32 Health Benefits of Lipton Tea (No.5 Is Best)

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Tea is one of the most famous beverage in the world that consumed by two third of people around the globe. Drinking tea has become a tradition since long ago. Tea is a liquid made from brewed tea ( Camelia sinensis) leaves and it is well known that tea can improve human health. Chinese was the first people who documented tea related things and we know that the legend said, tea was invented by Chinese emperor. Legend claimed that Sheng Nong, a Chinese emperor was the one who drank the world’s first cup of tea.

It was predicted happen in 2737 B.C. Researchers also found tea containers in a tombs which dating back to the Han Dynasty. It is about 206 B.C. – 220 A.D. according to study by Wilson in 2012, tea was first mentioned in Chinese paper writing during 222 A.D. and it was mentioned there that tea was substitute of wine. Later the early form mass media made tea so popular and the demand for tea in the world dramatically increased.

History of Lipton Tea

Lipton tea is one of popular tea brand in the world under Unilever manufactured. The brand of tea was derived from the name of Sir Thomas Lipton. Sir Thomas Lipton was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1850 and he got the noble name of Sir since he was knighted by Queen Victoria of England in 1898. Sir Thomas Lipton traveled to America since he was 15 and he learn to work in grocery section there. Then on 1871 he back to Scotland and opened his own grocery store.

Lipton sold tea in 1889 and it made him travel to ceylon (Sri lanka today). Because Lipton doesn’t want to be third parties merchant, he went to Ceylon and India to bought his own tea plantation where he can get better tea quality. Lipton was the first packaged tea producer in United Kingdom and he use lipton brand for his tea product. Later Lipton made his own marketing slogan “direct from the tea garden to the tea pot”

In, 1906 Lipton tea has became the first British blended tea brand which imported to import Japan that known as the country of tea lovers. Lipton tea was also introduced to the American market but its not too succesful since American consumers prefer coffee rather than tea. Today, Lipton is a part of Unilevel factory and it has been recognized all over the world. Lipton has many varians of product nowadays, from black tea, green tea, lemon tea and other tea infusion but the black tea is the most famous varian of Lipton Tea.

Health Benefits of Lipton Tea

Just like other types of best quality tea, Lipton offer you a lots of health benefits. Here are some benefits of Lipton tea that you can gain by consume is regularly. Lipton tea assure the quality of tea and deliver the best benefits of drinking cup of tea. Here are the list of benefits of drinking lipton tea, check these out :

1. Prevent cancer

Cancer is one of degenerative and genetic disease that suffered by some people in the world. This disease is still become nightmare since still there is no exact for cancer and most of cancer patient have high rate of mortality. Even tough, cancer can be prevented by drinking a cup of lipton tea a day. Lipton tea contain rich flavonoids and antioxidant which can prevent your body from cancer and free radical effect. For your information, cancer can be caused by free radical effect which lead to DNA damage. This DNA damage will cause the cell to grow out of control.

2. Increase fluid intake

Drinking a cup of lipton tea can increase fluid intake and more enjoyable to take water. If you getting bored to drink only water, lipton tea can flavor up your day and make your body hydrated.

3. Maintain normal heart function

Active components in lipton tea such as Epigallocatechin gallate and other antioxidant can protect the heart from certain disease and problem especially from free radicals damage. Taking a cup of lipton tea in morning can maintain your heart and cardiovascular system function.

4. Keep healthy blood vessels

As it keeping maintain heart function, lipton tea can also improve cardiovascular health since it contains many active components such as flavonoids, Epigallocatechin gallate, and etc. This tea contents will keep the elasticity of blood vessels and keeping normal blood flow.

5. Maintain normal metabolism

Lipton tea just same as other types of tea but it package more benefits for maintain healthy metabolism. Tea contains flavonoids that can increase metabolism rate and help the body to provide energy to undergo activities.

6. Prevent caries

Best quality of lipton tea contains anti-bacterial properties which delivered by flavonoids and EGCG. It effective to combat the bacteria growth inside oral cavity. Drinking lipton tea can certainly remove teeth plaque and prevent caries.

7. Help in weight lost

Lipton tea especially green tea variant can help the body to lose some weight since it can increase the metabolism and it promotes fat burning to produce energy. Drinking lipron tea without sweetener after wake up of before doing activities can really work for your body.

8. Reduce the risk of rheumatoid

EGCG or Ephigallocatechin gallate in tea can help the body to reduce pain on joint which is the sign of rheumatoid arthritis.

9. Maintain healthy skin

Drinking tea make you young, this phrase maybe true since we know that tea contains a lot of active components especially antioxidant that can get rid of free radicals effect that can destroy the skin tissue and loose it firmness. Lipton tea made from best quality of tea that can help to nourish your skin and keep it young.

10. Reduce cholesterol

Not only fighting free radicals, the flavonoids and antioxidant in lipton tea can significantly reduce cholesterol or bad fat that can increase the risk of blood vessel thickening and heart disease.

11. Prevent diabetes

Tea especially lipton tea can help to prevent hyperglycemia or the rise of blood sugar level in the body. Study reported that tea contains several active compounds that can increase insulin sensitivity and prevent from diabetes especially type 2 diabetes.

12. Improve digestion

Tea aids you digestion and it has been proved by several researches. The active components in tea can improve metabolism and soothes the bowel movement into digestive tract. Tea also can improve the good bacteria growth inside digestion tract that aids in healthy digestion.

13. Relaxing mind

A cup of lipton tea can calm and relaxing your mind after work. It also can help to relieve stress that may be affected to your activities. This is why some people love to drink tea at night or in the afternoon.

14. Fight inflammation

Lipton tea completed with lots of healthy nutrients that acts as antioxidant and body protector. Antioxidant not also protect the body but it reduce inflammation which occur inside the body.

15. Reduce anxiety

Nowadays people are keen to experience anxiety due to high stress and tight schedule. Having lipton tea while you feel so anxient will really helpful to calm your mind and reduce anxiety.

16. Improve immune system

Epigallocathecin gallate and vitamin C in lipton tea are best substance which can strengthen immune system and help it function in fighting disease. Drinking lipton tea is not only enjoyable but it keeps you away from certain disease.

17. Prevent cold

Cold caused by several factor and influenza virus is one thing that lead a person to cold. Lipton tea packaged with abundant compounds that also bring anti-viral properties in it. The tea can slightly fight the virus and prevent the body from catching cold. If you already caught by cold try to drink warm tea or you can mix it with some ginger or lemon to double the effect.

18. Fight prostate cancer

A study has proven that tea especially best quality tea including lipton tea can fight several case of cancer. It has been proved that the active components in tea can improve the cancer cells apoptosis (auto killed system) and reduce the cancer cell growth in the male prostate,

19. Reduce the risk of breast cancer recur

There is no significant approve that tea can decrease the risk of breast disease but scientist found that women who ever suffer breast cancer and drink tea regularly has lower risk of breast cancer recur compare to those who does not take any regular tea consumption.

20. Prevent stroke

Stroke is a disorder which happen cause blood vessel damage in the brain that triggered by the blood vessel thickening and high blood pressure. Tea can decrease the cholesterol level in the body and it maintain healthy blood vessel so by drinking lipton tea regularly you can prevent yourself from getting stroke. As we know that stroke is major factor of paralyze and also death.

21. Improve memory

Tea can make you smart maybe it can be tre since researchers found the effect of tea to the long term memory in the brain. Drinking tea can keep your healthy brain and it is aids in improving learning activities.

22. Prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer is one cause of dementia and occur in elderly age. Research which conducted in Japan show that elderly people who are daily consumer of tea have better memory and brain function rather that those who don’t take tea regularly. Lipton tea provide best quality of tea that can help in preventing alzheimer.

23. Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause stroke and other serious health disease. Lipton tea contains flavonoids and other constituents which can lower the blood pressure and maintain it in normal level.

24. Prevent anemia

Lipton tea contains some amount of iron that can prevent from anemia ( a condition where the body lack of red blood cells and resulting in weak body, fainting and even death). Iron is required in every red blood cells production and provide our body with iron is a must.

25. Promotes liver function

Lipton tea especially the green one can help the body to detoxify toxin and it help the liver function. As we know that liver is the main organ in the body which has function in neutralize harmful substance in the body.

26. Protect kidney

Not only protect the liver, drinking lipton tea can prevent the kidney from developing the gallstone since tea contains active components that can clean the blood from harmful substance. This clean blood will be easier to filtered and it help the kidney function as long as you don’t take it excessively.

27. Relieve constipation

If you experience constipation, drinking lipton tea can help you to relieve it. Lipton tea contains active components and its known as laxative. Tea can help bowel movement and it improve digestion function, so you don’t need to worry to consume it after meal.

28. Relieve sore throat

Sore throat happen cause infection or uncomfortable feeling inside. Try to mix lipton tea with some lemongrass and warm water. It can be a good combination beverage to soothes your respiration tract and relieve the sore throat.

29. Soothe cough

Cough is one of respiratory problem which can be annoying. If you getting cough and it doesn’t stop after taking medicine, mix lipton tea with warm water and add some honey in it. The anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties in the tea will slightly reduce your cough.

30. Prevent atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a condition where the blood vessel or arteries being thickened by accumulation of cholesterol inside it and it can increase the risk of heart disease. It has been mentioned before that tea lipton tea can reduce cholesterol level that is the main cause of arteries wall thickening.

31. Prevent HIV infection

Several studies have been proved that lipton tea especially green tea has active component which can protect the cells from binding the HIV and it strengthen immune system to overcome the infection that happen after the virus intrude the body. Drinking lipton tea regularly can help your body from catching HIV aids.

32. Strengthen bones

Study mentioned that elder women who take regular tea including lipton tea have better bone density compared to those who don’t drink tea regularly. Tea contains flavonoids and some amount of floride that can help to maintain strong bones and keep bone density into elder age.

Health Risk of Lipton Tea

The only potential health risk of drinking lipton tea is maybe just insomnia or sleep disorder adue to caffeine contain. But don’t worry the caffeine in lipton tea is lower than the caffeine that contained by other brand of tea and even coffee. Tea also have diuretic effect which can increase urination, people with kidney disorder should consult doctor before consume it.

Tips to Consume Lipton Tea

Before you start to consume lipton tea regularly check these tips to gain out the benefits of drinking a cup of lipton tea everyday

  • Purchase the tea and make sure the expired date is still far out of the way
  • You can choose variant of tea, the black one, green or infuse tea with several flavor but the green tea will be the best one who aids your health benefits
  • If you purchase the bottled lipton tea also check the expire date and buy it from trustable store
  • You can drink the tea in hot, warm or even iced tea
  • People with diabetic history should avoid to consumed bottle lipton tea cause it contains some sugar and avoid to add some sugar in your tea to avoid the increasing blood sugar level. If you still want to enjoy the tea with sweet flavor you can use zero calories sweetener or other sweetener for diabetes,
  • Mix the tea with other natural ingredients to get more flavor and benefits such as honey, ginger, basil, lemongrass and etc
  • Drink tea in the morning to get rid of coffee habit and one hour after meal, this will boost your metabolism and energy level.

Those all the benefits of lipton tea that you can found. So you can start to purchase it and get the benefits but don’t forget to watch the disclaimer before you consume it.