. And that means it is good for those of you who are suffering from blood sugar disease. At this matter, water kefir prevents the fluctuations in blood sugar. Thus, by consuming water kefir you can reduce the risks and help to cure diabetes.

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5. Promotes Healthy Digestion System

The healthy digestion system provides a good nutrients absorption in the gut. It is digestion system who works harder to give our body best benefit of the nutrients. That’s why we have to keep and improve the health of our digestion system. So, the result goes to the food we have consumed every day. The better food we have eaten, then the healthier our digestion systems.

It is known that probiotics have a great role in involving the work of digestion system. Indeed, water kefir is a great source of beneficial probiotics. These probiotics take parts in helping our body to have a healthy digestion system. Also, there are bacteria which is essential contained in water kefir. Moreover, they help to digest our food, help to clean intestine, and maintaining a healthy digestion system.

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6. Boosts Immune System

The immune system has an important role for our body. This system is protecting against diseases and preventing any potential damaging source, including bacteria, viruses, and others. In conclusion, immune system prevents you from getting sick.

In another hand, water kefir is promoting beneficial bacteria due to the probiotics contained. Further, the bacteria helps fight the infection, indigestion, and other disorders. As a result, it will boost our immune system and prevent disease. Thus, water kefir is doing a great job in improving the work of the immune system.

7. Boosts Energy

As water kefir contains many good nutrients of the fruit juice to flavor, then it will help you to boost your energy. For the tips, if you add coconut juice as the flavor of the water kefir, it may improve your energy more and more. It is due to potassium composition in coconut juice which helps you strengthen muscle and produce more energy. In addition, doing workout routinely is also helping you to improve the needs of energy.


8. Prevents Allergies

People may suffer from allergies while their body could not accept the food they have eaten. The symptoms of allergies may vary from one to another. As previously described, water kefir is the best option for those of you who cannot consume milk kefir due to the allergic reaction of milk. Moreover, the probiotics in water kefir also help you fight viruses and bacteria. As a result, it takes part in preventing diseases and allergies that could happen.

9. Acts as Anti-Inflammatory

When inflammation occurs, it is being the response to an injury. Indeed, it is a natural response to the cellular damage and the body’s attempt to defend from viruses and bacteria. Then, to prevent inflammations, our body needs extra nutrition to heal.

In another hand, a balance of good bacteria in our digestion system is the essential part of our life. By consuming water kefir, it provides you to fulfill your body needs. It has shown that water kefir will help you in healing certain diseases such as indigestion, nausea, and diarrhea. Thus, indeed, this beverage acts as an anti-inflammatory to our body. For some tips, you can also have other fruits and vegetables that are involving to prevent inflammation. You can add walnuts, watermelons, broccoli and avocados as the flavor juice in water kefir.

10. Reduces Risks of Candida Issues

Candida is the type of yeasts and occurs some problem of fungal infections. Some studies show that water kefir takes part in reducing candida issues. It is due to the reaction of both bacteria and yeast. Yet, this benefit of water kefir needs more studies to be more convinced.

11. Fights Cancer

Cancer is the type of diseases with many possible causes. Nowadays, there is much research about cancer and how to prevent it. Also, we have been warned about food that may lead to the growth of cancer cells.

Then, it surprisingly to know that water kefir has a role in fighting cancer. As the study has shown, regular consumption of water kefir help to stop breast cancer growth and malignant ovarian cancer. Further, it helps to kill certain types of cancer. Then, it concludes that water kefir is one of the ways to treat cancer.


12. Maintains Heart Function

Human’s heart is the main part of our body which pumps blood throughout the body. Without the work of heart function, our body could not receive the oxygen supply. It is a must to keep our heart healthy by consuming good food. Also, it is the best way to prevent yourself from consuming any cholesterol-foods.

Then, there is water kefir laid the fact that it can improve the heart’s health. It is due to the presence of lactic acid contained in water kefir which may help to maintain the health of heart functioning.


13. Treats Bowel Syndrome

The high doses of probiotics in water kefir helps to heal the irritable bowel syndrome. This natural treatment provides you an alternative way to choose. Also, it is known, by consuming probiotic rich foods, it may help you to lower the risks of having bowel inflammations.

14. Treats Asthma

No one really knows what causes asthma. However, it occurs caused by the narrowing of the bronchial tube which makes people hard to breathe. In most cases, asthma caused by allergic, stress, hard exercise, and illnesses.
Then, the best way we can do is to prevent this disease. One of the solutions is water kefir which almost tastes like a drinkable yogurt. This beverage shows that it has positive effects in treating asthma. Moreover, it provides the anti-inflammatory nutrients that are beneficial for the prevention asthma.

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15. Builds Bone Density

It is a must to ensure that we have healthy bones. Indeed, the bones are the main framework structure in our body. In the same way, the health of our bone is linked to the presence of calcium, magnesium, and manganese in our body. The lack of this nutrients may lead you to certain bone diseases.

Besides, most of the people are consuming milk as a boost for calcium composition in our body. For this reason, people who are vegans or having allergic symptoms of milk may choose water kefir as an option. Furthermore, a study found that consuming water kefir grains help you to improve bone density and reducing the risks of osteoporosis. At this point, it is due to the improvement of nutrient absorption including magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus. Then, you may have water kefir to fulfill the nutrients needs for our bones health. You can just simply consume it regularly or mix it with sweet fresh juice.

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Water Kefir for Weight Loss Treatment

16. The Best Diet Menu

You may add some strawberries, avocados, lettuces in your salad bowl. Though, it is recommended to have the best food source in order supplying good nutrients while doing a diet. There, water kefir provides you a great source of nutrients which help in having the balance in your diet. Consequently, this beverage offers an option for people who have vegan type diet and do not want to consume dairy food. Moreover, the good taste of this beverage may make you happy to consume it.


17. Lower Body’s Weight

Some people may have tried diet pills, weight loss programs, or having exercise as diet steps. Then, as already described, water kefir can be used as your option for the diet menu. Therefore, it is beneficial for losing your body’s weight faster. Besides, it is known that consuming 3-4 servings of dairy products routinely may help you lose some pounds. Then, the more you drink water kefir, also the more fats will be burn.


18. Lower Risks of Obesity

Everyone wants to have a normal weight and a good body shape. Yet, there are many ways to reach the goals. You may have to do this and that. However, choosing a natural way might be the most effective one. Then, when it comes to obesity, people must have to control their food consumption in case preventing this disease. As one of the solutions, water kefir is having a role in lowering risks obesity due to the superior nutritional value contained. Besides, it has known that water kefir is good for your diet and lowers your body weight.

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19. A Good Option among Kefir Beverages

There are different types of kefir beverages you can consume. At this point, there is milk kefir that made from cow or goat milk. However, if you show some allergic reactions from consuming milk, it is best to choose water kefir as an option. Then, you can enjoy the benefits of kefir beverages without need something to worry about.

Water Kefir for Beauty Treatment

20. Supports Detoxification

Not only for being a remedy for certain diseases but also the nutrients contained in water kefir may help to support the detoxification. The detoxification itself is having a main role in maintaining our body’s health. Otherwise, if our body could not detoxicate toxic substances, it will be harmful to our body. Therefore, to improve the detoxification process, you can consume water kefir routinely to get the best benefits.


21. Promotes Skin Health

This incredible and health-promoting drink is beneficial for your skin health. With a high amount of valuable minerals, it may help you to have a prettier and healthier skin. In addition, it is maintaining the youthful skin. Thus, by consuming water kefir routinely, you may see the changes of your skin complexion. Besides, the nutrients contained in water kefir have a good benefit for hair and nails health.


22. Helps to Heal Bruises

It is undeniable that water kefir provides us natural treatment for certain diseases. In another hand, due to vitamin C contained in water kefir, it helps you to heal bruises and wounds faster.

Now you know the health benefits you can get from consuming water kefir routinely. As the consequence, we also list the tips for making and consuming water kefir below.

Tips to Make Your Own Water Kefir in Home

  1. First, before you start to make water kefir, you have to make sure that all of your properties are completely clean. Then, wash your hand thoroughly to prevent any access of bacteria. In addition, it is no need to rinse the grains. Yet, if it is desired, rinse it in filtered water.
  2. Then, you can use any kinds of sugar to combine. It is possible to have brown sugar, palm sugar, maple syrup, white sugar, raw sugar, and sugar cane juice as the option. In addition, you may watch for the healthy composition nutrients contained in certain type sugar.
    At this point, the use of sugar with higher mineral content will help the grains to reproduce best nutrients. For the example, palm sugar is low in glycemic index which is good for our body.
  3. Third, combine the sugar water with 3-4 tablespoons of water kefir grains. Then, allow them to culture in 24-48 hours with the ideal temperature for fermenting 68-85F.
  4. Next, to add more flavoring, simply remove the water kefir grains and place them in your fruit juice. It is allowed to have some fruit and vegetable juices such as carrot, orange, beet, and coconut milk to ferment.
  5. Lastly, keep your water kefir in the refrigerator. It will be last for 2-3 weeks. So now, you can consume this wonderful beverage as your drinking menu option.

Tips for Consuming

  1. You may add your water kefir into your smoothies, desserts, oatmeal, and salad bowl to have an extra-delicious food menu. You won’t miss the amazing taste from this beverage.
  2. Then, make sure water kefir is in the best condition and not being contaminated. It is a must to ensure that it does not smell terrible and has a thick texture.
  3. Further, consume water kefir for 1-4 cups daily. Indeed, by drinking water kefir routinely, it will lead you to a healthier life and body.
  4. If you have an allergic reaction such as a headache, nausea, or diarrhea from consuming this beverage, it is a wise way to stop consuming it and see the doctor.

In summarizing, water kefir is a good source of probiotics and nutrients composition. It is loaded with enzymes, digestible sugars, and beneficial vitamins and minerals. Also, it is the best option to consume as a drinking menu for those who are vegan and have an allergic reaction to dairy products.

Further, you may prevent several diseases by consuming water kefir. Then, by preventing, you will save money more and you will not worry about having certain diseases. Thus, if you consume this beverage routinely, then you help yourself maintaining balance healthy life. As a result, may the information of this health benefits of water kefir is good for you and your fellow.