Miraculous Health Benefits of Pomelo for Diabetes

Pomelo (Citrus grandis, C. Maxima) is one type of orange that is very famous, because it has a larger size than most other oranges. If other oranges are on average fist-sized, pomelo  can reach two or three times the size of that. In addition to the large size of the fruit, it also has a […]

5 Possible Health Benefits of Goji Berries

Goji berries are otherwise called Lycium barbarum. The goji berry is local to Asia and individuals in Asia have been utilizing this splendidly colored fruit for over 2,000 years as a restorative spice and food supplement.  Goji berries are generally accessible for purchase in health food stores and on the web. All the more as […]

4 Health Benefits of Dried Figs You Must Know

Figs are the product of the ficus tree which is a part of the mulberry family. They have a remarkable, sweet taste, delicate, and chewy surface and are covered with somewhat crunchy, palatable seeds.  Fresh figs are usually perishable and delicate, so are frequently dried to preserve them. This delivers a sweet and nutritious dried […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Sumac

Health benefits of Sumac is one of about 35 species of flowering plants. Many grow in subtropical or temperate regions throughout the world. The most numerous regions are East Asia, Africa, and North America. In sumac plants, there is also a sumac fruit that has a bright red color that is very attractive. In the […]

Health Benefits of Goron Tula Fruits

Goron tula fruits (Azanza garkeana) are Southern African species of trees of the family Malvaceae. They can be found in higher altituted of 1,000 to 2,000 metres high above sea level, in wooded grasslands that have semi-arid to wet climate. The fruits of goron tula tree are nicknamed the “African chewing gum” because they have […]

Powerful Health Benefits of Dates in Islam Based on Quran- Super Food

Dates are special fruit in Islam as it is mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad that dates are fruit from paradise. Dates are also a kind of staple fruit of Muslim during Ramadhan. It is suggested to eat three pieces of dates to break their fast as Sunnah. It is also supported by the fact that […]

Health Benefits of Sweet Granadilla Passion Fruit

Granadilla (Passiflora liguralis) is a variant of passion fruit that is first grown in South America’s Andes Mountains, spanning from Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, to Venezuela. In where it comes from, it is called “granadilla”, but outside that, it is just known simply as “passion fruit.” Granadillas are round yellow or orange shaped with light […]

Wonderful Health Benefits of Sunbelle Golden Berries – Love in A Cage

Golden berries are healthy yet delicious berries that have made its way from the Andes Mountains in South America up into North America, South Africa, Europe, and finally the rest of the world. In return, many names have also been made for them, such as “amour en cage”, which is “love in a cage” in […]

12 Great Benefits of Rambutan for Skin Rarely Known

Rambutan is a famous fruit in tropical countries including in Indonesia. This fruit does not only taste sweet, but apparently there are several benefits of rambutan for skin. Therefore, consuming rambutan will help to produce healthier skin condition. Many people might question this fact. Is it true or not. Well, it is better to check […]

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Rambutan Tea for Weight Loss

All tea usually can bring a lot of benefits for the health. The same way as the health benefits of rambutan tea. It might sound not common, but apparently you can extract the leaf and produce it for a tea. Furthermore, some research find that this tea will be a good alternatives to loose weight. […]