37 Health Benefits of Eating Jaggery #Natural Antioxidant

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Do you know something about jaggery? Maybe it is a unknown name for us. So what about brown sugar or palm sugar that has shape usually cube or spherical? Yup. That is jaggery. There are two types of food and beverage sweeteners or what we call sugar consumed by the people of Indonesia. Both types of sugar are white sugar and brown sugar or also often referred to as palm sugar or jaggery. White sugar has a fine texture shaped like a grain of sand, therefore white sugar is also often referred to as sugar.

White sugar or sugar is made from sugar cane extract. While palm sugar or brown sugar or jaggery has a dense texture with brownish red, brown sugar made from traditionally processed palm juice. This brown sugar is less popular than white sugar or sugar. But the benefits of brown sugar or jaggery is good for health.

Brown sugar or jaggery is often used as a sweetener of healthy foods and drinks. Brown sugar (jaggery) contains fewer calories than sugar. This is certainly very good and can be a happy news for those of you who like the sweet foods and not afraid to be obesity. Brown sugar is a typical sugar from Indonesia and only exist in Indonesia made from processing sap. Nira used different from coconut palm, palm and siwalan. Nira itself is a liquid that comes out of the palm-type tree. Indeed, here are the health benefits of eating jaggery. 

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Nutrients in Jaggery

Brown sugar or jaggery has been made long ago even before the presence of sugar. Brown sugar or jaggery is made by cultivating sap with cooked for several hours and many made by people on the island of Java so that sugar is also referred to as sugar Java. Once there is a sugarcane plantation and introduced by the invaders then it appears sugar sugar is preferred by the community because it tastes sweeter.

Brown sugar or jaggery is often used as an alternative to sugar because it is considered better for health. The calorie content that is in brown sugar is smaller than the premises sugar and also contains unsaturated fats so it is very good for you. Also in 100 grams of brown sugar (jaggery) contains 90 mg of calcium, vitamin A, beta carotene, iron and lactoflavin.

In addition to these ingredients, there are also other nutritional content such as vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, ascorbatic acid, mineral salts, protein and vitamin A. other than that other benefits of eating brown sugar is sugar Red does not contain cholesterol and it is definitely very good for the body.

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Because the nutritional content that is in jaggery (brown sugar) is very much and good for the body then the benefits of this brown sugar for health is also certainly a lot. In addition to health, brown sugar is also good for beauty. Here are some of the benefits of brown sugar for health and beauty you need to know:

1. Inhibits premature aging

The first benefit of brown sugar is to help prevent premature aging. In this brown sugar contain nutrients that can smooth blood circulation, increase blood, warm the stomach, relieve pain and strengthen the spleen. For those of you who are elderly are also advised to consume brown sugar because it helps the body absorb more nutrients and vitamins. As is known that the old age of absorption of nutrients and nutrients in the body will be reduced.

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2. Natural Antioxidant Sources 

From research conducted in Japan to get the result that this sugar contains molasses where the main function of this substance is to become a natural antioxidant for the body that can counteract any free radicals that can inhibit the occurrence of premature aging of the skin so it will look more youthful and looks bright and shine.

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3. Skin care

Brown sugar can also be used as a skin care ingredient that is safe and healthy. In brown sugar there is a content of substances in the form of spheres which if used for facials can help lift dead cells in the face. You can use this natural mask of brown sugar easily and with the help of other natural herbal ingredients.

How to make a mask of brown sugar is to pound the brown sugar until smooth and then mix with olive oil and scrubs that you normally use. After you mix it flat and smooth then apply on your face and let stand for approximately 5 minutes and rub gently as a facial usually on your face. After enough you can rinse it clean with warm water. Do this treatment 2 times a week to get maximum results. Then look at your smoother and luminous facial changes.

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4. Fight Free Radicals 

Brown sugar can be a good source of antioxidants to the body so it can ward off free radicals and prevent you from various types of diseases, especially skin cancer that can be caused by free radicals. By eating brown sugar regularly will make your body becomes healthier than people who do not eat brown sugar.

5. Prevents anemia

The iron content in the brown sugar is high enough that it is very good for those of you who suffer from anemia and can prevent anemia. The function of this iron is to produce red blood cells so that it can overcome the symptoms of blood deficiency. Anemia can not be left alone because it can get worse and cause more dangerous complications of other diseases. Therefore, regularly consume brown sugar, especially for those of you who have anemia disease.

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6. Boost the immune system

Inside brown sugar also contains nutrients that function to smooth blood circulation. When the blood circulation smoothly then the function and performance of the body organs will become more maximal again. It is also the same as three benefits by boosting the immune system. With the increase of the body’s immune system will be able to fight against viruses, bacteria and germs that cause disease is stronger so you do not get sick easily anymore.

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7. Stabilize cholesterol levels in the blood

Brown sugar does not contain cholesterol so it is safe to eat. In addition other content in brown sugar such as niacin that serves as a controller of cholesterol levels in the blood. So the benefits of consuming brown sugar is doubled is not it? Not only zero cholesterol but also can reduce the amount of excessive cholesterol in the body. Other than that the other function of niacin is able to smooth and maintain skin health.

8. Smooth digestive system

The content of niacin in brown sugar not only serves as a cholesterol controller but also helps the digestive system become more fluent. With a smooth digestive system will make the body protected from various types of digestive diseases such as constipation, colon cancer and others. In addition if the digestion smoothly then it can make the body become more healthy and weight can be more easily controlled.

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9. Smooth blood circulation

The problem of non-current blood circulation is one type of disorder that can cause some serious types of illness. With this blood clot can make the body at risk of various diseases such as high blood pressure or hypertension, heart disease and stroke. By eating brown sugar can help smooth blood circulation and prevent you from cardiovascular disease is very serious and dangerous.

10. Helps lose weight

If you are currently on a diet and like a sweet meal but because of this diet you should avoid it. But you do not have to worry anymore because you can replace sugar on your food and sugary drinks with brown sugar only. This is because brown sugar contains low calorie so it is safe to eat even though you are dieting at this time. So you can still eat sweet but still healthy.

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11. Treating canker sores

Well if you are currently experiencing canker sores then one of the best medicine that can be obtained is to use brown sugar. Brown sugar contains excellent niacin to relieve canker sores. Thrush is very disturbing to the sufferer because they are so difficult to eat and talk so that the body can also be thin with this canker sores. How to use this brown sugar to treat canker sores can be done by attaching brown sugar on the lips are exposed to canker sores only. Do it regularly and your canker sores will subside faster.

12. As a mixture of medicinal herbs

Palm sugar is also useful as a mixture in medicinal herbs whose function is as a sweetener is mainly used in herbal ingredients that it may taste rather strange and bitter. By adding brown sugar will make the herbs become more delicious and sweet. In addition, brown sugar is also good for health.

13. Clean the blood

Another benefit you can get from this brown sugar is to clean the blood of various types of toxic substances that are in it. Dirty blood is very potential to cause various types of health problems so it must be cleaned.

14. Prevent cough and fever

This brown sugar can also help prevent cough and fever. This is because the nature of brown sugar that cools so as to suppress the cough, especially for dry cough type. You can make hot tea drink by using brown sugar. By eating brown sugar on a regular basis can make your cough quickly subsided.

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15. Prevent asthma

Symptoms of asthma will usually arise when the air becomes cold and the body can not keep up. Brown sugar can warm the body so it can help to stabilize body temperature and prevent you from the recurrence of asthma symptoms. In addition, people with asthma is advised not to consume sugar and replace it with brown sugar only.

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More Jaggery Benefits

Indeed, there are many health benefits of eating jaggery, here are:

  1. Digestive agent
  2. Cleansing agent
  3. Constipation
  4. Source of mineral
  5. Source of Energy
  6. Natural sweetener
  7. As seasoning
  8. Purifies blood
  9. For menstrual problems
  10. Metabolism booster
  11. Nervous system problems prevention
  12. For respiratory problems
  13. For joint pain relief
  14. Controls body temperature
  15. Liver function
  16. Improve sperm quality
  17. Warms body
  18. Treats Hiccups
  19. Cures urinary problems
  20. Immunity Booster
  21. Heals chronic cough
  22. Provides energy

So that is all health benefits of eating jaggery ( brown sugar). Hope this articles increase your knowledge and gives benefits for your healthy life.

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