42 Top Benefits Of Alligator Pepper for Health

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Alligator pepper. What crosses your mind when you heard the name. If you have never heard that name before, you are not alone, either. The name alligator pepper is not familiar like the other normal spices we would hear, such as turmeric, cumin or even black and white peppers. Alligator peppers are mostly used in some African regions, even though that alligator peppers can be found in some part of Asia, and even have been multiple times in Asian herbal medicines, the use of alligator pepper as the home remedies are still not being known to many people yet, and the use is quite minimal.

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Before we learn the health benefits of alligator pepper and the side effects of this amazing spice, we first have to know about the origin of alligator pepper and what is alligator pepper.

What is Alligator pepper?

Alligator pepper is also known as mbongo spice (by the West Africans) or hepper pepper. Alligator pepper is originally from West Africa and mostly used in West African cuisine such as classic West African soups which are also known as stews. Alligator pepper is generally being sold as only the seeds and as a spice, it is usually being sold like grains with its skins being removed.

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Alligator pepper is being used sparingly due to it is really expensive. Usually, the west Africans will be pounded in a pestle and mortar, then only half of its are added as flavoring into the west Africans cuisine or rice.
Apart from being used in cuisine, alligator pepper also has some cultural significance. Like in Yoruba culture, for example, newly born babies are being given a pinch of alligator pepper to taste shortly after their birth.

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Alligator pepper is not only being used in west African culture but also Asian. Mostly, alligator pepper has been used in Asia in traditional medicine to heal many diseases. The plant of alligator pepper also has many distinctive health and medical benefits. In many parts of Asia, Alligator pepper is used as an effective herb to treat snakes’ bites.
Alligator pepper is an amazing gift from mother nature, below we have listed the health benefits of alligator pepper.

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1. Anti oxidant

Alligator pepper has many nutrients hidden and can protect your body from free radicals. It is also can offer protections against viruses. Free radicals can bring damage to your bodies such as cancer, chemical liver damage and many more, but with the anti oxidant feature in alligator pepper, you will be protected from the free radicals.

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2. Healing

By crushing alligator pepper’s seeds, it can be used to preparing concoctions for healing and treating wounds. Alligator pepper is known for its distinguished healing property because it has a high amount of tannin. Tannin is very effective in healing burns wounds and surgical wounds.

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3. Relieve you from your stomach pain

Alligator pepper seeds is beneficial in treating gastrointestinal problems or any problems such as stomach pain caused by food poisoning, intestinal worms, diarrhea, periods cramps and many more.

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4. Anti bacterial property

Studies have proved that alligator Pepper’s extract can affect the growth of bacteria such as Salmonella, Kblesiella pneumonia, Staphylococcus Aureus and many other. Due to this unique property of alligator pepper, it is normally used as disinfectants. Read also: Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair

5. Being used in food

As mentioned before, alligator peppers are usually being added to soups, rice, and to prepare many assorted cuisines. Apart from being added to main dishes, alligator pepper seeds and leaves are also being used in making a salad. Also read: Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

6. Helps digestion

If you are experiencing digestions problem such as bloating or constipation, alligator pepper is the best spice to add in your food to help you with easy food digestion and prevent bloating or constipation. Also read: Health Risk of Obesity

7. Controls your blood sugar

Consuming alligator pepper is good for individuals with diabetes. Alligator pepper helps lower your blood sugar and helps to maintain it, which will protect them from other complications diseases that can come along with diabetes such amputation. Also read: Diabetes Treatment

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8. Skin Care

Apart from being used mostly in food, alligator peppers are used in herbal medicine and herbal remedy to cure skin infections, such as chicken pox and small pox. Health Benefits of Huckleberry

Apart from the eight health benefits of alligator peppers listed above, below are are many other health benefits of alligator pepper.

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More Alligator Pepper Uses

Indeed, here more health benefits of alligator pepper:

  1. Asthma
  2. Indigestion
  3. Body ache
  4.  Dysentery
  5. Anti inflammatory
  6. Aphrodisiac
  7.  Stimulant
  8. Malaria treatment
  9. Weight loss
  10. Energy booster
  11. Sperm booster
  12. Worm expellant
  13. Heals Gonorrhea
  14. Heals vomiting
  15. Heals postpartum bleeding
  16. Anti cancer
  17. Heals muscle pain
  18. Heals arthritis
  19. Boost immune system
  20. Heals Flu or common cold
  21. Helps blood flow
  22. Calming inflammation
  23. Cardiovascular health
  24. Protects body at cellular level
  25. Remove harmful bacteria and allow helpful bacteria to thrive
  26. Body detox
  27. Treat depression
  28. Heals menstruation cramp
  29. Burns belly fate
  30. Skin care

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Herbal Uses of Alligator Pepper

One of many benefits of consuming of alligator pepper is to eliminate fibroids. Fibroids are the condition of the abnormal growth of women’s uterus. One experiment proved that around forty percent of women have fibroids before reaching their menopause. Alligator pepper surely has the beneficial property that can control and eliminate fibroids altogether.

Other herbal health benefits of alligator peppers are:

  1. liver detoxification
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Herbal supplements

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Side effects of Alligator Pepper

Though are no recorded side effects of alligator peppers but it is advisable for pregnant women and lactating mother to not consume it. According to an experiment led by an American medical institution, consuming alligator peppers will cause termination and miscarriages. The same experiment concluded that consuming alligator peppers can reduce the production of breast milk for lactating mothers.

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Healthy changes from consuming alligator pepper

Alligator pepper surely has many nutrients from it’s seeds to its leaf. We have only listed briefly the health benefits of alligator pepper. But after regular consumption of alligator peppers, what healthy changes can you expect from your body? When you are in the diet, not all foods are proven to be helpful, some foods are even proved to be harmful to consume when you are on diet.

But alligator pepper is the exception, you can combine consuming alligator peppers with a healthy diet, it will only make you healthier instead of bringing unwanted harms to the body.  You can also combine doing regular exercise and alligator consumption for weight loss or to maintain a healthy weight of your body. Not only that, alligator peppers are also saved to consume when you are under certain medication, the immune booster property of alligator peppers, will not bring any negative side effects to the body. If anything, alligator pepper will only help to fasten the healing process.

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Now that you have learned the health benefits of alligator peppers, you can include in your daily diet or your salad. Remember to always consume it within the limits and get immediate medical attention if you have experiencing some side effects.

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