18 Proven Health Benefits of Lavender Tea (No.7 is Best)

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Lavender, which has the botanical name of Lavandula angustilofia, is a Mediterranean flower that at the moment is flourishing in around the world such as United States, Japan, Australia, and Southern Europe. Right now, lavender is commonly applied as the form of cosmetic, aromatherapy, and even fragrance. Beside all of those forms, you could also consume lavender too as a tea. We bet that you already know that the lavender tea will bring your body a lot of advantages. You’re right, in this article, you’ll find out what are the benefits of lavender tea. Here are the health benefits of lavender tea.

  1. Promotes Relaxation

This is probably the most obvious benefit that you could get from drinking the lavender tea. From a long time ago, lavender is widely known for its aromatherapy effects on your body, which without a doubt will alleviate your stress and anxiety in a split second.

Because the stress and anxiety feeling in your mental will be alleviated, this could make you become happier in your life, and also make you become more energetic too throughout the day. So, grab your lavender tea right now.

  1. Cure Insomnia

Do you know that lavender tea could be the perfect solution for your sleep disorder? Well, this is the follow up from the lavender benefit that already mentioned above. Lavender tea is a type of tea that can make you feel relaxed because of its sedative properties, so that it will truly beneficial for everyone who have sleeping disorder.

By brewing some lavender tea, you will become more relaxed and thus, it can make you feel sleepy afterwards. This is because of the lavender flower has a great effect on your nervous system and thus, beside you can consume it as a tea, you could also use it as aromatherapy too. So, for everyone of you who want to induce a better sleep, drink lavender tea before you’re sleeping and feel the great effects of it.

  1. Act as Antiseptic

Well, while the lavender tea has a great benefit for relaxation and aromatherapic session, you can consume the lavender tea too cure many diseases in the body caused by bacteria infections too. Lavender tea is commonly known will act as an antiseptic, which will kill all of the bad bacteria that will bring the bad effects into your body.

  1. Healthier Heart

Like any other tea, lavender tea alsocontains various antioxidants that would be very beneficial for your body, especially to keep the health of your heart. In fact, having a habit of drinking lavender tea on a daily routine will make you become less susceptible of having the cardiovascular disease in the elderly period because consuming it regularly will regulates your blood pressure and regulate your blood tension and thus, your heart will always be safe. So, why are you still dubious to consume lavender tea? Drink it and it will protect your heart from the heart attack and stroke.

  1. Healthier Digestive System

When you’re consuming lavender tea, you’ll be also consuming the essential oil that comes out from its flower. The essential oil that comes out from the lavender tea would be very beneficial to treat the stomach irritation.

This benefit is mainly because of the antispasmodic from the essential oil which will shut down any discomfort related to your digestive system. Also, the antispasmodic effect will enable the essential oil to ease the nausea or bowel cramps. Furthermore, lavender tea will also release the digestive bile, which is essential to help your body breaks down the nutrients.

  1. Prevent Convulsions and Spasms

Do you also recognize that the lavender could be beneficial to prevent the convulsion? So, the convulsions are commonly occurs when your muscle contracts and relaxed rapidly with irregular tempo, which then will cause your body to shake, while spasms commonly occurs when your muscle contracts in a long time. Many experts say that the lavender will block the calcium channel, which will make your muscles become relaxed.

So, the benefit of lavender tea for ease the convulsions and spasms have already proven in the certain experiments in rats. A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found out that rats, when they were given the small dose of lavender, experienced reduced convulsions and spasms. Researchers say that it will bring the same effect when the lavender is applied to the human.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

If you’re deciding to consume lavender tea, you will get a full advantage of its anti-inflammatory effects. So, just like any other kind of tea, lavender tea also contains various potent antioxidants like polyphenols which will cure and heal the infections or inflammation that occurs in your body, whether externally and internally. Also, considering that the lavender tea is an herbal tea, then it also would be beneficial to reducing your pain effectively and treating the scars, as well as speed up the healing process.

  1. Detoxify Your Body

In this urban world, you can’t hide yourself from the fact that everyday everyone of you will suffer from the exposure of pollutant and any other chemical compounds. Those things, if the pollutant and hazardous chemical compounds are accumulated in your body from a long time, absolutely will be harmful for your body. So, to overcome this problem, you need to drink the lavender tea which will bring you a powerful antioxidants for your body. In fact, based on the study conducted by the Howard University College of Medicine found out that the essential oil that contained when you drink the lavender tea can inhibit the growth of skin bacteria.

  1. Treat Tired Muscle

When you’re just coming back from the intensive training or workout, you need to have some massages to relax your tight muscles. But, beside you’re having massages, first you can heal and relax your tight muscle from the inside of your body, by consuming this healthy herbal lavender tea. The lavender oil that contained in the lavender tea would be beneficial to relaxed your muscle and alleviate the spasm that could occur to your muscle, as well as the lavender will makes your mind relaxed and alleviate the stress

  1. No Caffeine

This is also would be a good news for everyone of you who would like to drink a hot beverage other than coffee. Unlike the coffee which contained a lot of caffeine, drinking the lavender tea would be very beneficial because of it has no caffeine compound at all. As you already know, the caffeine, if you’re taking it excessively, would make your heart beat rapidly and make you become anxiety and stressed. But, when you’re consuming lavender tea, you shouldn’t worry about anything of those symptoms.

  1. Relief Your Stomach

Health Benefits of Lavender Tea could relieve your stomach diseases. Well, lavender tea will also be very beneficial to keep the health of your stomach and relieve some symptoms of the discomfort that could occur to your stomach. So, some discomforts that could happen to your stomach including nausea, vomiting, and a burning sensation. In this case, drinking lavender tea will be very beneficial to relief those discomforts since the essential oil that contained in lavender tea has a soothing effect on the stomach and thus, your stomach will be more comfortable than before.

This lavender tea benefit has already proven. According to a study conducted by the University of Parma, the essential oil that contained in lavender has a great effects to cure the stomach disease, such as gastric ulcers, for example.

  1. Good For Your Hair

This is one of the most beneficial things if you’re consuming lavender tea. So, lavender will bring a lot of greatness for the good of your hair. Here are the lavender tea’s benefits that you can get for the health of your hair.

  • Prevent Hair Loss – The lavender tea will deal with the hair loss since it has a great effect to alleviate the stress and depression feeling in your mind. As you already know, the over-stressed feeling will be a main problem of hair loss.
  • Treats Dandruff – This lavender tea benefits has already proven from many dermatologists. The dermatologist from New York, the essential oil that contained in lavender tea will be very beneficial to keep the health of your scalp because it will bring a lot of nutrition to you scalp and thus, it will treat dandruff.
  • Great Conditioner – You might wonder how can the lavender tea would be a good conditioner? Well, in this case, you don’t need to drink your lavender tea. Instead, you could apply your lavender tea as a conditioner directly to your hair and wait for about 15 minutes, you’ll be surprised that your jair will look so shiny afterwards.
  1. Cures Headache

Do you know that the essential oil from the lavender tea will also cure and reduce the symptoms of headache? Well, there is a study that has already proven that the lavender tea would be very beneficial to heal the migraine of headache.

So, a study that conducted in Iran on 147 participants who had a headache. They then divided into two groups, the first group were asked to inhale the lavender oil, while the other group were asked to inhale paraffin in the exact time. The result of that study is that the group of people who inhale the lavender oil had a better response against migraine rather than the other group. In the case of lavender tea, before you drink it, you need to inhale the lavender aroma that comes out from the lavender tea when it still hot.

  1. Reduce Bloating

another benefit that you could get from lavender tea is that it can educe the bloating. So, bloating commonly occurs because of the overgrowth of bacteria, the bad one and not the healthful one, in your body. Like any other kind of tea, lavender tea also contains a powerful antioxidant such as polyphenols which will fight against these bad bacteria in your blood, which indeed means that the lavender tea could protect your body from bloating.

  1. Supports Respiratory Health

There is some evidence that consuming the lavender tea would bring you a healing effect in the respiratory system. For everyone of you who have breathing problems or suffering from the short of breathness. Well, everybody knows that the lavender tea has anti-bacteria properties which is very beneficial to eliminate bacterial infections on your respiratory system. Other than that, inhale the steam from lavender tea means that you will inhale the essential oil from the lavender. This lavender essential oil would be very beneficial to open the airways that are commonly inflammed, and thus, you’ll find a relief when you’re breathing.

  1. Good For Your Skin

Do you know that the lavender tea will also very beneficial for the health of your skin? Well, to gain the full advantage of lavender tea on your skin, you can apply it either externally or internally. So, there are two benefits for your skin that you could get from consuming this healthy lavender tea. Here is the list.

  • Prevent Acne

The first benefit that you could get from taking lavender tea is the fact that the lavender could treat acne. As already mentioned above, the lavender tea will act as antiseptic which will fight against various bacteria that could be harmful for your body, including the bacteria that can cause the acne in your skin called P. acnes. You could either rub the lavender tea directly in the infected area, or just drink it and let it heal you from the inside.

  • Prevent Skin-Aging

The next benefits for your skin that you could get is that it will prevent early aging from your skin. Well, as already mentioned above too, the lavender tea contain powerful antioxidant  which will act as anti-inflammatory and will fight against free radicals that without a doubt will be harmful for your skin.  Free radicals will bring your skin a lot of negative effects, such as wrinkle ad heavy pigmentation. All of them are the signs of early aging. So, you better drink lavender tea and let it heal you from the inside.

  1. Support’s Women Health

For all of the women, you might be very excited to hear that the lavender tea will give you the special benefits. So, if you’re suffering from the pain because of the muscle spasm and cramps during your menstrual period, you better drink this herbal tea as soon as possible. As already mentioned above, lavender tea specifically would be very beneficial to sooth your muscle and give the relax sensation in the muscle.

Furthermore, the lavender tea will also maintain your good mood during the menstrual period since during your menstrual period, there is some imbalance with your hormone which lead to the mood swing.

  1. Alleviates Pain

The other benefits that you could get from consuming the lavender tea is the fact that the lavender tea can alleviate the feeling of pain that you’re suffering of. So, what makes this lavender become very beneficial for your health? It is because its antispasmodic properties.

Many experiments already proved that this lavender would reduce the muscle pain as well as reduce the joint pain too. But, remember that you need to apply it externally to getting the full advantage of lavender to ease the feeling of pain. Many studies indicate that the application of strong brew lavender tea would ease the pain when you rub the tea directly into the area of your pain.

How to Make the Lavender Tea?

After you’ve already knows everything that you need to know about the benefits of lavender tea, now it’s time for you to learn how to make the good lavender tea so that you’ll get the full advantage of lavender tea when you’re consuming it. This is the steps on how to make the lavender tea.

  • First, you need to buy lavender flowers that are widely available in many grocery stores. Once you buy the lavender flowers, you need to dry them in a clean room so that the flowers will not get the exposure of various contaminants.
  • After you dried them, now it’s time for you to make the lavender tea. So, the standard recipe to make the lavender tea is 1,5 tablespoons of dried lavender flowers for 2 cups of boiling water.
  • Then after you mix the flowers and water based on that recipe, let it steep for about 5 minutes approximately.
  • After that, you can consume the fresh lavender tea directly. But if you want to add some taste, you can add a little bit sugar and honey.

Lavender Tea Warnings and Precautions

Although lavender tea will bring you a lot of benefits and this is considered as an herbal source that will not bring your body any harm, but you need to take a look about few warnings and precautions related to lavender tea. So, here is the warnings and precautions related to lavender tea:

  • Beware if you’re consuming lavender tea over-frequently. We must agree that taking on anything excessively is not good, and lavender tea is not an exception. Taking on lavender tea excessively will lead you to constipation, loss of appetite, and headache.
  • Lavender has a sedative effect which means that the lavender might be interfering with other medications. So, you are strongly suggested to avoid consuming lavender tea at least two weeks before you’re taking on surgery.

So, now you already know everything that you need to know about the lavender tea. Please take a notice that this lavender tea could be used either internally or externally, depends on your special needs. But, you must remember that taking on lavender tea excessively would lead you to the bad effects like everything that already mentioned above. So, take it in sufficient amount and get the full advantage of it. Stay healthy with lavender tea!