25 Health Benefits of Sake – Mental – Beauty Treatments

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Sake is a beverage fermented which is classified as the non-carbonated beverage from rice grains. It is made with rice, yeast, water, and koji (a mold used to enhance the flavor and leads fermentation). At this point, the yeast plays an important role in sake’s quality. It is shown that the yeast gives sake’s characteristics of aroma and taste. Further, the appearance of sake can be seen as a light yellow in color and has a slightly sweet flavor.

Sake is well known to be first introduced by Japanese and has been considered the national drink of Japan. Sake is known as the traditional drink for formal Japanese gatherings. It is served when you gather with your friends and business partners. Furthermore, for non-Japanese people, they tend to know sake as a type of rice wine. Though, the sake’s brewing process is similarly with beer, where the alcohol comes from the sugar and starch conversion.

Moreover, this beverage generally contents alcohol in ranges from 15% to 17% depending on the brand. It shows that sake contents higher amount of alcohol than most wines. Yet, the calories contained in sake is lower than beer.


Nutrients Value of Sake

Besides, some studies show that sake has a good source of beneficial nutrients. Thus, to give you more information, we list the nutritional value of sake below.


Amount per 100g

% Daily Value



Total Fat

0 g



0 mg



2 mg



25 mg


Total Carbohydrate

5 g


     Dietary Fiber

0 g



0 g


0.5 g


Vitamin C       0%

Vitamin A      0%

Magnesium       1%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

As listed in the table above, it has proven that sake has beneficial nutrients. Then, here we list the health benefits of  sake.

1. High in Nutrients

It is surprising to know that sake contains an adequate amount of nutrients. This beverage provides beneficial nutrients since it is being a fermented drink. Moreover, it has shown that sake is a good source of amino acids which help in maintaining the health. Then, it is good for your whole body.


2. Low in Calories

On the other hand, sake is low in calories. As 100 grams serving of sake, it contains 134 calories which are lower than beer. Then, if you are the one who is trying to have foods that low in calorie, sake might be one of the good options.

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3. Prevents Overweight

As described in the previous statement, it is known that sake is low in calories. This condition may lead preventing the overweight. Further, sake also inhibits the absorption of starch and promote the protein. Besides, due to the presence of carbs or sugar contained in sake, it would not even make you get fattening. Thus, if you want to have a delightful beverage for your diet menu, you may have sake as an option. But please, drink it in moderation to get the best benefits.


4. Essential for Diet

In fact, fermentation foods are healthy for the body. In the same way, sake is such an essential thing for the diet. It is due to the bacteria used in fermentation process which provides the health for our body. Thus, adding sake to your diet menu is going to be a great option.

5. Potential for Probiotic

As sake is fermented foods, this drink may contain strains of lactic acid bacteria, which are often considered as probiotic. Further, the probiotic contained will be beneficial for the intestines health and promotes a good digestion system.

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6. Helps Digestion System

This statement will be linked to the previous statement. Since sake is potential for having probiotic, it may help to promote a healthy digestion system. Also, citric and lactic acids contained in sake takes part in helping food digestion. Thus, if our body has a good digestion system, then it really indicates a healthier body.


7. Prevents Diabetes

There are several ways to control blood sugar level in case preventing diabetes. For the example, you must prevent to consume any high level of sugar contained foods. In another hand, the recent study shows there is a link between sake and a way to prevent diabetes. Then, it shows the presence of an insulin-like activator contained in Namazake sake. At this point, the insulin is the one that is beneficial for treating diabetes. Consequently, the insulin activator may help prevent diabetes as well.

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8. Prevents Osteoporosis

People face the difficulties to prevent osteoporosis. This disease frequently comes up when aging process. It is due to the deficiency of calcium which makes bones to become less dense and more fragile. Nevertheless, sake is coming up with an alternative way. Since sake contains amino acids, it helps to build strong muscle and preventing osteoporosis. Also, koji, a mold ingredients of sake, contains types of Cathepsin-L inhibitors which help prevent this disease.

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9. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer is a progressive disease and is a type of dementia which causes memory, thinking, and behavior problems. Though, there are several innovations have made to find the cure for Alzheimer. Yet, currently, there is no cure for this disease. Still, we always have another option to make. It is best to prevent Alzheimer before it happens. While studies pointed that sake has 3 types of peptides that help prevent this disease. Further, there is always be a great option to maintaining a healthier life.

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10. Lowers Blood Pressure

As explained before, sake is having types of peptides which help our body to prevent certain diseases. Moreover, it is also beneficial in lowering blood pressure. As a result, if we consume sake wisely, it may help us to prevent hypertension which can lead to cerebrovascular diseases such as strokes, angina and heart attacks.

11. Improves Blood Circulation

The next benefit you can get from consuming sake is its way in improving the blood circulation. It has a blood circulation boosting effect which works for stiff shoulders and cold sensitivity. As a result, if our body improves the blood circulation, then the nutrients from foods we have eaten will be absorbed very well.

12. Promotes Liver Health

Some people may think that by consuming sake, it will increase the risks of liver’s disease. Well, it may be a true statement if we take a high intake of sake. On the other hand, consuming sake in moderation will promote your liver health. As sake contains amino acids, it improves the process involving protein. Thus, it concludes that sake takes part in promoting good health of the liver.

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13. Lowers Cholesterol Level

Everyone keeps their eyes in controlling the cholesterol level. They try to lowering the amount of bad cholesterol. There, sake is providing you benefit to lower the cholesterol level in your body. It has shown that moderate intake of sake involves in reducing cholesterol levels and releasing blood clots. As a result, sake is having a role in preventing cardiac disease and cerebrovascular disease. In addition, sake is also increasing the high-density lipoprotein in the blood which helps against strokes, heart attacks, and other certain diseases.

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14. Reduces Cancer Risk

Research shows that sake drinkers have less cancer risk than non-sake drinkers. The one who works on reducing the cancer cells is the amino acid. This substance acts naturally as anti-tumor cells. Also, amino acids are having a great role in strengthening the immune system. Indeed, amino acids provide wonderful health benefits for our body.


15. Reduces Ulcers and Gastritis

Drinking sake is a way much better rather than drinking other varieties of alcohol. As the consequence, research shows that consuming sake may help to reduce ulcers and gastritis. Thus, you may want to have sake as a drinking option since it helps you to reduce the risks of certain disease.

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16. Provides Selenium

As a matter of fact, sake provides a good source of selenium. This nutrient help to prevent any form of bacteria and viruses. Also, selenium is having a role in body metabolism system. Then, to fulfill the needs of selenium, sake is ready to help. In addition, consuming other foods which are rich in selenium such as sushi and tuna might help you more.

17. Prevents Free Radicals

It is known that selenium we have described before also acts as an antioxidant. This condition may help in preventing free radicals. Before, free radicals can be caused by environmental pollutants, unhealthy fats, alcohol, and much more. Indeed, free radicals damage the body cells such as proteins, DNA, and cell membranes. So, by consuming sake, it will help to prevent the development of other health problems that could happen by the exposure of free radicals.

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Drinking Sake for Mental Treatment

18. Reduces Mortality

Studies pointed that by drinking alcohol in moderation will reduce the mortality rate. At this matter, this statement might be surprising, however, it is not a wrong way to drink sake in order having a better life, right?

19. Reduces Stress

People said that health is wealth. Surely, everything you do must be in a healthy way. Nevertheless, the health we concern about is not just for the physical but also for the mental health. Indeed, being happy is the main part of our life. Then, how can we achieve the happiness when we face many kinds of problems in our life? The answer will be quite simple. As this article described, consuming good food may help you to achieve the health physically and mentally. Thus, as one of the solutions, sake is providing benefit to reduce the stress and depression you may feel. Then, by consuming sake properly, you bring yourself get better things as well.


20. Makes You Relax

There are many ways to do in order relaxing our body and mind. We can watch some movies, cook a new recipe, or go on vacation. Yet, by consuming a good food may also help you to relax. Then, sake is helping you to relax by reducing the stress you feel. As the consequence, it is good to find your good time by drinking sake moderately.

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21. Promotes Good Sleep

It seems that today most of the people tend to have less time to sleep. It may be caused by their full activities in a day. To be a solution, due to the presence of less sugar and fermentation in sake, it may improve your sleep quality. Therefore, try to drink sake in order promoting good sleep.


Sake for Beauty Treatments

22. Anti-Aging

Studies show that sake is having a role in improving skin elasticity by stimulating sensory neurons. Also, the antioxidants contained in sake acts as an anti-aging effect. In addition, koji which is the mold in sake fermentation also takes part in promoting skin health. Koji prevents skin cells from aging, moisturizing and vitalizing them. Furthermore, with sake, it helps you to have a youthful and healthy skin.

23. Skin Whitening

It is koji that inhibits performance of melanin which causes the sunspots, age spots, and freckles. Thus, it concludes that sake has a role in making skin more beautiful and whiter than before. For some tips, avoid the direct sun exposure to your skin may also help to retain beautiful skin.

24. Moisturizes Your Skin

Some people may take many beauty treatments in order having their skin moisturized. Also, they often buy some cosmetic product to boost their confidence. All of the efforts they did are purposed to have a beautiful skin. However, it is best to take natural way as a treatment. At this matter, the presence of amino acids in sake involved in moisturizing skin. Thus, by consuming sake, you take the steps in maintaining the health of your skin.

25. Improves Hair Health

In fact, the other health benefits of sake is to improve hair’s health. It is amino acid who works on the hair. Further, it is helping the hair grow longer. Also, it prevents from hair fall and loss. For some tips, in order promoting a healthy hair, you have to regularly washing and conditioning it and also drinking sake for sure.


Meanwhile, there are several guides to follow if you who want to start drink sake. At this matter, make sure you watch carefully each point of guides we have listed.

Tips for Consuming

  1. It is best to drink sake in moderation. A right serving of sake may help you to get the health benefits it provides. While, if you consume it too much, it can trigger to some health problems. So, try to drink sake, not to get drunk by it!
  2. Chill or warm sake in accordance with the needs. If you want to drink Ginko sake, you may have to chill it. Then, Junmai sake is good to drink at room temperature. Last, Genshu is best to serve as it being warmed first.
  3. Fourth, it is recommended to store sake in the refrigerator. Moreover, it should be stored away from light and kept in cool temperature. Otherwise, if the sake being exposed to the light, it will turn into a darker color and it is best to avoid consuming it.
  4. You can use a small ceramic cups which known as ochoko to drink sake. While using it, you may feel richer and more intense flavor of the sake. Then, since it comes to traditional way, the sake drinkers do not pour their own glass. Indeed, this condition may lead in making a bonding with others.
  5. For some tips, try to pair sake with other types of cuisine. Thus, it will be good to have sushi as a great companion. Moreover, having salty foods is also being an excellent option to choose

Types of Sake

Make sure to select a good quality or premium sake. The better the quality, then the more pleasure you get while consuming sake. Indeed, there are types of sake classification to know. Here they are.

  • Daiginjo or Junmai Daiginjo sakes – The best quality of sake goes to this one due to the lowest composition of rice milling rate. This special yeast has at least 50% of rice polished away. Moreover, it has a strong aroma.
  • Junmai-shu — Junmai sake has a strong taste. Further, it refers to pure sake and no brewer’s alcohol was added. Then, at least 30% of the rice is being used for this sake.
  • Honjozo-shu — This sake often being a candidate for warm sake. Moreover, a small amount of distilled pure alcohol is added to have a light and smooth flavor. And at least 30% of rice polished away when it is being processed.
  • Ginjo-shu— Ginjo sake has much more delicate and complex composition than other types of sake. Yet, Ginjo sake has a sweeter taste than other sakes. The rice has had the outer at least 40% of rice polished away.
  • Namazake — This type of sake has not been pasteurized. It has a fresh flavor and best to store in cold temperature.

In summary, everything that provides us with best nutrients is must be taken into account. In the same way, sake is a really good traditional drink which unexpectedly contains beneficial nutrients in it. Indeed, this beverage provides many great health benefits for the body. Thus, start to drink sake might be a good idea, still, consume it wisely and properly is a very best choice to make.