13 Best Health Benefits of Soda (No.10 is Insane)

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Soda becomes a popular drink in many countries which substitutes the water as a drink. However, do you know what actually soda is? How is it made? Or how the history brought this beverage into a great commercial drink? To find out, read the followings below. A soda water term refers to the carbonated water, sparkling water, or “bubbly water”. The term goes to the definition which soda is made while the carbon dioxide gas under pressure has been dissolved.

Soda water is brought by Joseph Priestley who has invented the carbonated water in 1767. It is known that he was the one who discovered a method of infusing water with carbon dioxide (CO2). Further, the process of the carbon dioxide gas under pressure known as the carbonation. That’s why it is called as the carbonated water in 1768. Hence, nowadays, the “bubbly” flavor of soda is made by giving the pressure for carbon dioxide though water through a carbonator.

History brought the sodas invention through many years to come. For this reason, in 1885, Charles Aderton invented “Dr Pepper” in Waco, Texas as a first bottling soda water. This invention made Dr Pepper as the oldest major soft drink in America which was being sold as an energy drink. Then, in 1886, “Coca Cola” which is known as the most popular soda drink today, was invented by Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, the “Pepsi-Cola” followed the invention in 1898 by Caled Bradham.

Consequently, soda is commonly consumed as daily drinking compared to the intake of water in the United States. They consume soda to be enjoyed in parties with their family and friends. Moreover, it is greatly consumed due to the great and addicting taste from soda. With this large amount of consumption, it becomes important to evaluate the positive and negative impact of drinking soda.


Nutritional Value of Soda

Next, most people said that soda is not a good beverage to consume. The soda itself contains high sugar amount which can be harmful to the body. Yet, despite that, now we will answer the question whether the soda is safe to drink or not. We are talking about the health benefits you can get from consuming soda and how soda takes part in promoting the health.

Thus, take a look at soda’s nutritional value table below first.


Amount per 100g

% Daily Value



Total Fat

0 g


    Saturated fat

0 g


    Polyunsaturated fat

0 g

    Monounsaturated fat

0 g


0 mg



4 mg



3 mg


Total Carbohydrate

11 g


    Dietary Fiber

0 g



11 g


0 g


Vitamin A   0%

Vitamin B-12   0%

Iron              0%

Vitamin C   0%

Vitamin D         0%

Magnesium  0%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

As a result, here are the health benefits of soda that you need to know. Indeed, if you still wonder whether is good or bad for your health.

1. Option of Tasty Drink

As we know, soda becomes a great option for those who wants to have a tasty drink. In most cases, people who drank the soda got a good feeling compared to those who did not drink the soda. It is preferred to people who dislike the plain taste of regular water. The taste and the texture of soda water will lead you to have unique drinking experience than the regular water consumption. In addition, the soda commercial is having a great role in increasing the interest of consuming soda water.


2. Option for Diet Menu

Surprisingly, those who wants to take routine diet, it may a good option to consume soda as well. Since soda has been known as a carbonated drink, it will make you feel full than before. Therefore, it will help you to decrease the overall food consumption. However, consume it in moderate is the best way. Otherwise, it is likely to aid the weight loss efforts due to the sugar content inside.


3. Hydrates Body

To heal with dehydration problems, consuming soda might be a good solution to choose. Moreover, it takes part to hydrate body similar with the mineral water benefits. Though, still, it is best to consume fruits and vegetables which rich in nutrients to help your body hydrated very well.


4. Prevents Impaired Digestion

It is also known that soda helps you to prevent the impaired digestion. A study shows that people who drink carbonated water improve the digestion system and gallbladder emptying. Moreover, it reduces the risks of having constipation. In addition, consuming foods which rich in fiber helps you to have healthier digestion system.

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5. Stops Nausea

As described before, soda is having a role in preventing certain digestion problems. As a fact, it also helps to stop nausea. Therefore, if you have any digestion problem, it is good to drink soda in moderate for an option.

6. Treats Constipation

The next health benefit of soda is the way it provides you to treat constipation. But, what is exactly constipation? It is known as the lack of bowel disorder which gives the pain on bowel movements. As a result, study shows that soda is beneficial to cure constipation and help to boost the metabolic rate.

7. Treats Kidney Problems

Most of you may not have known that soda is having a role in treating the kidney problems. The citrate contained in soda help to inhibit the formation of kidney stones. However, the further studies of this benefit need to be proven more as it will be well convinced.

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8. Source of Sodium

Due to the presence of a good amount of sodium, or as it has shown on the table, soda is having a role in giving you the great source of sodium. The result comes up with the heart health benefits. Further, a study shows that it will help to develop the coronary heart disease. In addition, by consuming foods which contain sodium, it helps to assist in muscles, nerves, and brain functioning, as well as pH balance maintaining and hydration.

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9. Source of Potassium

As shown in the table above, soda is kind of beverages that contains potassium as well. Hence, this nutrient will take you to lower the risks of having a stroke, heart disorders, and anxiety as well as it helps to promote the metabolism and muscle functioning.

In contrast, the deficiency of this kind of nutrients may lead to certain health problems such as abnormal heartbeat and anemia. Thus, to those of you who wants to maintain the body health, then take the potassium foods regularly to help.

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10. Focus Your Mind

A stimulant caffeine contained in most of the soda drink will increase the concentration and mental focus as well. Then, it is good to drink soda for those who face the pressure at work. Though, consuming soda with a right and proper intake is still be the best action to do. If you then feel so bored, out of line, no idea, or just don’t feel like people today then you can just drink a glass of soda with ice cubes to get you in tune again. That is insane.


11. Gives You Energy

The sugar contained in soda will help you to get more energy. In the same way, the raise of energy levels in the body is due to the presence of glucose which comes from sugar absorption process. However, the sugar composition has the specific capacity level to be in our body. Otherwise, it will be considered as a toxic.


12. Source of Additional Nutrients

It is a must to watch carefully the ingredients of foods you want to consume. As a consequence, it is best to consume homemade soda water with the mix composition of fruits such as lemon and apple slices. Give your soda more flavor to taste with a squeeze of fresh fruit juice. By adding the natural sweetener for flavoring, it will give you the beneficial nutrients of fruits you have been mixed with soda. Thus, having a healthy soda is very best to choose.

13. Option for Alternative Healthy Soda

People want to consume something healthy, both for foods and drinks. They may choose fruit juice, kefir, and other drink beverages as an option. Then, soda can be an alternative for those who want to boost the health.
In the same way, in the last few years, Coca Cola as well as Pepsi, launched the types of healthy soft drinks. They specialized products which being commercialized as a healthy soda with vitamins and minerals contained and topped off with the calorie-free sweetener called acesulfame potassium. Besides, you can make your own homemade healthy soda by mixing it with some fruit juice to get a healthier body.


Mistaken Facts about Soda

There are few certain health problems which are linked to soda consumption. Though, it is likely to know that the bad effects of soda need to be more convinced. It is a great information to know that negative effects which come from the intake of soda are linked to the presence of sugar contained. Indeed, the sugar or acid substances increase the negative effects such as dental problems.

Next, some of the health statements show that soda water may cause the osteoporosis. But, this claim is considered to be wrong, since a study has been published to prove that soda water does not have a role in leaching of calcium to the urine. Moreover, it shows that it is not the carbonation which is having a role, but the phosphoric acid in commercial soft drinks which lead to bone mineral density.

In another hand, some of you may know the fact that soda may lead to gain more weight due to the presence of sugar contained. However, the plain carbonated water will not make you gain weight as it just a water plus air, bottled seltzers, natural flavor enhancers contains sodium and other additives.

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Tips for Drinking Soda Wisely

After read some health benefits which is provided by soda, now you know how this flavorful beverage evolved into the great sodas we love to drink today. Then, as the consequence, here we list the great tips of consuming soda properly.

  • Before shopping for some soda cans, it is recommended to read the ingredient list and watch for additives composition such as sodium and sugar. This action may help you to avoid the negative impacts of drinking soda.
  • Picking sodas which have less acid is a great way to prevent the risks of having tooth decay and other tooth problems. In addition, brush your teeth after drinking sodas helps you to strengthen the teeth and reduce any bad formation.
  • Drink sodas in moderate or if you really need to drink it. The high intake of sodas may lead you to certain health problems such as the oral problems.
  • Last, do not drink sodas in your meal. Enjoy it in parties would be the excellent way.

The Alternatives for Consuming Soda

Next, it would be the best way to consume a drink for good. Then, here we list the alternative ideas of drinking option to have a healthy and nutritious food below.

1. Soda Water with Fruit Flavored” state=”closed

If plain soda water is too boring for you, add some fruit juice to your glass of soda. Mixing it with lemon, ginger, and mint will create a wonderful kind of drinks packed with excellent colors and flavors. Such a great idea, right?

2. Soda Water Combined with Smoothies

Giving yourself a try to mix your fruit and vegetable smoothies with a little amount of soda water. As a result, the “bubbly” taste will be added to your meal. Then, you succeed to have a delicious and healthy beverage. It is also known that you are the one who controls the kitchen, get yourself to have some fun experiences by adding some different kind of fruits or simply add chia seeds to complete. So, all the option will be on your hand!

3. Soda Water combined with Apple Cider Vinegar

One idea that comes up with alternative drink option to choose is the existing drink with the combination of soda water and apple cider vinegar. This great combination will add some health nutrients to your body. Moreover, this delightful kind of drinks is better to choose to promote some health functioning very well.

4. Soda Water Mixed with Spices

Go to your kitchen and make some wonderful beverages to drink. If you have soda water, it is good to mix it with spices such as ginger and cardamom to help with the digestion. As a consequence, your food table will be perfectly completed with great and healthy foods.

5. Coffee

The soda water is having “caffeine” source contained similar with the coffee does. Thus, as an option, drinking coffee is good for you who wants to boost the energy. For some tips, sprinkle some sugars or add honey to get the sweeter coffee.


6. Green tea

You may want to drink soda as a regular drink. However, you must watch the risks which may come up with the high consumption of soda. Thus, having green tea to substitute may be the great option. With regular consumption of green tea, it will be a good result to your health. Indeed, it will prevent heart disease, cancer, and diabetes as well. Also, it acts as antioxidants to remove free radicals.


7. Chocolate and Vanilla milk

Drinking milk for most people is a must. With milk, it helps to increase the amount of calcium inside the body. Hence, the calcium works to maintain the good bones. Indeed, it strengthens the bones and promotes the bone density. For the taste, it is up to you to choose whether a chocolate or vanilla is the best as an option.

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7. Soy and Almond Milk

To get a light and creamy beverage to be included in your daily meal, then add almond milk and soy milk as well. Not only for the good taste, indeed it is being an alternative to your dairy milk consumption. Further, the calcium and vitamin D contained gives you no reason to not drink them.


8. Yogurt

Want to have some probiotics source? Then, take yogurt as a solution. Besides, it provides you to burn the fat and help you to lessen weight. Therefore, it is a good option for your diet food menu.

9. Red Wine

A glass of red wine helps you to get unexpected benefits. It provides you the benefits to lower the risks of having cardiovascular disease and stroke due to the presence of antioxidant inside. Also, consuming it in moderate it the best way to choose.

10. Coconut Water

It has been known that coconut water is promoting the body health by boosting the energy we need. This natural refreshing drink provides antioxidants, electrolytes, and other great and beneficial nutrients. Also, as it is low in calorie and low in fat, it leads you to have another option for diet menu to choose. Then, by consuming coconut water regularly, your body will be healthier day by day.

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Last but not least, it is concluded that soda has several great benefits that may make you surprised. Beside of the bad effects of the soda consumption, it is recommended to learn how we make the soda into a healthy alternative drink. Then, with a great taste of soda and the nutrients that come from the mixing fruit juice added, we will not worry to get certain health problems of consuming soda. Further, one thing that must be taken into account, it is very best to drink soda in moderate. Then, you will be happier and still be a healthy person while drinking soda. Cheers!