18 Health Benefits of Unsweetened Iced Tea (No.10 is Excellent!)

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Having a fresh ice tea is what people want to have a drink on such a hot day. Also, by having the crisp and slightly astringent flavor, ice tea becomes a favorite drink to the most people. However, there are two options to be chosen as a drink menu. You may find people who love a sweet ice tea with a high or little intake of sugar composition to drink. Then, in contrast, there are few people who do not even want to put sugar in their tea. Indeed, they call their drink as unsweetened ice tea.

So, what is the difference between the sweet ice tea and the unsweetened ice tea in benefits terms? Well, the answer absolutely goes to the presence of the sugar as well. People who choose the unsweetened ice tea as their option to drink may manage the sugar consumption as well as they try to prevent the certain health problems which are linked to the presence of blood sugar level. There, indeed, unsweetened ice tea really has a beneficial role to the body health.


In addition, to know more about the health benefits you can get from consuming unsweetened ice tea, you may want to check the following statements below.

1. No Calories Contained

Say no to the presence of calories in the body! By having a great food to eat daily, you may help to promote the health as well. As the consequence, if you drink the unsweetened ice tea, you help your own body to lower the calories level. It is due to the presence of no sugar inside the tea. Then, it is better to consume unsweetened ice tea as an option to drink compared to other drinks that are heavy in sugar such as soda.

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2. No Sugar Contained

As explained, unsweetened sugar is having no sugar contained. With this, it helps you to prevent certain health problems which caused by the high level of sugar present in the blood. As a result, if you choose unsweetened iced tea to drink, a chance to get the risks of having diabetes getting lower day by day.

3. An Option for Diet Menu

As a matter of fact, cultures teach us to drink tea daily due to the health benefits which tea has provided to the body. Consequently, many industries and companies try to make this beverage as the main ingredient of diet products. Thus, you may want to drink it in the morning or when you have time to relax in case having a good and healthy diet.


4. Hydrates Body

As tea is a kind of infused water, so it also takes part in hydrating the body. Then, if you want to have a tasty drink, it is recommended to drink unsweetened ice tea as a substitute of drinking plain water.

5. Prevents Diabetes

While adding sugar to your iced tea, you also add the potential risks of having certain health problems. Indeed, the presence of blood in sugar is a major contributing factor of diabetes. At this point, diabetes has been a nightmare to people who suffer from this disease. It takes hard way to get rid of this kind of chronic diseases. Therefore, we must prevent the risks of getting diabetes by managing the sugar consumption as well. Thus, having unsweetened ice tea might be great option to choose.

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6. Prevents Obesity

One of the health benefits of unsweetened iced tea is the way it prevents the obesity. Indeed, this statement is linked to the previous number that stated the presence of no sugar in unsweetened ice tea. Then, with no sugar contained, it helps you to manage weight as well as preventing the obesity.

7. Acts as Antioxidants Properties

It is known that unsweetened ice tea provides a good source of antioxidants contained. By having antioxidants, this beverage takes part to fight against the risks of having a certain disease. Also, this nutrient is good to protect the body from damage caused by harmful things such as bad environmental exposures and toxins.


8. Prevents Free Radicals

This statement will be linked to the previous statement as unsweetened ice tea contains a good amount of antioxidants, it also prevents free radicals which cause the damaging cells in the body.

9. Prevents Cancer

The next health benefits of unsweetened iced tea are the way this beverage prevents cancer as well as it provides good antioxidants contained. Also, the presence of flavonoids helps to lower the risk of having cancer cells in the body.

10. A Caffeine Properties

It is known that an ideal amount of caffeine is beneficial to the body health. As the consequence, due to the presence of caffeine in both black and green tea, it will help to promote mental health as well it boosts the mental concentration greatly. Still, consuming a drink which has caffeine contained is best to consume in moderate.

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11. Source of Manganese

Unsweetened iced tea surprisingly having a role in providing a good source of manganese. As a result, each 4-ounce of tea serving offers 260 micrograms. As this beverage contains manganese, it helps to maintain the body health including heals the wound, strengthen the bones and supports the metabolism. Not only for that, the health benefits of unsweetened iced tea is including to activate the enzyme which helps in preventing the tissue damage.

12. Promotes Fluoride Intake

Another health benefits that unsweetened ice tea offers to us is the way it increases the fluoride intake which has a beneficial function to the body include to fluoride the bones and teeth and fights tooth decay.

13. Source of Flavonoids

Flavonoids are kind of phytonutrients which act as powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory benefits. On the other hand, tea is known as the best source of flavonoids contained. By consuming foods that are rich in flavonoids, it fights certain chronic diseases including heart diseases. To fulfill the needs of flavonoids in the body, you can also eat natural flavonoids foods such as strawberries, grapes, and citrus fruit as options.

14. Source of Polyphenols

Tea is a superfood that helps you to lower the risks of certain cancer. Besides, it is polyphenols that naturally work and found in tea. In addition, polyphenols are also great to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut.

15. Lowers Risks of Heart Attack

As described before, consuming flavonoids foods help to prevent heart diseases as well as it prevents hardening of the arteries. As a result, it helps to reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke well.


16. Soothes Digestion System

Research has shown that herbal teas can be good for people with irritable bowel syndrome as the tea acts as an antispasmodic. Then, it is best to consume unsweetened ice tea as an option to maintain the good digestion system.

17. Soothes the Bleeding Gums

Wet a tea bag with cool water and press it directly to the bleeding gums spot. It is believed that the ice tea will help to stop the bleeding and soothe the pain.

18. Boosts Immune System

With all the health benefits that unsweetened ice tea has provided, indeed, it boosts the immune system greatly. Also, with antioxidants contained, it prevents any harmful effects and prevents certain health problems as well.


Now you know the health benefits that unsweetened ice tea promised to be given to your body. Moreover, we will also give you the great tips for consuming this kind of beverages below. Check it out!

Tips for Consuming

  • If you are going to make unsweetened ice tea, it is best to pour the hot water first into the tea to prevent the bacterial growth and food poisoning. Allow the tea steep for at least two hours or you can add fresh mint to add some flavor. After that, you can add some ice into the cup or glass. Then, your ice tea is ready to be enjoyed.
  • Next, you may want to have unsweetened ice tea to control the sugar consumption well, however, there is an alternative way to get the sweet ice tea one with the safe and healthy way at the same time. By considering to use natural sweeteners such as honey, will give the wonderful taste of your ice tea. Then, not only adding the sweetness, you have succeeded to add the benefits in your precious ice tea there.
  • Adding fresh fruits to your unsweetened ice tea may also help to give more flavors. For recipe tips, adding raspberries or blueberries is such a great way to sweeten your ice tea.

In conclusion, unsweetened ice tea is a great way to achieve the body health. Indeed, to control the sugar consumption from food we have eaten is a must to do. Hence, we can prevent certain health problems that could happen in anytime and anywhere. Thus, if you want to start a healthy lifestyle, you can consume this fresh unsweetened ice tea as a perfect step for getting best health results. Cheers!