10 Scientific Health Benefits of Purple Tea

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Rosella flower is only one of millions beautiful flowers over the globe. In some countries, including Indonesia, the beauty of the flower is not only seen as an aesthetic object, yet the flower can be processed into a healthy herbal tea which is really good for human health.

Rosella tea, that is the name of refined product from the flower, has been processed into herbs and widely consumed by many people. The tea has purple red color dominated by the purple essence of the flower. Then, it is more popular to be called as purple tea. The health benefits of purple tea is now being more scrutinized since the flower has 4 times recovery power to serve anti-oxide and maintain the human’s organ health. Here is the description of purple tea nutrient which you might need to know more.

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Purple Tea Nutrient

Rosella always blossoms each year, unless it gets old. Cultivating it doesn’t need too much effort; you may simply plant it on the polybag and wait until it gets bigger before removing to the larger soil area. The tree can grow up to 5 meters. The flowers are very pretty, yet beneficial for contributing human health by being extracted into tea. The purple tea is a refine product of rosella made from the flower which contains calcium, carotene, niacin, thiamin, calcium, fat, protein, water, and riboflavin. Further description of purple tea nutrient will described as follows

  • 260-300 mg nutrients including vitamin A, C, and D
  • 0,118 mg thiamin, 0,278 n riboflavin
  • 486 mg calcium
  • 8,9 mg zinc
  • Natrium and essential amino acid
  • 12 gr fiver, omega 3, and magnesium

Such nutrient are working together to make the very beneficial and healthy tea to be consumed by human. The taste might not as good as chamomile or twinning tea, but the health benefits of purple tea contributes way much better than them. Based on the research on the laboratory, purple tea has moderation portion to consumed, of which we will know later in this article.

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  1. Skin Beauty

Along as its beauty and aesthetic appearance, the flower being extracted into tea surprisingly can be used to beauty treatment. Purple tea can help you to get such health and fresh skin. Particularly, purple tea will aid to regenerate and revitalize skin cells so that it got renewed which is mostly faced problem by elder woman who wants to have such anti-aging effect on their skin.

Drinking purple tea regularly each week will make your skin looks brighter, tight, moisture, and fresh. It is caused by the flower has such essential protein, amino acid, and vitamin C which are really good to make your skin looks tight and healthy. Would you like to try to consume it by now?

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  1. Cancer Prevention

Purple tea has such compounds which can prevent the dangerous cancer cells inside the body. As we know that every human has cancer cells and will be develop according to our lifestyle, consuming purple tea will prevent it as well. DNA broken on the cells can be solved by tons of purple tea’s essence such as anti-oxide and vitamins to prevent the risk of suffered from cancer.

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  1. Anti-Oxide Source

On the rosella’s petals there has phenolic compound functioning as anti-oxide source. It is four times bigger than the anti-oxide inside java tea (kumis kucing). The anti-oxide has complex essence like antosianin and gossipetin which give extra protection to the aging, heart attack symptoms, diabetic, and cancer. Furthermore, the anti-oxide will extremely good to be used as free radical prevention particularly when you are daily working or dong activity outside.

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  1. Immunity Boosting

Purple tea is very useful to improve and boost the body immune. As we know that the immunity is quite important to prevent and protect the body out of disease, it needs to be maintained well. Consuming purple tea regularly will increase the body immune simultaneously since its anti-oxide and high level of vitamin C will extremely work for your body health. Drinking the tea in the morning will be much better.

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  1. Blood Pressure Balancing

Purple tea may fit the perfect option to reduce the blood pressure. High blood pressure will stimulate much worse condition such as cholesterol, problematic metabolism, and stroke. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consume purple tea regularly to help the body balancing the blood pressure for hyper tense patients. People who drink rosella tea for 12 days proven to have the decrease systolic blood pressure of 11,2 %.

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  1. Natural Weight Loss

What’s next health benefits of purple tea? For those who are having excessive weigh gained, purple tea is the perfect choice to be included as part of daily diet menu. The vitamin C inside the tea may help the body to release the fat and cholesterol when you are sleeping.

Therefore, it is quite recommended to consume the tea right before going to sleep in the night to improve the metabolism system too. When your body has a fit and smooth metabolism, then the weigh lost process will be much easier to ease the diet program of weight loss.

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  1. Obsolescent Bones Prevention

Rosella flowers, which are the main component of purple tea have complex useful compounds such as calcium, potassium, zinc, and vitamin D. The very useful component will help your bones to be obsolescent particularly for those who are in elderly age. Strengthening the bones is quite important so that you can still be fit and strong throughout the age.

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  1. Blood Pressure Controlling

If you are suffering from unstable blood pressure, you can normalize it by consuming purple tea regularly. Purple tea will help the body to stable the blood pressure by its multiple benefits of calcium, mineral, protein, and vitamins. By having a stable blood pressure, you will be rid of dangerous illness such as heart attack and stroke.

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  1. Excretion Smoothing

The high fiber containing in the tea is very beneficial for those who are having constipation or excretion problem. Consuming purple tea continuously in the morning before having breakfast will boost and improve the metabolism ability to do the excretion process well. Don’t forget to also balance it by consuming more vegetables and fruit to get the maximum benefits of the tea.

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  1. Degenerative Diseases Protection

The compound concentration like phenolic substance is very useful as the anti-oxide which protects the body out of degenerative diseases like cancer or diabetic. You might have applied healthy life style and less stress, but somehow when you get the gen of cancer or diabetic, you can get suffered of it. Therefore, protecting the body out of the diseases is very much essential.

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Cautions You Need to Know About Purple Tea

Although there are many health benefits of purple tea, let’s just check out the cautions before you consume it:

  • If you are having low blood pressure, it is strongly recommended to not consume purple tea because it will only bring the blood pressure to be lower. Wait until you have a balance blood pressure so that you will be safe when consuming the drink.
  • Someone who is going to have medical surgery is not recommended to consume purple tea at least 2 or 3 weeks before it goes on. This is due to the effect of purple tea which might disturb the blood circulation and mess the sugar blood up during the surgery and after.
  • Breastfeeding mother is not allowed to consume purple tea without wise moderation since it may influence the breast milk production. Young pregnant mother is neither prohibited to consume the tea while it may trigger some pregnancy risk.
  • For those who are consuming vitamin C supplement is suggested not to drink purple tea because the vitamin C inside the purple tea is very high up tp 20 times of oranges and tomatoes. If you consume vitamin C supplement while you are also drinking purple tea, it might lead your body to have excessive vitamin C that it will be wasteful and lost its effectiveness.
  • If you are having ulcer history, it will be much better to consume it before having meal since the acid formula inside the tea can lead the gastric acid up.

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Those are several facts and health benefits of purple tea which you really need to be read and understood further. Now, you have had new insight and knowledge of purple tea benefits that you can start consuming it as part of your healthy life style. Once you know the benefits, you can spread up the news out more!

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