Benefits of Matsyasana – The Fish Pose for Beginner

What do you know about yoga? Well, yoga is no longer a common type of exercise but today yoga has becoming one of the lifestyle. There are a lot of benefits of yoga and yoga pose that you could do at home with a lot of health benefits and among the popular one is matsyasana […]

Amazing Benefits of Karnapidasana – Knees to Ears Pose

Yoga is becoming a healthy trend today due to its amazing benefits for human health. There are a lot of Yoga pose that individually conducted regularly by people in order to achieve specific health goal and one of them is karnapidasana. Due to its unique pose, there are a lot of benefits of karnapidasana pose […]

Health Benefits of Chocho Herbal Tea – Free Caffeine Herbal Tea

What do you know about tea? Tea was firstly invented in China and made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Generally there are three types of tea made from that plant, green tea, oolong tea and black tea. However, in the development of tea industry there are a lot of tea products you […]

Benefits of Mulethi for Eyesight – Traditional Ayurvedic Medication

There are a lot of factors that could affect your eyesight and vision health from aging process, aged-related disorders, health conditions like certain types of diabetes and hypertension up to genetic. However, there are also a lot of ways you could do to improve or maintain the health of vision such as consuming foods high […]

Health Benefits of Waakye Leaves – The Secret from Ghana

Waakye leaves may not so familiar for you because this type of leaves is well known as sorghum; which is type of grasses harvested for both human consumption and herbal medication. One of the well known species of sorghum is Sorghum bicolour which is also well known as waakye leaves. Health Benefits of Waakye Leaves […]

Health Benefits of Ruzu Herbal Bitter – Magic Potion from Nigeria

There are a lot of buzz recently talking about one of the bitters which is non-alcoholic but has a lot of benefits for human health called Ruzu Herbal Bitter or RHB. Since there are a lot of people around the world are discussing about the health benefits of Ruzu Herbal Bitter surely more people are […]

Benefits of Vaseline on Your Breast Size Are Facts or Myths?

Vaseline is probably one of the well known skin care brands which benefits have been proven scientifically and clinically. There are even billion people around the world who are depending on Vaseline for their skin care to deal with chopped lips because Vaseline has incredible benefits of homemade lip balm, cracked skin or dry elbows. […]

Benefits of Tempeh for Brain – The Incredible Brain Food You Should Know

In some Asia regions like Indonesia and Malaysia, tempeh is a type of food that is easily underestimated because it is cheap and mostly made traditionally by the locals and only available in traditional market. Little did they know, Japan has claimed tempeh as part of their registered national food due to its high nutrients […]

Benefits of Yakult for Toddlers – Is Probiotic Drink Safe for Them?

Yakult is well known as one of the brands of probiotic drink with a lot of health benefits of Yakult that have been proven scientifically. However, how about benefits of Yakult for toddlers? Should they drink it or not because its tasty flavour is the reason why toddlers also love it? Is Yakult Safe for […]

Benefits of Pumpkin Soup for Babies – Perfect Choice of Weaning Food

After six months exclusive breastfeeding, the mother’s creativity is challenged to provide healthy and tasty weaning foods for their babies. Mothers should be super creative to introduce the babies their first solid food because what the babies get during this stage is important to determine their eating habit in the future. Pumpkin Soup for the […]