15 Health Benefits of Blackberry Tea (No.3 Shocking)

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The studies focusing on berries currently have become the main topic since the berries themselves can lead to the powerful benefit for human life. For some researchers the berries have been known as a superfood since it can fulfill human health very well. Furthermore the berries also contain many powerful nutrients such as Fiber, antioxidants and also vitamin C in which they are useful to protect human bodies and prevent againts free radicals which can lead to the dangerous diseases.

As a superfood, berries have been analyzed that they contain polyphenols which also can be found on red wine, tea and also chocolate. The polyphenols contained on berries can help protect heart and also another part of body. One of the berries which is widely known as powerful one is blackberry. Blackberry is known as delicious fruit in which it comes from the Rubus genus.

It can easily found in Alabama, North America and even in Pasific coast. Since long time ago ancients have revealed the super benefits of blackberry which can be used for many illnesses treatment. The ancients revealed that the whole parts of blackberry tree could be used for healing and treatment. The leaves, root and bark of blackberry contain many kind of nutrients which are useful for human health.

Blackberry stores useful benefits. It is not only the tasty, but blackberry contains many kind of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6 and E and also vitamin K. Other mineral of blackberry are iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium, and also phosphorous while it also contains essential dietary food and amino acids which are very good for human health. Consuming blackberry as tea can be useful to stimulate cognitive function of brain and can also sharpening the memory. Other benefits can be found that blackberry can useful for bones and also eyes or even skin health. For further explanations, hereby the super benefits of blackberry tea:

1. Combat Cancer (Anti-Cancer)

It is good news for medical research that another fruit which can combat cancer cells is blackberry. It is effective to combat development of cancer cells such as lung, esophageal and also colon cancer. The rich micronutrients of blackberry tea helps chemopreventive activity and also can reduce the proliferation in malignant cells activity. Other powerful nutrients of blackberry which useful to prevent cancer are vitamin C, E and A, minerals (zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium and selenium) and also folic acid. They are helpful to combat cancer on the colon and also contain no saturated cholesterol and fat.

2. Protect the Heart

Another powerful benefit of blackberry tea is protecting hearth from the damage. The flavonols properties such as anthocyanins can be protection on hearth. Blackberry tea can even prevent the risk of heart diseases such as stroke and atherosclerosis since the magnesium and fiber on blackberry influence tha smooth blow of the blood. It is also useful to regulate the blood pressure and also prevent cardiac arrhythmia.

3. Treat Digestive Problem

Some studies already revealed that blackberry’s insoluble and soluble fiber essential can treat the digestive system. They are stimulate the absorption of water in the large intestine.

4. Protect the Bones

Another benefit of blackberry tea is that good for protecting the bones since it contains vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium while as we all already know that they are essential to maintain healthy bones condition. A study demonstrated that calcium on blackberry generally strengthens the bones and also its magnesium content can provide the calcium and potassium. Besides the calcium on blackberry can also build the strong bones and protect its cellular function.

5. Protect and Treat the eyes

Consuming blackberry tea as daily fruit is very good to protect and health eyes. It is also can useful to reduce the ultraviolet radiations relating to the lutein. The lutein will form the pigment which protect the area behind the retina known as macula. It can protect the eyes from the damage due to oxidative stress and light radiation. The eyes vision can also be protected by anthocyanosides and vitamins inside the blackberries.

6. Treat the Skin Disorders

Blackberry tea is known as the superfood since it contains vitamin E and C and also antioxidants. As we all know that vitamin E generally maintain the health of skin and also reduce the wrinkles on skin. While vitamin C on blackberry tea can also form and strengthen the collagen structure as the connective tissues. Another benefit of blackberry is that it can treat the skin rashes.

7. Stimulate Cognitive Function

It is mentioned above that blackberry tea can help to improve the cognitive function of body especially for brain. The polyphenolic contained on blackberry can make the age decline in motor slow down and also cognitive process relating to its antioxidant. Whereas consuming blackberry tea can even improve the memory activity and also neuronal function.

8. Antioxidants Function

There are many fruits which contain antioxidants power. Blackberry tea is one of them and it contains powerful antioxidant in which it can protect the body in many ways. The dangerous or unfriendly oxygen free molecules and even counteract can be combated by the phenolic acid, flavonoids and also flavonols contained on blackberry. It means that blackberry tea also can protect the radical scavening activity related to diseases. It even can heal many fatal condition. Thus the blackberry tea is useful as antioxidants for the body.

9. Treat Blood-Clotting

It is mentioned above that blackberry tea is superfood which contains many nutrients in which they are very useful to heal and treat some diseases including treat the blood clotting. The vitamin K on blackberry tea can help the clotting of blood. In the same case it is also help reducing the extreme bleeding due to injures and wounds.

10. Boosting the Immune System

As a superfood, blackberry tea contributes to the human health including contributes to boost the immune system. Consuming blackberry tea can increase the immune system relating to the phytoestrogens, minerals and vitamins on blackberry. Blackberry tea can even prevent the body from pathogens and infections even fatal diseases.

11. Treat the Diarrhea

The blackberry tea have been proven as the effective medicine to treat the diarrhea and also dysentery. It also can control and even treat the digestive tract since the presence of astringent tannis on blackberry itself. The blackberry leaves tea can help diarrhea very well as daily consumption. Its leaves store astringent tannis in which they help to treat diarrhea even it is able to reduce it effectively.

12. Prevent Endothelial Dysfunction

Another benefit of blackberry tea is that it can help to prevent against the endothelial dysfunction. The abnormal function of inner lining body vessels can be treated by consuming blackberry tea regularly. Some studies indicated that blackberry contains powerful components. They are cyaniding 3-O-glucoside in which it combats the oxidative activities. Besides, it also reduces DNA disorders and protects vascular failure.

13. Protect the Pregnancy

For some reasons blackberry tea is useful for pregnant women since it is rich in natural folate and it also stimulate the growth of the cells and can prevent birth defects for the baby. As the folate itself is very important for pregnancy since it is good for cellular function of all age groups. Blackberry tea itself also contains the vitamin C which can combat the diseases and also the minerals of blackberry are very powerful to form the strong bones either for mommies and babies.

14. Anti-Aging Effect

Another good news for people recently is that blackberry tea can be anti-aging. As some studies revealed that blackberry plays a great role to treat skin especially for the aging effects. The most important part is blackberry leaves are beneficially useful to decrease the wrinkles and prevent it well.

15. Hemmorhoids

Another health benefit of blackberry tea is that related to hemorrhoids. According to some studies revealed that blackberry leaves tea can reduce hemorrhoids. The powerful and healthy nutrients on blackberry make this tasty fruit is very useful to treat and reduce the hemmorhoids. For those who wants to try this effective berry, you only need to drink blackberry tea regularly as daily beverages. It will slowly reduce the hemorrhoids.

Side Effect of Blackberry Tea

Besides the great benefits of Blackberry tea, there are some side effects in which we need to pay attention on it while consuming blackberry tea. Blackberry tea generally contains hydrolysable tannins (gallotannins and ellagitannins) in which they are effecting toxic on the liver. For those who are suffering from liver diseases, it will be better to consult to doctor about consuming blackberry tea. Another fact about tannins that for some studies have revealed that tannins might cause the cancer. Tannins can be found in red wine, sorghum and also tea.

Even though blackberry tea can treat and even reduce the diarrhea, consuming blackberry tea too much can cause the stomach upset such as vomiting and nausea. It is better to balance the consumption of blackberry tea.