20 Proven Health Benefits of Black Tea (No.3 Insane)

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Health Benefits of Black Tea for human body, weight loss, and many beauty purpose already proven around the world. Black tea is one of the teas alongside with green tea and oolong tea that came from the same plant, which is Camellie sinensis. Compared with the other two teas, black tea has a unique origin. This tea was originated from China, and it was brought there by the British people. Although it is originates from China, but black tea is successfully grown in the land of Sri Lanka. Well, you bet that the black tea like any other teas will bring the health of your body. But do you know the exact health benefits of the black tea? In this article, we already have tons of black tea benefits for your body. Check it out.

  1. Antioxidant

This is the probably the most obvious benefits that you could get when you’re consuming black tea. Like any other tea, black tea also contains tremendous antioxidants called polyphenols. In fact, the amount of polyphenols that you can get from consuming black tea is about 8 to 10 times higher compared with when you’re consuming fruits or vegetables.

Polyphenols are one of the kind of antioxidant which will prevent the DNA damage that can caused by chemical toxicity. Also, black tea contain another antioxidant called flavonoids. Based on many research, the flavonoids that contained in black tea have detoxifying effects so that it can protect the cells from various harmful diseases such as cancer and atherosclerosis.

  1. Oral Health

As the follow up of the fact that black tea contains a lot of antioxidants called polyphenols, black tea is also could be beneficial to maintain the health anything related to your oral. The polyphenols have already proven to be beneficial to prevent the build up of plaques on your teeth, which means that your teeth become healthy as always and also your breath will be fresh throughout the day that will boost your confidence.

Those statements have already proved by the study funded by the Tea Trade Health Research Association. They found out that the polyphenols in a black tea will stop the development of the cavity that producing the bacteria in the mouth. Beside that, these antioxidants also very beneficial to prevent the growth of bacterial enzymes that form the plaques in the teeth.

  1. Healthier Heart

Well, this is very surprising that the black tea turn out to be the one of the great addition when you want to protect yourself from various health diseases such as stroke and heart attack. According to a study conducted by Arab et al., consuming black tea on a daily routine, specifically 3 cups or more per day will be less likely to suffer from the disease associated with stroke up to 21% compared with when you just consume black tea 1 cup per day.

Also, based on the statement from the Health Council of Netherland, drinking 3 to 5 cups of green tea or black tea will protect you from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and reduce the blood pressure.

  1. Control the Blood Sugar Levels

It also revealed that the black thea will also very helpful for everyone of you who are struggling to maintain the blood sugar levels in your body and everyone of you who don’t want to suffer from any disease associated with the high-blood sugar levels. Based on the research in China, black tea contains higher amount of a compound called polysaccharides. This polysaccharide is commonly known for its ability to reduce the blood sugar.

Also, to support those research, there is another research conducted in United Kingdom, which stated that drinking at least 1,0 grams of black tea reduced the late phase plasma glucose response in the humans with a corresponding increase in their insulin.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Black tea benefits for diabetes could be the best choice is you already stressful with diabetes problems. This benefit is the follow up of the black tea benefits that contain the compound called polysaccharides. So, you already know that the polysaccharides have the ability to reduce the blood sugar. Many studies have already proved that the black tea is very efficient to act as the diabetes remedies.

The scientists in China found out that the polysaccharides in the black tea will be useful to inhibit the enzyme called alpha-glucosidase, which have the responsibility to transform the starch into a glucose, which will be beneficial to alleviate the excessive amounts of gluoces that can lead to diabetes.

Also, there are studies conducted on elderly people that living in the Mediterranean islands. The researchers found out that the elderly people who are consuming 1 or 2 cups of black tea on a regular basis had a 70% lower chance of having type 2 diabetes.

  1. Alleviate Stress

Well, when we are experiencing some stress and anxiety feeling, just grab one cup of black tea and let the black tea do the rest to alleviate your stress. Black tea could be beneficial to reduce the level of your stress because it has the amino acids called L-theanine, which is commonly known for its ability to give you the relaxed sensation and better concentration.

In addition to that, black tea will be a perfect source too to stimulate the reduction of the amounts of cortisol hormone, which is the hormone that widely known as a stress hormone. When the stress and anxiety feeling gone away from your mind, the healthier you will be. But, please take a notice that you need to consume black tea on a regular basis to get the full advantage of it.

  1. Boost Your Immune System

Black tea turns out to be a good source to strengthen your immune system. In fact, based on the research, the immune blood cells from tea drinkers responded five times faster to germ compared with the immune blood cells in coffee drinkers. The black tea contains alkylamine antigens which will boost your immune system and also contain tannin, which is very beneficial to protect our body from bacteria, fungal, and viral infections.

According to a study and as already mentioned above, black tea contain an amino acid called L-theanine. The scientists found out that this L-theanine is broken down in the liver into ethylamine, a component that will boost the response of our immune system element called gamma-delta T cells. This gamma-delta T cells, according to the researchers, are the first line of the body’s defense against bacteria, fungal, and viral infections.

  1. Boost Your Energy

You might be surprised that the black tea is also beneficial to improve the energy so that you can maximize your day by drinking the black tea. The interesting fact is, before the black tea become very popular as the healthy drink, it was prescribed by herbalists as a tonic to boost their clients. Many sources are believed that the caffeine content in the black tea becomes the main component that provide us some energy.

But, unlike the coffee, black tea contain relatively low amounts of caffeine which will bring another benefit associated with the improvement of our energy. The low amounts of caffeine means that the black tea could enhance the blood flow without over-stimulating the heart, which will bring the relaxation in our body and we can be more productive during the day.

  1. Healthier Digestive System

Black tea will also become very beneficial to keep the health of our digestive system. The main compound that has the responsibility to keep the health of our digestive system is the tannin which have a therapeutic effect on the gastric and intestinal illness and also bring some relaxation effects on our digestive system. It is also revealed that the tannins will be beneficial too to protect yourself from various diseases associated with digestive problems like constipation and diarrhea because its ability to prevent the inflammation in our intestines.

The study that published in the journal Life Sciences found out that the black tea extracts can prevent the pancreatitis in the rats by calming the production of amylase and lipase, which are the enzymes that plays a vital role in the digestion system and their regulation might be beneficial to reduce the symptoms of an unhealthy digestive system.

  1. Strengthen Your Bones

Black tea is also very beneficial to to keep the density and strengthen your bones, even if you’re getting old. Many research studies eveidence that the phytochemical compound that contained in the black tea is one of the main reason on why your bones are getting stronger. The phytochemical compound also will be beneficial to reduce the possibility of having an arthritis.

Meanwhile, studies also have found that the people who have enjoyed to consume lack tea regularly for about 6 years or more have stronger bone mineral density (BMD) compared with those who don’t normally drinking a tea. For your information, the low-levels of BMD are strongly linked to a susceptibility to suffer from bone fractures and also osteoporosis.

  1. Prevent Cancer

While the precise mechanism on why black tea could help you to prevent cancer, but some studies have found that black tea could be very beneficial to protect your body from various cancers. Black tea turns out to have a perfect source of antioxidants like catechisn, theaflavins, and thearubigins. Based on the research, the polyphenols antioxidant that contained in black tea would be useful to prevent the tumor cell proliferation, while the catechins would be beneficial too to inhibit angiogenis and tumor cell invasiveness.

In fact, a study that conducted by the Beijing Dental Hospital have found that consuming 2 cups of tea on a regular basis would be useful to reduce the development and proliferation of leukoplakia, which is a precancerous oral plaque. The summary is, the antioxidant properties that contained in black tea would be a very good addition to protect you from the cancers.

  1. Reduce the Possibility of Cholesterol

black teaDo you know that black tea would be beneficial to prevent you from cholesterol? Well, many researchers have already proved that consuming black tea will reduce the LDL “bad” cholesterol. This is mainly because of the cathecins compound that contained in black tea which will be beneficial for the reduction of cholesterol levels.

The study conducted by ARS evidence that the black tea would be very beneficial to reduce the LDL cholesterol. The study involves seven men and eight women. In the first phase, they drank five cups of black tea per day on a daily routine for about 3 weeks, while in the second phase, they drank tea-flavored water in the exact amount of time.

The result of that study is that the five cups of black tea per day reduced 6,5% of total cholesterol and 11,1% of LDL cholesterol compared with the tea-flavored water.

  1. Beneficial for Chronic Kidney Disease

Black tea is also very beneficial for people with chronic kidney disease. While some of the studies have mixed results related with the benefit of black tea related to the chronic kidney disease, but taking on black tea in a moderate amount would be good for the people who have chronic kidney disease.

So, black tea has the function of diuresis, which means that the ingredient of black tea has the function to increase the blood flow to the kidney. Also, black tea would be good to improve the glomerular filtration rate, then expanding kidney microvascular, and also preventing the reabsorption of renal tubules that can increase the amount of urine. The increase of the amount of urine means that the sodium and excessive water could be excreted from the body, which eliminating swelling.

  1. Reduce Parkinson Disease

Unlike the green tea that shown no special effects when it is linked with Parkinson disease, black tea turns out to be a perfect source if you don’t want to suffer from Parkinson disease. It is revealed that the black tea will affect the level of estrogen in a way that prevents the Parkinson disease.

However, since Parkinson disease is commonly happening to the women, this is a good news for every woman. Many researchers at the first time thought that the caffeine content in the black tea is the main reason on why black tea could prevent Parkinson, but it turns out to not to be that way, and many researchers still trying to figure out the main component of black tea that become beneficial to prevent Parkinson.

According to the study conducted at the National University of Singapore (NUS), people who drink at least 23 cups of black tea in a month are 71 percent less likely to develop the Parkinson disease. It proves that black tea is a tremendous beverage to protect you from Parkinson disease.

  1. Beneficial For Asthma

Do you know that the black tea is also very beneficial for your asthma? Well, many studies also have already proved that the black tea would be a perfect addition whenever you’re having an asthma. Researchers say that the caffeine that contained in the black tea is very beneficial for reduce the symptoms of asthma, because it has a similar properties with theophylline, which is a drug that commonly used to treat asthma and bronchitis.

So, a study conducted by Dr. Scott T. Wis from Harvard Medical School shows that the benefit of black tea to treat asthma. He involved over 2,000 asthma patients and they are divided into two groups. The first group of patients were given the caffeine and the other one were not given anything. The result is that the group of patients that drank caffeine beverages had the lower risk of asthma symptoms up to 33,3% compared with the other groups.

  1. Weight Loss

Well, there are also studies that already proved that the black tea turns out have a great effect in the body to reduce the weight of your body. The antioxidant compounds in the black tea is truly beneficial for the weight management, because these antioxidants will boost the metabolism process and make your body to burn the fat more intensively.

Also, black tea is commonly known for its ability to regulate the blood sugar levels, which then will leaving your stomach full a bit longer and thus, you will not grab some unhealthy snacks in between your activity. In fact, many research evidence that the countries with high-levels of black tea consumption have lower levels of obesity.

  1. Healthier Skin

Beauty benefits of black tea for healthier skin and keep your beauty purpose is best ways. Well, black tea is without a doubt will bring a lot of greatness for your skin. Thanks to its various nutritions. Black tea contains a lot of antioxidants, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and various minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, polyphenols, and tannins. So, here is the list on what the black tea could offer for the health of your skin:

  • Black tea antioxidants will prevent your skin from the bad effects from the scavenging free radicals. The overexposure of free radicals could lead you to have a wrinkle, fine line, acne, and heavy pigmentation, which will make you looks older than your age. So, if you want to stay look younger and fresher, consume black tea.
  • The antioxidants from the black tea will also prevent you from the skin cancer.
  • The extracts of the black tea would be very useful to act as the sun blocking agent when applied to the skin.
  • The caffeine content in the black tea will prevent you from the skin infection caused by a virus.
  1. Mood Booster

Black tea is also commonly known as the stress buster because of its ability to alleviate the level of stress that you feel. You might not gonna feel it instantly right after you’re consuming the black tea because anything need process, right? But, you can take this benefit for granted since the black tea absolutely will be beneficial to reduce the cortisol hormone in your body and bring the cortisol hormone back in the normal amount as quickly as possible.

For the information, cortisol hormone is also widely known as the stress hormone, so that the normal amount of cortisol will reduce the stress feeling inside of you. When the stress level is reduced, the possibility of you having various chronic diseases like heart disease will be also reduced.

  1. Speedy Recovery of Muscle Fatigue

As already mentioned above, black tea will be a great source for everyone of you who want to strengthen the bones. Beside that special advantage, black tea will also offer you more benefits regarding your bones. So, the black tea has a powerful antioxidants called theaflavins. This theaflavin turn out to be a powerful source to significantly reduce the delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after the intensive workout in the gym or other heavy activities. Theaflavins also will be very useful to shorten the recovery time after having a workout as well.

  1. Healthier Hair

Due to its antioxidants and caffeine,  there is no surprise that the black tea will bring a lot of benefits to for your hair. So, everyone of you who are curious about the exact benefit of black tea, you could see the benefits of the black tea for your hair as already listed below:

  • The caffeine that contained in the black tea will be very beneficial to reduce the amount of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that commonly linked to the hair loss in your scalp. So, there is no doubt that the black tea will improve the thickness of your hair.
  • The black tea is also beneficial for everyone of you who don’t want to see your hair goes graying so early, because black tea will act as the dyeing agent, which will keep the darkness of your hair and adding some shines in your hair.
  • The sufficient amount of black tea and the regular consumption of it will ensure the continuous hair growth.

Black Tea Warnings and Cautions

While the black tea without a doubt will bring you a lot of greatness, we must agree that taking everything excessively will bring the bad effects for our health and the black tea is absolutely no exception. Here are some warnings and cautions regarding with the black tea that you need to take a look at.

  • Like all the things in our life, taking everything over-frequently will not bring anything to our body but bad effects. So, the recommended dose to consume black tea is about five cups per day. Don’t take black tea more than that in a day because it contains caffeine.
  • If you’re taking too much black tea in a day, you’ll be more likely to suffer from many discomforts such as diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, headache, nervousness, sleep problems, and confusion.
  • Beware to take this black tea when you’re getting pregnant or breastfeeding because there are some issues regarding this black tea. If you’re taking black tea excessively during the pregnancy, there is a possibility that you will suffer from miscarriage and a low birth weight. The recommended dose to consume black tea for pregnant women is about 2 cups per day.

Well, now you already know everything you want to know about the benefits of black tea for your health. Although there are so many benefits that you could get from consuming black tea, please take a notice that you also need to take it wisely since consuming it excessively will bring your body bad effects. So, stay healthy with black tea!