22 Proven Health Benefits of Andrographis Paniculata Leaves

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Do you know what andrographis paniculata is? For some, it might be quite not so popular, but especially for Indonesia, when they heard “daun sambiloto”, they must know it. Yes, andrographis paniculata (green chiretta) is well known as daun sambiloto in Indonesia. It has been popular and widely used since ages because of tons of health benefits of the leaves. Day by day, many researches do research to prove the health benefits of andrographis paniculata. Here will be described more about andrographis paniculata for your additional new knowledge. Check them out now!

What is Andrographis Paniculata?

Andrographis paniculata belongs to wild herbal medicine which has a lot of functions to cure some diseases. You may easily find it in the garden, bank of the river, empty land, wild jungle, and anywhere. Traditional Indonesian medicine treatment has been frequently used it as part of its treatment method. The leaves can grow up to 90 cm and originally comes from tropical Asia. It was found out first in India, then, spread over the globe to Siam, Malaya, and Java.

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Andrographis Paniculata Nutrients and Plant Characteristics 

Andrographis paniculata is kind of farm plant because the branch has no wood so that its texture is quite soft and smooth. The height is quite small only up to 40 to 90 cm and strongly standing. Here are the characters of andrographis paniculata leaves which you need to know:

  • Having square branches
  • Having single and long straight leaves
  • The color of flower is white and purple
  • The fruits have 3-7 seeds with long form

Andrographis paniculata consist of several ingredients, they are flavonoid which also widely found in the roots; pan ikulinapigenin-7polimetoksiflavonmono-0-metilwithin, also andrografin. Andrographis paniculata also has keton, alkane, mineral, deoxyandrographoldi, andropraholide atau at pahit, damar, asam kersik. The ingredients are very beneficial and useful to treats some diseases.

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Behind the various health benefits of Andrographis paniculata, the leaves also contribute more for the health. Here are several health benefits of Andrographis paniculata that can be put attention. Check them out soon!

  1. Headache/Dizziness Curing

Andrographis paniculata is revealed to ease headache by consuming Andrographis paniculata extracted from the leaves powder. You can start drinking the herbs routinely for 3 times each day. The vitamins and mineral inside the leaves may give the best result for you dizziness. However, it is strongly recommended to only consume it without consuming others since it may give additional side effect.

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  1. Hyper Tense Solving

For you who are having hyper tense, you can try consuming Andrographis paniculata herbal drink to reduce and balance the blood pressure. The mixed of Andrographis paniculata herbal drink with honey will work effectively to balance the high blood pressure. You can drink it regularly each day during the treatment to get the best effect.

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  1. Reducing Fever

When you are having fever, the body will feel sore and painful. It is due to the nerves and cells contraction during the fever which struggle against the bacteria. You have to prepare one boiled Andrographis paniculata herbs with water or honey if you want too. Then, drink the boiled water regularly to get the maximum benefits of the leaves.

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  1. Typhoid Fever Treating

Typhoid is such a heavy disease which often suffered by most Indonesian. The symptom is attacking human body immunity and triggering weak and low body immunity. When you are having typhoid, you can consume the herbs of Andrographis paniculata by boiling it and drinking it while it is still warm. The complex vitamins and mineral inside the herb will help you boost the immunity and health system.

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  1. Diabetic Curing

Diabetic is one of the most popular diseases currently happening in Indonesia and probably over the globe. It is caused by too much eating sweet food and beverage. It leads to lack of insulin which creates diabetic condition. In order to cure diabetes, you can boil Andrographis paniculata with water and extract it until a bit dried. Drink it regularly during the diabetic treatment and you will surprise to see amazing progress.

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  1. Venomous Animals Bite Healing

Wild animals like snake or insect can be very dangerous when they bite. The bite might be poisoning and very harmful. When in dangerous situation, you can chew Andrographis paniculata after cleanly washing. Then, swallow the leaves or simply put it on the scare or hurt area of the venomous animal bite. It will instantly cure and prevent the dangerous effect of poison around the blood vein.

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  1. Malaria Curing

Malaria is a disease suffered from the mosquitos bites. The disease is quite harmful and deadly that can threaten soul. Therefore, in order to cure malaria, it needs special medicine treatment; one of them is by drinking Andrographis paniculata herbal drink. You can drink the herbs drink once a day during the treatment and see the differences of recovery after several days.

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  1. Dysentery Healing

If you are having dysentery, you can consume Andrographis paniculata regularly by steaming some pieces of Andrographis paniculata leaves. Then, mash the leaves until smooth and soft, squeeze the leaves until you get the water. Drink regularly up to 3 glasses each day to reduce the dysentery. You can try to consume it with honey or additional sweet savory.

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  1. Tuberculosis

This yearly disease seems to be very dangerous yet mostly suffered by children, especially those who are living in developed country. Having TBC means you need to consume medicine for the rest of your life, alternatively you can consume Andrographis paniculata herbs pill or drink routinely each day. The TC will get better day by day.

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  1. Skin Beauty

In order to get the best healthy benefits of the Andrographis paniculata, you can apply it on your skin to get perfect moisture and fresh skin. You can mash the Andrographis paniculata leaves and mix it with olive oil or any essential oil, then apply it on your skin by directly or by wrapping it inside clothes. Leaves for a minute and the skin will absorb the nutrient of the leaves.

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  1. Cancer Preventing

Tumor is the early stage of cancer which you really need to be aware of. Cancer and tumor are basically different since cancer is like parasite which spread along the body cells. Once it infects the body cells, the organs can be infected too and as a result, it will attack it. That is why, Andrographis paniculata herbal is crucially powerful to cure the cancer and prevent it. Drinking it regularly minimum once in a week will help to prevent the cancer as well.

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  1. Urin Acid Healing

The next health benefits of Andrographis paniculata leaves is to cure urine acid. If your urine acid level is quite high, don’t worry and be hurry to consume medical medicine since you can alternatively drink Andrographis paniculata herbal drink in order to decrease the urine acid level. Andrographis paniculata leaves have flavonoid, keton, natirum, calcium, and alkaline which can neutralize the urine acid level.

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More Benefits of Andrographis paniculata leaves

Here are many health benefits of Andrographis paniculata leaves:

  1. Treating malaria
  2. Increase endurance
  3. Keeping stamina
  4. Treating colic
  5. Diabetes (DM)
  6. Symptoms of hepatitis disease
  7. Bile duct infections
  8. Overcoming Diarrhea
  9. Overcome basiler dysentery
  10. Treating typhoid

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How to Process Andrographis Paniculata

Thus, there are many health benefits of Andrographis paniculata leaves, so now take a look how to use it:

  1. Outside Treatment

Applying Andrographis paniculata leaves outside can remove the black spots, cure the acne, and maintain the moisture and smooth skin. You can follow the following steps to process Andrographis paniculata leaves before applying it on your skin.

  • Pick some Andrographis paniculata leaves, then wash gently till they are clean
  • Grind and blend the leaves until they are quite smooth
  • Apply on the skin or face
  • Leave it for 30 minutes, wash gently with warm water
  1. Inside Treatment

The health benefits of Andrographis paniculata leaves have been described clearly and further above. Here is how you can process and serve it.

  • Pick some Andrographis paniculata leaves and wash gently
  • Boil the leaves until they are boiling and the water remains only ¼ cups.
  • Drink or add honey just like you drink tea

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Those are several health benefits of Andrographis paniculata leaves which you can apply and practice at home. Let’s have a healthy and good life!

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