16 Gold Kili Ginger Drink Benefits (No.8 All Get it)

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Gold Kili Ginger Drink is a product of ginger powder people like to consume and pick. It offers high quality taste as well as natural ingredients in practical package so they should not need to cook or process—peeling, slicing, boiling water and the likes—ginger by themselves but still could access the natural benefit of this traditional yet popular herb. Some of you may be already familiar with this product but if you are one of those who do not, it would be good for you know much more about its benefits so you could consider to pick it as your supplement drink just like what other people do.

Anyway, to give you thorough yet simple understanding about the product as well as ingredients, this passage would be divided into some subtitles. Following is the list of those;

  • Ginger and Its Benefits
  • Introduction on the Product of Gold Kili
  • Advantages of Product

Ginger and Its Benefits

It would be ok to say that everyone should know or at least ever heard the word ginger. In addition to its function for supporting the healthy body, this herb is also popular with its special aroma and taste as well as its common use as any herbal even soft drink main material. Therefore, it is needless here to give much basic explanation about this herb.

Ginger is originally from Asia, particularly the Southern part of it. Today, ginger is commonly found at any Asian and Indian dishes and becomes one of main spices in which any food would not taste good without it. It is also important to mention here that this herb already existed since about 3000 years ago, so it becomes a sort of heritage from the previous generation.

Meanwhile, the benefit of ginger is not only about adding the taste or making it stronger. It also closely relates to the health and physical benefits including fighting any bacteria, improving body immune system, preventing or even healing flu symptom, supporting digestion system and so on and so forth. Therefore, people like to consume this herb whether for satisfying the appetite or for supporting the healthy body. It is broadly known that ginger contains much good essence ranging from vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and very low calories.

Introduction on the Product of Gold Kili

Gold Kili Ginger Drink is a product of Singapore which is also popular in some countries. US even considers it as a supplement while Food and Drug Administration legalized that it is safe to consume. Relating the origin, you may likely find this product at Asian groceries or Asian stores, unless you want to buy it online.

The most popular package is the one with 12 sachets which could be available for 12 serving time in which each sachet weighs 4 gram. In addition to it, Gold Kili also offers other packages with 24 sachets even 120 sachets. The flavor and main ingredients also vary among one another. Some of them are Lemon flavor, original ginger flavor, honey ginger latte, matcha ginger latte, ginger milk tea, ginger candy series, chewy ginger lemon candy etc. The variety of this product shows that the manufacturer positively responded on the feedback of customers who like to pick and consume this product.

Advantages and Benefits of Product

Talking about advantages or benefits of the product is not far different from the benefits of ginger itself. However, many factors make the product of Gold Kili more preferable than others. One of them is about zero sugar essence of the product, particularly as found at most types of the product because manufacturers also provide other types with additional sugar although it is not much (16 gram for each packet). The second thing is about decaffeinated ingredients so consuming this product would not give any addiction. The availability of much variety also plays a big role in making this product preferable and favorite.

Nowadays people are smart pickers so they would not take any random choice particularly for the thing they want to consume. They could critically observe and assess which product made by natural ingredients and having as less as possible synthetic essences. The information on ingredient, reputation of product, previous customers’ testimonies and their own testimonies would determine whether or not they would make (second) purchase of the product.

In addition to those two factors, benefits of product, according to the claim of manufacturer and testimonies from customers consist of these following;

  1. Relieving upset stomach
  2. Relieving the acid stomach
  3. Taking away appetite and helping weight loss program
  4. Serving as Anti-Oxidant Agent
  5. Preventing any Inflammation as it has anti-inflammatory agent
  6. Curing various diseases, particularly related to digestion system
  7. Giving various therapeutic properties
  8. Burning the Fat
  9. Controlling Blood Sugar
  10. Helping the Body in Nutrient Absorption
  11. Helping to deal many ailments including colds, motion sickness, flu and so forth.
  12. Helping pregnant woman in coping with morning sickness
  13. Opening up Inflamed Airways for Asthma Patient
  14. Helping blood circulation run smoother
  15. Clearing sinuses
  16. Fighting Cancer and Alzheimer Threat.

As you pay attention to those benefits, you may likely think that the product takes almost all of ginger benefits. This makes good sense because the manufacturer really emphasizes about the natural value of this product to give the best benefit of ginger to the maximum level. It will also ease your tasks by not requiring you to process ginger from raw material into a ready-consumed one. The last thing you may like about this product is that you could drink it both in cold and hot water and the taste as well as the aroma would remain special.