Is There Any Health Benefits of Edible Insects? (The Pros and Cons)

It seems that none of you have ever thought about eating insect. But in fact, some kinds of insect such as grasshoppers, red ant, cricket, and some kinds of caterpillar are edible. The edible insects are not merely edible, but also nutritious. They contribute high value of nutrients, as they provide health benefits of edible […]

3 Proven Health Benefits of Consuming Doner Kebab

Fast food has always been favorable for everyone as it is easy to make, fast to be served and delicious to taste. Is fast food always unhealthy? Some fast food are not that bad. Kebab is one of them. Doner kebab originally came from Ottoman Empire that is now known as Turkey. It is best […]

Health Benefits of Galbijjim – Korean Style Braised Short Ribs (Recipe)

Now that we are through in discussing about the health benefits of galbi, let’s move on to one of the dishes made using galbi beef, which is the galbijjim. Galbijjim, or braised short ribs is a stew dish that can be made using beef or pork galbi. They are traditionally a special-occasion dish consumed at […]

Health Benefits of Rabbit Meat for Excellent Protein Source but Low in Calories

There is no reason to deny the benefits of protein for human health though some people prefer to savour the health benefits of giving up meat. However, when protein is combined with other compounds will result an excellent body metabolism. White meat is one of the excellent sources of protein and besides chicken, duck and […]

Health Benefits of Skinless Turkey Breast #1 Tasty and Healthy

Turkey is an alternative option to chicken for those who are bored with the taste, but still want to reap the rich protein benefits. Turkey breast is one of the best parts of turkey to consume especially if you eat without the skin. This part is low in fat allowing you to eat a lot […]

Health Benefits of Vietnamese Sandwich (Healthy and Tasty)

Banh Mi or Vietnamese Sandwich could be a great option for a healthy treat. This sandwich is unique not only in the taste and the combination, but also in the type of the bread used. It uses typical Vietnamese bread with crisp crust, yet soft flesh. Banh Mi is also packed with good nutrients due […]

Unexpected Health Benefits of Pork Lard – Vitamin D Source

Wait a minute, Lard? As in the fat, both rendered and unrendered, from pigs? Isn’t it sounds like a heart attack or 10 pounds of instant weight gain? Not so fast. For centuries it was a staple ingredient in the cooking of people from a vast array of cultures, and recently, lard has come back […]

Health Benefits of Bear Meat – Is it Good or Bad?

Meat as a source of protein is important to build and maintain our bodily cells such as hormones and enzymes. Without meat also, we won’t be able to get a decent supply of energy, hence making us weak for everyday activities. Nearly all of us obtain protein from nuts, egg, or meat. While then for […]

12 Surprising Health Benefits of Snake Skin You Should Know

Not many people familiar with the health benefits of snake skin. For some people this treatment is prohibited. Therefore, this kind of food is rarely in the market and quite difficult to get it. Furthermore, the source of the ingredients also not easy. Since some species are rare and not allowed to be hunt. Snake […]

6 Best Health Benefits of Elk Meat is Now Revealed

Meat as one of many sources of protein which required by our body for healthy metabolic purposes. Even though there are still many more alternative sources of protein from natural such as many dairy products to artificial product intended to fulfill protein need, meat still one of the best choices we can get. Meat that […]