20 Health Benefits of Green Coffee – Weight Loss – Beauty Treatments

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Green Coffee is technically a coffee beans that have not been roasted yet. This type of coffee do not need to get grilled by heat just like the usual coffee do. It has a freshly green color, that’s why we call it Green Coffee. Coffee, originally happen late in 1100 M around Arabian country near Red Sea. At that time, roasting was not as happening as it is right now. Roasting method actually hadn’t even been invited yet so they often drank or brewed directly after being harvested from its trees making it more like a tea mixture. In several traditional places in Arab, green beans are still in common.

Components inside the Green Coffee and actual Black Coffee (that has been roasted before) are slightly different because roasting method actually reduces its chlorogenic acid level in the beans. Green Coffee contains more chlorogenic acid inside which happen to fasten up weight loss that the black one couldn’t provide.

What is Inside Green Coffee?

Here are the contents on green coffee:

  • Chlorogenic acid

Scientifically, green coffee beans contain high antioxidants and other active component content farmakologus. There are at least two types of substances that are very good from this green coffee is caffeine and chlorogenic acid. The content of chlorogenic is believed by many to be able to lose weight in an optimal and potent. But unfortunately the content of these substances will be very easily lost during the roasting process. For this reason then why the beans of black coffee could not give effect as provided by the green coffee beans.

  • Caffeine

Another component inside this green coffee beans is caffeine. Maybe most of us have been thinking that caffeine is not a good thing for our body and can cause numerous problems as well, but in fact it actually not happen that way. Caffeine naturally gives us several advantages such as rising up our metabolism process up to 3-11% with an optimum benefits if consumed under control, not in too much amounts.

This scientifically proved will you understand more of the nutrients inside and the benefits it might give according to several research. The most hype invitation was its ability to help us losing some weight with 120-300 mg dose per-day at least 30 minutes before meal. But, aside from that weight loss thingy, there surprisingly are other advantages we could gain from consuming the Green Coffees. Meanwhile, here are some of health benefits of green coffee.


Green Coffee Weight Loss Treatment

Green Coffee extract have shown us so many benefits especially to our healthiness. And according to scientific studies, the number one components that give us most benefits are chlorogenat acid and caffeine, although it might also affected by other factors except those two main compounds

1. Diet Treatment

No-roasted green coffee beans has 3 times higher amount of Cholorgenat acid than the roasted black coffee beans, which is good for helping weight loss. Allegedly, this Chlorogenat acid has a lot of benefits to our health. This Green Coffee has been talked about and famous since it had been buzzed publically in Dr. Oz program in 2012. In that program, it being said that this type of green coffee beans could possibly burned more fat in a faster way without the need to add up some work out routines. Some people even consume it to fix obesity, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer, and bacterial infections.

Due to survey that published in March 2006 in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, daily supplement green coffee beans could possibly reduce body fats and weight, also fat composition in rat’s liver. In that survey, both caffeine and chlorogenat acid were performed as the main compounds to help losing weight. Chlorogenat acid inside unroasted coffee beans have been believed to have the good absorbability for human. Another study shown that green coffee could reduce approximately 1,5 up to 2,0 kg weight in comparison to another person who didn’t drink this coffees.

In roasted black coffee, chlorogenic acid content has been reduced in large numbers so that the effect is not the same as eating the beans without any roasting. Green coffee is also judged to lower blood sugar and inhibit fat accumulation.

If you want to try eating green coffee as weight loss, it is advisable to consult your nutrition expert first. Especially if you are experiencing some conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure or are taking any other kinds of drugs. Using green coffee as part of a weight loss diet may help, but don’t forget on your effort to maintain healthy eating habits and regular exercise. It is advisable to reduce calorie intake by 500-1000 calories and exercising for 30 minutes per-day.


2. Support Detoxification Process

Green Coffee is very good to help detox diet by suppressing or reducing appetite, reduce the risk of diabetes and stabilize blood sugar.

3. Burn Extra Fat

The content of nutrients and minerals in green coffee is able to maintain levels of nutrients in our body. It also makes the body can burn fat and unwanted calories quickly.

4. Press Hunger

Coffee is known as an appetite suppressant that is very effective, so you can control the desire to overeat.

5. Green Coffee Extract for Weight Loss

Another study through real human were tested with a Green Coffee extracts. This study used 30 person as a sample, with 12 weeks long of analysis. The group of person were divided into 2: 1) Consume black instant coffees. 2) Consume black coffee combined with 200mg green coffees. The persons were ordered to stay at their usual diet and activities. And the final results shown that the group number (2) who consumed a mixture of black and green coffees lost 5,4 kg weight, while the number (1) only 3,7 kg. The fat percentage also decreased 3,6% for group number (2) and 0,7% for group number (1).

6. Lose Weight Experiment 

A study has also been conducted using samples of mice, where the result is an chlorogenic acid is able to lose weight and reduce fat accumulation in the body. fat that often accumulate in the liver can also been minimized and able to help improve hormone which job is to burn fat.

7. Rise up Metabolism Process

The content of chlorogenic acid contained in it can increase the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) in the body so as to minimize the release of excessive glucose from the liver into the blood. The content is also able to improve fat burning by the body.


Green Coffee for Beauty Treatments

8. Prevent Premature Aging

Gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA compound, Teofilin, epigallocatechin, and other compounds are known good for skins, slower aging, and prevent wrinkles. Cholorogenat acid in green coffee beans also could reduce the free radicals effects to our bodies up to 10 times compare to the usual green tea. Unroasted beans will remain several antioxidant agents from polyphenol family that has the benefit to slow down aging process and make our skin stay young and naturally fresh.

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9. Moisture Skins

Aside from the antioxidant agents, green coffee beans are also rich in fat acid and ester such as Arahidic acid, Linoleic acid, and Oleat acid which are useful to nourish and moisture our skin to maintain its firmness and color, and also prevent our skin from any other skin damages.

10. Erase Hair Destruction possibility

The antioxidant content of green coffee beans as lucrative for our hair. It because it helps us against everything that is poisonous and destructive, so in the end we keep hair strong, healthy and beautiful.

11. Prevent Baldness

Androgenetic alopecia, or what is also called a “pattern of female hair loss” can also be cured with green coffee bean extract. This seed extract can promote the growth and thickness of the hair strand by strand significantly.


Green Coffee Advantages for Body

12. Help for Diabetes

Many studies suggest that green coffee can not only block the sugar can also help cure diabetes type 2. Extract the beans referred able to lower high levels of sugar in our bloodstream.


13. Prevent and Reduce Cholesterol

One study showed that green coffee can prevent and reduce cholesterol. Anti-oxidants chlorogenic acid has the function of improving blood circulation and muscles. As hypothesized in the animal studies, supplementing chlorogenic acid appears to reduce glucose absorption. This effect on glucose metabolism could play a protective role in assisting diabetes amount, and may also explain the effects on body weight.


14. Lower High Blood Pressure

Beside its function to help losing more weight, chologenat acid inside Green Coffee could also reduce blood pressure. According to research in 2006 in Clinical and Experimental Hypertension showed that patient who consumed 140 mg of coffee beans extract indicate a decreasing blood pressure. Up until that time, no side effect have been reported by the patient so this drinks could have been said as a secure alternative way to help reducing high blood pressure in human body. Doses of between 140-720 mg per day have been shown to lower blood pressure in both rats and humans with high blood pressure.


15. Boost Mood and Focus

Caffeine present in the green coffee has a positive effect on mood and well on your brain activity. According to research published in February 2008 in Nutrition Bulletin, several studies have confirmed that caffeine can improve reaction time, alertness, memory, focus, endurance, and various other factors of cognitive performance. Researchers found that the optimal intake of green coffee is between 38-400 mg per day or to about ⅓ cups to four cups of brewed coffee.

16. Good source of Antioxidants

Coffee beans contain several antioxidants, which can reduce the effects of free radicals that can damage cells in the body. This preventive function make you healthier by reducing the amount of damage to the cells of your body. According to a study published in July 2004 in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the antioxidant chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans can prevent the development of four types of cancer cells, which can help prevent some types of cancer.

Green coffee is rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids, proanthocyanidin, coumarin, chlorogenic acid and tocopherols are useful for reducing the effects of cell damage caused by free radicals in our body.


17. Assist Blood Circulation

High blood pressure can cause us vulnerable to several fatal diseases such as stroke, heart failure, chronic renal failure, etc. But researchers have found the presence of materials such as aspirin are very active and strong in green coffee beans, which can have a positive impact on blood by preventing platelets from clumping. Thus we avoid hardening of the arteries, and blood circulation throughout the body remains smooth.

Scientific Proof towards Green Coffee

18. Good for Digestive System 

Several nutrition and health experts have held a research and finally found a shocking fact inside this Green Coffee that the cholorgenic acid compounds could actually reduce carbohydrates absorption in digestive system especially in colon. This is great because it causes less calories being absorbed which will then help produce more insulin hormone. With this fact, hopefully, Green Coffee beans could help fixed our amount of blood sugar and controlled our blood pressure which will be a good news for diabetes, stroke, and heart disease survivor.

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How to Produce Green Coffee

For them who would like to have a cheaper way on producing a good rank green coffee, can use a popcorn machine above the stove as an alternative way. By keep rotating the saddle, we will get the best phase of Green Coffee by 10 minutes rotating.

Another way to produce the Green Coffee is by using the convectional oven. We can roast the freshly harvested coffee beans inside the oven by 20 minutes and the beans should have been placed in an open container and need to be inverted reverse during the process.

Even though it may be easier to buy the already brewed ones in a marketplace, these products might only hold its optimal tastes in less than a week. But, as a real coffee enthusiast, roasting our coffee by ourselves will produce a fresher coffee in taste and it tastes different from the ones that being sold in the market! Plus, their natural sugar from inside the green coffee beans which have been caramelized during the roasting time will enrich its flavorful taste.

This Green Coffee beans could have been stored until one year long with a vacuum seal in a room temperature, or saved inside goni sack in a room with minimum light source until 9 months up to one year long.

How to Consume Green Coffee

In marketplace, Green Coffee often being sold as a green coffee beans which have not been roasted or got any treatment yet, or being sold as a green coffee extract or powder. Here is a traditional and basic style on how to enjoy your homemade Green Coffee.


  1. 2 tablespoon of Green Coffee powder.
  2. ½ teaspoon of cinnamon
  3. 2 tablespoon of white sugar
  4. 1 teaspoon of creamer, according to your desire
  5. 150 ml of water


  1. Put the white sugar and creamer together in a cup
  2. Boil the water
  3. Put inside the boiled water, your coffee and cinnamon
  4. Let it boiled until approximately 1 minute
  5. Pour down the coffee mixture to the cup with white sugar and creamer inside
  6. The coffee’s ready to serve

Green Coffee Precaution

1. It is important to note, because the green coffee also contains caffeine-like regular coffee. Therefore, it also causes side effects associated with caffeine like coffee. Caffeine can cause insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, increased heart rate and breathing, and other side effects. Consuming too much cups of coffees can also cause headaches, anxiety, restlessness, ringing in the ears, and irregular heartbeat

2. Green Coffee recommendation is to consumed with a right amount of dose which is maximum 480 mg per-day with 12 weeks consumption in a row.

3. Caffeine compound in Green Coffee mixture is not recommended for these several conditions.

4. Have glaucoma, anxiety disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, digestive system disorders, or bleeding disorders.

5. The use of green coffee supplements to children and pregnant or lactating women is not recommended, until there might further study about it.

6. Do not take green coffee along with herbal stimulant medications or other supplements that contain caffeine.