The Powerful Health Benefits of Kung Pao Kitchen with Green Beans

Kung pao chicken with green beans is one dish that has a history of cuisine that is accidentally made as a result of being trapped by a cook. The name kung pao comes from a nickname, ding baozhen. Consumption of kung poa food chicken with green beans also has its own advantages, including the following:   1. touch various flavors Here’s the […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Andean Lupin (Chocho Bean) – The Super Bean!

Beans are praised for their beneficial nutrition, especially the high protein content. It is also the same for Andean lupin, one of the lupin species grows around Andes. Andean lupin is also called chocho bean. The Health Benefits of Andean Lupin (Chocho Bean) It is said that the bitter taste of Andean lupin differentiate Andean […]

Health Benefits of Burritos and Beans – Mexican Dish Recipe for Breakfast

Burritos, along with tacos, nachos, fajitas, and quesadillas make up the five most recognized Mexican dishes. They compose of minced meat and vegetables wrapped in wheat tortilla in the shape of a roll. Needless to say, it tastes great! And then, the presence of proteins, vitamins minerals in carbohydrates inside makes it seem to be […]

Best Health Benefits of Nigerian Brown Beans You Need to Know

Beans have been consumed as it has good taste and nutrients. In fact, there is a kind of beans that can be eaten. However, in this case, we will talk about Nigerian Brown Beans that are cultivated and consumed in most of Sub-saharan Africa. It is rich in carbohydrate, protein, dietary fiber and minerals such […]

Great Health Benefits of Caribbean Pink Beans (Vitamin Sources)

Beans are of one casual foods that many people have consumed for a very long time ago. It is first found in the second millenium BCE, and still widely consumed even until today. However, it is should be noted, that there is not only one kind of bean like you usually eat during your meal […]

Health Benefits of Bush’s Baked Beans – Healthy Eating

Bush’s Baked Beans is one of the popular canned baked beans out there. The baked beans are made of haricot beans, or also known as navy beans (a variety of Phaseolus vulgaris). We know that beans are one of the healthy foods that are rich in nutrition. Together with the other nutrition source, beans consumption […]

The African Secret! Health Benefits of Oil Bean Seed

Protein is one of the essential nutrients required for human body metabolism. The main function and health benefits of protein are including maintaining the health of muscle mass and the build of muscle tones. Unfortunately, in some countries, protein deficiencies are quite common cases and the same thing applies for vegetarians as well. Oil Bean […]

Health Benefits of Heinz Beans – Healthy Food Product

Everything that is in this nature is created to facilitate humans in carrying out his life. One example is the heinz beans, this type of nuts – a lot of useful for humans. In addition to having a distinctive flavor, these nuts also help in terms of human body metabolism. This heinz bean has a better […]

7 Best Health Benefits of Bean Cake (Bonus An Easy Recipe!)

Beans, as we may all have known by now, is full of benefits that are ready to make your body healthier. There are lots of foods and beverages that you can turn the beans into. One of them is to turn it into bean cake. Now, there are also a lot of bean cake choices […]

15 Health Benefits of Black Gram Dal – Indian Urad Dal

Healthy living is more than just a lifestyle but essential for the living. One of the important factors in healthy living is healthy eating lifestyle. Unfortunately, when it comes to healthy eating, the first thing that comes to mind is boring vegetables, tasteless foods, limited options of foods and so on. The fact is healthy […]