25 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Whisky (No.20 Cheers)

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Everyone knows that whisky or whiskey is the type of alcoholic beverage. As it said alcoholic, most of people thought that whisky is danger for health. In case you ever heard, whisky is actually a stilled beverage made from fermented raw material such as grain mash. Thus, whisky has variety tastes and raw materials such as made from wheat, grape, rye, barley, buckwheat, and corn. So, the ingredient is actually made from healthy food and fruits. That is why you may not be wonder that whisky is also have vary benefits for health. Meanwhile, there are many types of whisky with its different alcohol percentage. However, in some countries whisky is judged as bad beverage, but it depends on the purpose why you drink it and how much you take.

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Indeed, there are many people argue whether whisky is bad or good for health. However, in some countries whisky is judged as bad beverage, but it depends on the purpose why you drink it and how much you take. Thus, we may want to know the nutrients in a bottle of whisky.

The Nutrient Fact of Whisky Serving in 30 ml


There are 70 calories in one shot 30 ml of whisky. Also, the calorie breakdown is 0% fat, 100% carbs, and 0% protein. Indeed, there is a powerful source of antioxidant in whisky, which is allegic acid and the terms of organic compounds.

Indeed, there is the term called “moderate drinking” which refers to the amount of drinking per day. I mean, moderate drinking is balancing of drinking act per day such as in one full day you drink 12 ounces mineral, 5 ounces beer, and 1 ounce whisky.  Meanwhile, whisky is the healthiest form of alcohol available and  this is the list of possible benefits of drinking whisky.

1. Improve Brain Function 

Meanwhile, you may not believe it that drinking whisky can improve your brain function, but it is. A study in 2003 proved that moderate amount of drinking whisky can lower the risk of brain disorders. However, drinking whisky would not make you smarter than you ever before, but it helps you to think clearer and sharper.

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2. Weight Loss

Indeed, whisky contains no fat and little amount of sodium. Thus, there are calories and carbohydrates contents in whisky in small amount. Whisky contains simple sugar that can be break down in body to be energy for body fuel.  Then, it is good for body in order to get weight loss. So, it was right if you say that drinking whisky can lose muscle tone due to excessive alcohol.

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3. Cancer Prevention 

Meanwhile, we all have been so frustrating about how cancer became the number one killer in the world. Thus, there is always way to prevent it before it gets worse. Indeed, whisky contains a rich source of ellagic acid. Further, ellagic acid is the most powerful antioxidant compound that we can use as a weapon to prevent cancer cells growth. Furthermore, antioxidant is the most powerful compound to fight free radicals that cause diseases.

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4. Diabetes Prevention 

Diabetes is the condition that causes high blood sugar level and till 2013, there are 382 million people had diabetes. Meanwhile, drinking whisky in controlled amount can be used to lower the risk of diabetes. Further, a moderate amount of whisky can improve body function to control insulin and glucose levels, around 30% to 40% improvement. So, it may be useful to help lowering the chance of diabetes in blood sugar.

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5. Improve Heart Health 

Heart health is important in functioning various organ systems, yet as we get older the system gets weaker. Indeed, the risks of getting heart disease such as cardiovascular is bigger. Thus, whiskey has been consistently shown in protecting heart health. Further, a study shown that people who drinks whisky in basis amount get the lower chance to have stroke or heart attack. So, it must be a good news.

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6. Blood Clots 

In relation to the previous point, whisky can reduce blood clotting. Meanwhile, blood clotting is good when you have bleed wound so you can stop bleeding. Nevertheless, blood clotting can cause you to stroke, hearth attack, and death if that happens to key junctures in your blood vessels or arteries. Meanwhile, whisky is blood thinner that also meant to increase the amount of good cholesterol and lower the effect of bad cholesterol.

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7. Immune System Booster 

Well, you probably ever seen a movie scene where they pour whisky when they had fever or infection. Well, that was true. A several study have shown that whisky has the natural ability to boost immune system. As it has the powerful source of antioxidant and levels of vitamin in organic compounds to stimulate immune function. So, whisky can be so beneficial in preventing illness, infection, regular cold, and overall immune functions.

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8. Dementia Prevention 

Dementia is actually a short-term of brain disorder where people with dementia having a bad lack to remember simple memory such as where he takes glasses, wallet, keys, and anything. Thus, the symptom can get worse. Indeed, allegic acid as the powerful source of antioxidant can help the mental decline of dementia and as well prevent the risk of Alzheimer.

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9. Digestion Prevention

In moderate amount, whisky can be beneficial to improve digestion prevention. However, drinking whisky in moderation amount has been long used to absorb better the meal we eat. Also, it can prevent us from stomach diseases and indigestion. Then, whisky is also stop us from overeating.


10. Sore Throat Treatment

Meanwhile, it may be strange because whisky can cure your sore throat. Indeed, the alcohol amount in whisky is used as the antiseptic to clean bacteria on your throat and helping to press agent on aching tonsils. Further, you can mix whisky with warm water and honey. The beverage can be useful as remedy for the sore throat.

11. Stroke Prevention 

As we get older, our heart function is getting frail. Indeed, whisky have the blood-thinning properties which can fight bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure by relaxing the arteries wall. Also, the fact is whisky compounds encourage a better blood circulation. As a result, drinking whisky in moderate amount can lower the risk of experiencing stroke.

12. Memory Improvement 

Meanwhile, there was movie scenes where they forgot everything they did after an excess whisky party. Well, that’s right but when you drink whisky wisely, you can improve your memory by it. In moderate amount, drinking whisky can improve blood circulation to brain and send fresh oxygen also nutrients organ to systems as well. As a result, this smooth circulation will automatically improve your memory better and more powerful.

13. Energy Booster 

Whether it is scientific or not, people who constantly drink whisky in moderate amount have believed it that whisky is the best energy booster. It seems like whisky is the natural energy drink that after we drink one shot, we absolutely feel like a better person. Then, there is one positive suggestion that whisky boosts our energy to make us feel spirit again.


14. Stress Curer 

Well, stress is now became number one symptom that could kill us. Meanwhile, every beat of life can cause us to feel stressed out such us having unsteady job, heart broken, traffic and more. Thus, whisky is stress relief. Whisky calms the nerves and improve circulation. Also, the suggestion of happiness in every drop of whisky can magically relax us. Indeed, that is why people drink whisky after a long rough week just to feel okay again.

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The Shocking Reasons to Drink Whisky

There are many argument flying about whisky, whether it is bad or not to drink. Meanwhile, drinking whisky in moderate amount can possibly give you benefits.

15. Live Longer 

Well, it is a shocking fact that drinking whisky promote your age longer. Indeed, whisky contains a powerful antioxidant that can fight free radicals. It also means that whisky can kill viruses and bacteria that cause you to chronic diseases. So, you can be free from serious disease and promote you a healthier body. As a result, you have the possibility to live longer. Further, a study in 2010 by Research Society on Alcoholism found that adult moderate drinkers had lower mortality rate. So, let’s now shot a whisky for better or worse.

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16. Hangover Free

There are many types of alcoholic beverage that cause you to get drunk when you drink it even just a shot such as beer or vodka. Worse, most of alcoholic beverage cause you headache and nausea even in small amount. Meanwhile, whisky is almost all hangover free. You wouldn’t fall off the floor after you drink a glass of whisky. Mostly, if you know your limit and control it in moderate drinking. So, have fine safe drink everybody.

17. Water of Life 

The origin of whisky comes from the old Gaelic word uisce (or uisge) meaning “water” and beatha in Scottish Gaelic: uisge beatha “water of life.” It implies the meaning that likely mineral water, whisky is the water of life. Even in the old days, growing even now, whisky is believed contains medicinal properties as people favorite tipple.

18. Low Carbs and Fat Free Beverage 

As it noted, one shot of whisky or about 30ml contains zero fat and just 0.4 carbs. That means you can stay healthy by not gaining weight when you drink whisky in moderate range. So, you can also stay slim, wear your favorite skinny jeans, and get more shot of whisky.

19. Everlasting Beverage 

As it mentioned, whisky is actually a stilled beverage. The production of whisky is by stilling the organic ingredients such as wheat, grape, and corn in special wooden tube for years. Even a hundred years to get it more tastefully and expensive. That is why whisky will always be there, everlasting beverage. Moreover, whisky can also be stilled in below freezing temperature. Also, the longer it gets stilled, the more tastefully the whisky is. 

20. Some World’s Leaders Drink Whiskey

Meanwhile, whisky seems to be everyone’s favorite beverage for life. Even some big leaders such as Hillary Clinton drinks whisky on the regular. Then, Jack Donaghy drank whisky to help him through in ruling Kabletown. Also, Winston Churchill, was the Britain Prime Minister loved to drink whisky for breakfast. In the end, Mark Twain, the top poet of the world even quoted something like, “Too much bad thing is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.”

21. Long-term Investment

Well, back to the last statement that whisky is the everlasting beverage. Especially, a hundred years whiskey cost high than you ever thought. As the longer the stilling process is, the cost higher it will be. So, let us now buy a rare type of whisky bottle and let’s see how they will pay you after ten years or so. As a result, it may be your long-term investment that worth.

22. Delicious

There are many types of whisky with different taste and alcohol percentage. Meanwhile, comparing it with another alcoholic beverage, whisky has delicious taste. Whether it stilled made from wheat, grape, corn, or mixed, all is delicious taste. Moreover, you can put many garlic on your whisky like put lemon, honey, and even bacon on your glass. It is delicious.

23. Happier

You are a happier person after you drink a shot of whiskey. Whether that is just a suggestion or scientifically proven, that is true. For some whisky lovers, absolutely whisky is their best friends that always on the side to be with them through every situation of life. However, the sensation just make your soul happier. That’s the point.

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24. Improve Productivity

Meanwhile, whisky is mostly consumed by creative people or those with hard-thinking activities. Likewise, art makers drink whisky to get more inspiration or just simply to get relaxation time. Then, most of writers drink whisky to clear their mind from writer’s block or so. In the end, drinking whisky can help those people to get a sharp brain to think, more ideas, and inspiration so they can be more productive.

Skin Beauty Trick with Whisky

25. Smooth Skin 

Meanwhile, whisky can be also use to clean some black dark lines in skin. Further, you can mix aloe leaf, some rosewater, and a teaspoon of bourbon. Then, swap it on your skin with cotton. Remember, do not put it too much otherwise it will dry your skin. Yet, do it regularly and see the result. Thus, whisky here as an antiseptic.


Meanwhile, there are some possible benefits you will get when you drink. The point is it will be good or bad in your hand, just if you now your limit. Otherwise, it can just harm yourself.

A Word of Cation for Drinking Whisky

As we have been reading about the possible benefits you will get by drinking whisky, we need to remember about the dark sides of drinking whisky. Remember that alcoholism, no matter what is this, can harm the body. Then, some people are drinking moderation, still it needs to be handle so well. Moreover, some people who love to drink will be addicted, wanting it more and more, harm the body. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism:

1. Heavy drinking can troll the body: Causing inflammation and scarring of the liver. Also, excessive drinking can increase blood pressure and damage heart muscle.

2. Drinking whisky can improve your brain function, yet if you drink for excessive, it will brain brain cells.

3. The World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research found that drinking too much whisky will promote cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, breast, and colon.

4. Heavy drinking promote liver cancer and colorectal cancer in women.

5. Women in pregnancy is not recommended to drink any alcohol in order to protect the baby.

6. 18.2 million people in America have the criteria for alcohol abuse or alcoholism.

7. One of the case of violent crimes.

8. Alcohol abuse costs more than $185 billion dollars a year.

9. More than 16,000 people die each year in automobile accidents in which alcohol is involved. That is why the campaign of “Don’t drunk and drive” is massive now.

10. Alcohol promotes vary fatal diseases.

11. Drinking problem is also effect negatively for their families, friends, personal lives, whether mentally and emotionally.

12. Moderation drinking is pretty cool, but it also has a risk such as disrupting sleep.

13.  There is dangerous way with variety of medications, including acetaminophen, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, painkillers, and sedatives.

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Meanwhile, whisky can be both toxin and poison at the same time. Like most of things in the world, everything has it’s own good and bad side. However, the wisest way to drinking whisky is by knowing our limit and the safe time when we can and cannot consume it. Also, be smart not to give detrimental to the body. Further, whisky is addictive beverage, which means your tolerance of drinking will increasing as you try to drink. However, moderation drinking is the best solution and balancing it with mineral and juice would be greater. As a result, take the shot of goodness of whisky.