18 Super Health Benefits of Ginseng Coffee – Stamina – Vitality – Beauty Treatments

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Ginseng English word derived from the Mandarin Renshen, which means “The root of man,” because their finger-roots shape like a human arm and leg. While the scientific name Panax comes from the Greek, meaning “cure all diseases.” Ginseng plants that can be used as herbal base material is the roots, just like Ginger.

First ginseng health benefits found in China, to specifically increase health stamina. But now, turns out that ginseng not only gives us that stamina power but also carries up a lot more functions to our body. Several of them are not well-known yet by many people. As day goes by, ginseng benefits began to be heard by more people in Korea, Siberia, Manchuria, US, Vietnam (popular for its Tropical Ginseng), and Indonesia (with its Javanese Ginseng). Those countries not only absorbing ginseng’s health effect, but also plant and produce them. Because a lot of people finally aware that ginseng is having heaps of natural compound which is good for our body. No wonder, energy drinks are now being sold in with many that use ginseng as basic materials.

One of the processed ginseng drinks is Ginseng Coffee. In general, we drink coffee to complement the activities started in the morning. The solid black dish provides a unique aroma, no wonder many people who chose it to be the favorite beverage. Carried out with a good taste, is a good benefits of ginseng coffee for health that we can get. That’s why we should consider to try consuming Ginseng Coffee.

Here are some of the ingredients inside a ginseng coffee that might bring you lots of health benefits:

Substances in Ginseng Coffee” state=”closed

• Saponins
• Oil vaporising
• Organic acids
• Ester
• Sterols
• Folic acid
• Ginsenosides
• Glycosides
• Phytosterol
• Resin
• Fenolase
• Neoclaven
• Essential oil
• Vitamin B1
• Vitamin B2
• Vitamin B12
• Vitamin C
• Iron
• Mineral
• Enzymes
• camphor
• Pansenoside
• Geomisin N
• Geomisin A
• Sugar

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1. Prevent Cancer

It has been proved as a good source of antioxidant which can prevent us from getting a colon cancer. Antioxidant inside ginseng coffee has been tested to several number of women that consume coffee 2 times a week and it successfully reduced 25% colon cancer potential than another women that didn’t consume any coffee.

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2. Reduce Diabetes Potential

Diabetes can be reduced by consuming ginseng coffee with its chlorogenat acid components. This compound is believed to have ability to clog sugar absorption in our body. In US, 80,000 person has been tested in a huge scale of research tested to people that consume coffee and people that didn’t, reveal that it generally can reduce 50% diabetes potential to anybody that did consume coffee. The researcher believe that a sugar-like compound in ginseng has power to turn a not healthful sugar compound to another form of it that is healthier.

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3. Reduce Neuron Degradation Possibilities

Degradation in neuron usually found in an elder person’s body over 60 years old. Alzheimer and Parkinson is two of them. Parkinson interfere our brain and neuron functions progressively and finally bother our motoric system because our brain stop producing dopamine. While, Alzheimer is a disease that marked by degradation of memory, ability to talk and think, and other changes due to the brain breakdown that takes some times to fully affect our body.

These two health problems happen to occur slowly until your body will fully dysfunction. And this is such a miracle that coffee is found to have a protection to our neuron system and prevent us getting those neuron problems. Some research said that anyone who didn’t consume enough coffee has a bigger potency to get Alzheimer and Parkinson than the ones who did.

4. Stimulate Brain and Neuron System

There is this one compound contains in coffee you drink, that is called caffeine. In every coffee will always contain some amount of caffeine because caffeine is a natural chemical compound from a coffee beans. The same caffeine can also be found in tea, chocolate, and energy drinks. This compound can help you with your brain and neuron system because it can stimulate you to think faster, keep you alive and aware with stimulus, and make you concentrate better.

It can also maintain your mood during the rest of your day after drinking one cup of coffee. In Arizona University, coffee has been studied to adult that drank coffee before memory test and showed some significant result compared to the ones that didn’t drink any coffee. And you are suggested to drink coffee or tea 15 minutes before having an interview or presentation to send some signal to your brain to respond faster and make your body fresher.

5. Increase Our Memory

Research conducted on the efficacy of ginseng discover new facts that ginseng can improve brain nerve cells, so that the brain nerve cells are damaged beyond repair. This study has been done for people with dementia, and stroke. All of these patients have a problem with the memory of their brain. Herb ginseng can improve brain memory in the third patient. In addition to ginseng, the efficacy of this kind is also available on: red beans, plums, and fish oil.

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6. Keep Our Headache Away

In appropriate amount, caffeine in coffee has the ability to help out us with our headache. We can try to consume a black coffee of tea as the first aid for our headache before deciding to consume any other medicine as suggested by Seimur Diamon, M.D. form Chicago’s Diamond Headache Clinic.

7. Good for Our Mouth Health

Evidently, coffee is one of the anti-bacterial drink that can help you with your mouth problems. According to Joe Vinson from University of Scranton, caffeine in coffee has been proved to fight bacteria that cause cavity. It can also support and ease up our gum infections, plaque, sprue, and further condition: mouth cancer. Try drinking coffee after eating cookies or chocolate cake and it surely will prevent you from uninvited problems of your mouth. But still, don’t forget to brush your teeth before sleeping for a better result.

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8. Unleash Cramps

Especially for women, Siberian ginseng can be beneficial for the launch period. That’s because blood flow to the female organs become more fluent. Especially the blood flow from the uterus to the female organs.

9. Boost Our Mood

Many people are not aware of a more vibrant and fresh when you consume coffee. Coffee is one drink that can boost your mood, not only that it can provide correlation effects on happiness. With a help of vaporising oil inside, it is helpful for relieving stress. Vaporizing oil also contains aroma therapy that can be calming.

Ginseng Coffee for Stamina & Vitality

This type of coffee turns out to have a special power that can boost our stamina and vitality for men. If you are keen on trying, here are the function details:

10. Escalate Vitality in Men

You can escalate your vitality, especially in men, by consuming herbal plant such as ginseng. And also coffee makes sperm swim faster at fertilization phase, makes you and your spouse have a better chance to have a baby. This is proven by a research held in San Antonio, Brazil at a meeting for “American Society for Reproductive Medicine” that talked about the main effect of medicine for intensify men’s fertility. One of them comes from coffee and ginseng natural effects.

11. Rejuvenate and Increase Stamina

Ginseng’s efficacy is already known by many people to restore and improve stamina. Ingredients in ginseng that are useful to it is saponins. Saponins affects the gland hipofisia, and then hipofisia be ordered cirtex glands in the body to release the hormone cortisol and aldosterone. Both these hormones affect a person’s stamina. In addition to the generation effect on stamina, these hormones are also useful in balancing blood sugar in a person’s body.

12. Fix Premature Ejaculation

Health benefits of ginseng coffee is to fix premature ejaculation. There are so many men out there that have a serious problem on the bed with their spouse. When they’re having a sex, they tend to get climax quickly, as most people named it “premature ejaculation”. Several factors that cause this thing happen are physicist matters and stress. If you’re including one of the men with that problem, you can start using ginseng coffee to fix it. The substance is contained in the ginseng plant and beneficial to stimulate an erection, stimulate a man’s ability to have an erection, and Bionin to increase sexual stamina of men that is not easily affected by premature ejaculation.

13. Medicate Prostate Disease

Prostate disease happens because of bacteria or virus that attack men’s urinary tract which can cause a shooting pain around their thigh. This can be fixed by consuming an alternative herbs such as ginseng, or red betel leaves.

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Ginseng Coffee for Beauty Treatment

While for you woman, don’t worry cause ginseng coffee have these several other functions that are great for maintaining our beauty. Check it out:

14. Good for Facial and Body Skin

Benefits of Ginseng coffee is widely used as materials for a facial mask at beauty salons. One of the function is able to make the skin firmer and remove dead skin cells. Coffee can also be used as anti-microbial creams for facial cleanser. Many people who have a feel for how the coffee grounds have an important role for beauty.

Simply make coffee grounds to mask, it can improve skin firmness by making it more easily maintained. Ginseng coffee maximize the regeneration of dead skin cells impacting on the rejuvenation of the skin, so the skin will remain healthy and radiant. Only need to use a scrub made from coffee for our regular skin maintenance and your skin will turn out brighter and healthier.

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15. Treat Our Scalp

According to research by experts, the benefits of caffeine in coffee making as an anti-hair loss. Antioxidants found in coffee has an important role to protect the scalp. Your scalp will be healthier, and there’s no more dandruff or excessive hair falling during your combing time.

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16. For Pedicure and Manicure

Aromatherapy coffee powder can clean black elbow and ankle that broke. Not only that, the coffee also it can be used to speed up the process of skin firmness of the body and helps prevent premature aging.

How to Make Ginseng Coffee

Meanwhile, there are many health benefits of Ginseng Coffee that you may want you try. Thus, you may buy the instant ginseng coffee on the store or you may want to make it yourself. Here is the steps to make ginsang coffee by your own.

Coffee Ginseng Ingredients:

  • Coffee beans 1 kgs
  • red onion (4 cloves)
  • garlic (3 cloves)
  • Java ginseng (1 ounce)

The Steps:

  1. Mix all the ingredients on the pan
  2. Grind them on the coffee machine
  3. When it’s done, you get the ginseng coffee powder
  4. Then, boil it and make your own coffee
  5. It’s ready to serve

So, above are several Ginseng Coffee health benefits we have listed for you who are interested to try but still confused whether it’s worth it or not. After reading and knowing on how ginseng coffee could affect your health, would you dare to try? If you would like to, hope it really improves your health in the future. Good luck!

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