5 Notable Health Benefits of Cucumber for Hair

If someone asks what the benefits of cucumber are for beauty, indeed most people will mention the benefits of cucumber for facial skin, as you can find in the benefits of cucumber for skin, such as overcoming tired eyes, panda eyes, soothing sunburned facial skin, shrinking pores, and overcoming redness of the skin. Even though […]

5 Simply Amazing Health Benefits of Flax Seeds for Hair

Now the awareness of healthy living is increasing. The consumption of healthy foods is the main focus. One of them is flaxseed, which has long been known to have so many benefits. Flaxseed is one of the healthy foods derived from the flax (plant) or Linum usitatissimum. Flax plants are not only used as a […]

Benefits of Bentonite Clay Mask on Hair (Natural Hair Treatment)

Bentonite clay is a wonderful skincare and haircare product which is much recommended for one to have it. It is a natural healing clay that is mined directly from the Earth’s interiors, formed by the weathering of volcanic ash with the presence of water. Before being made into a beauty product, it is first dried […]

Here’s The Prawn Benefits for Hair and How to Apply It

Prawns are crustaceans with 10 legs, commonly used as seafood. Prawns are also often mistaken for health benefits of shrimp, where in fact the two are different creatures. They may either be found in salt water or fresh water. Their presence is abundant yet widespread, and in fact are also farmed and fished in large […]

Benefits of Butterfly Pea Flowers for Hair Health

Having hair problem is not going to kill you but you should admit that having healthy hair will improve your overall appearance, that’s why hair is also well known as the crown especially for women. There are a lot of options of hair treatment to help you improving the health of your hair from modern […]

Benefits of Keratin Hair Extensions for Natural Hair Look

Having a natural long and beautiful hair is probably every woman’s dream. Unfortunately, growing your hair to be long, beautiful and healthy is not as easy as everyone thinks. That is why hair extension is sometimes becoming the best solution in this matter. It could give you a long hair you have been dreaming of […]

Benefits of Peanut for Hair Health (Natural Treatment)

A strong, elastic, smooth yet healthy hair is sure ideal for any woman out there. And not only that, men also began to realize the importance of having healthy hair as well! Many ways could be done to accomplish that, such as by undergoing treatment in the salon or at home, using synthetic or natural […]

Wonderful Lists of Herbs Good for Hair and Health Benefits

Who said that only women that care with their hair because hair is the crown for both women and men though some men could look really good when they going bald but still most women and men prefer with hair. That is why maintaining the health of hair is not always about spending a lot […]

Sea Buckthorn Benefits for Hair Treatment (Hair’s Super Nutrient)

Sea buckthorn is a special plant. It is a kind of shrub live commonly near the sea. Almost all the part of this plant, from the leaves, flowers, seeds, and fruits are beneficial for health. they can be used as an ingredient for herbal medicine. But one of the famous products of sea buckthorn is […]

Natural and Proven Health Benefits of Amla Oil for Hair Treatment

Amla oil came from the amla tree which is also known as Indian gooseberry. Its scientific name is Phyllanthus emblica. You can find this tree all around the Indian subcontinent. The way to make amla oil is by immersing dried amla fruit in oil, such as mineral, sesame, or coconut oil and let it immersed […]