5 Impeccable Health Benefits of Chia Seeds for Skin with Tips

Some people may still feel unfamiliar with this plant. Chia seed comes from a mint plant that grows in the desert region.  As explained in the health benefits of chia seeds, it is also said to have originated in central America, particularly in Mexico and Guatemala. A tribe called the Aztecs made chia seed their […]

6 Useful Health Benefits of Cloves for Pregnancy

Using various types of seasoning when cooking is very common. This includes using cloves for seasoning cooking on fish, meat or chicken soup dishes.  Cloves, as explained in the benefits of cloves for fertility, have a slightly spicy taste but with a very strong aroma. Cloves can eliminate fishy odors in cooking and add a […]

5 Special Hidden Health Benefits of Cloves for Fertility

Cloves are dried flower stalks that taste from the Myrtaceae family of trees. Since a long time ago, cloves have been used as spices as well as herbal remedies. Cloves are used to relieve abdominal pain and relieve flu with a cough.  In addition, clove extract used as oil is also used to overcome diarrhea, […]

Beauty Secrets: List of Herbs Good for Skin Health and Benefits

There are a lot of people out there are willing to spend a lot of money just for so called professional skin treatment from the licensed practitioner or doctor. The fact is even the professionals are using herbs as part of their traditional skin treatment. So, what is the point of paying expensive beauty package […]

List of Herbs Not to Take While Breastfeeding

During breastfeeding mothers will easily getting hungry and eating regularly is highly recommended to ensure the optimal production of breast milk to fulfil the demand of the baby. However, during breasting stage mothers should be super careful as well in consuming foods especially herbs because they could affect the milk production and even the baby. […]

List of Herbs and Spices to Grow – Tasty, Healthy and Easy

Herbs are not only beneficial for cooking or tasty herbal beverage but in modern study, herbs could be used as home remedy or first aid solution. Growing some herbs in your back yard could be more than just a hobby because they could be super useful one day. The list of herbs and spices to […]

Complete List of Adaptogenic Herbs – Potent and Natural Stress Relieve

Adaptogenic herbs are the list of herbs that contain adabtogens; type of herbal pharmaceutical properties which has counteracted effect with some stress symptoms. If you think that stress is only affecting your mind and then you are wrong because health risk of stress is more than that and it could affect your physical body significantly […]

Exotic List of Jamaican Herbs and Spices and Health Benefits

Jamaica is an island country located in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Anything about exotic culture, exotic foods up to exotic herbs could be found in this country. The list of Jamaican herbs and spices and health benefits below will tell you more about this country. Jamaican Dried Pimento (Allspice) Jamaican dried pimento is the local […]

Ancient List of Greek Herbs and Spices and Health Benefits

Greek mythology is one of the mythologies famous in the world. You probably know their Gods and Goddess better than any hero names in your country because their story is just an interesting reading material. Not only that, when it comes to traditional medication, even modern medication is using some ancient Greek manuscript as references […]

Wonderful Lists of Herbs Good for Hair and Health Benefits

Who said that only women that care with their hair because hair is the crown for both women and men though some men could look really good when they going bald but still most women and men prefer with hair. That is why maintaining the health of hair is not always about spending a lot […]