12 Prestigious Health Benefits of Uda Seed for Wellness

People might not really familiar with the health benefits of uda seed. This is because the seed is not really common provided in many countries. Furthermore, it can categorize as rare seed and only provided in several countries. Even more, it is only provide in certain import store that provide various seeds from around the […]

Health Benefits of Tellicherry Pepper – Nutrition Facts

One of the most important aspects of our life is health. The scientists and researchers keep trying to find new experiment and innovation in the medical field for health. Unfortunately, some people always try to find the solution for their health through those medical processes which are full of chemical contribution, whereas there are some […]

Health Benefits of Guinea Pepper – Grains of Paradise

Many people use pepper including the health benefits of guinea pepper as a herbal spice for some cuisine. It is believe can add the taste of the dish plus bring some good benefit for the body. Therefore, many kind of pepper is use by people around the world, including the kind of guinea pepper. As […]

10 Unknown Health Benefits of Serrano Peppers

Peppers are good for the body and health, including the health benefits of serrano peppers. This pepper bring many advantages when used properly. Therefore, several people always looking for this kind of peppers and use in many types of dishes. However, the peppers not only bring advantages, it also taste really hot. Serrano peppers is […]

10 Various Health Benefits of Pickled Peppers #1 Immune Booster

There are various vegetables in the world which have advantages, including the health benefits of pickled peppers. This kind of vegetables commonly use in various dish and suit in various cuisine too. Therefore, pickled peppers are commonly found in many stores around the world. Mainly it is easily can get in Asian store. Pickled peppers […]

20 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Long Pepper

Long peppers may sound unfamiliar to some, but not in the ears of Javanese people. In Java it is also known as Javanese pepper, with the scientific name being Piper Retrofractum Vahl. It is considered as spice, and commonly used for jamu, which is traditional Indonesian herbal drink, hence its nickname being “cabe jamu” or […]

16 Health Benefits of Shishito Pepper You Need to Know

In this early 2018, food bloggers and foodies are raving over shishito pepper. They talked about the amazing taste of this green heirloom Japanese pepper. They even start top grow it all over their garden. The most special thing about this pepper is that although shishito is considered into a pepper, it doesn’t taste hot […]

17 Top Health Benefits of Pepper Flakes You Never Know

Do you like to pour some pepper flakes to you pizza, pasta, and the other foods? It tastes great, right? It gets rid of the greasiness and adds your appetite. In addition, pepper flakes also appear to be simpler than using the fresh pepper or chili for you cooking. It has longer storage time and […]

20 Incredible Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper and Lemon Juice

Today, people are talking about the superpower natural detox from cayenne pepper and lemon juice. What do you think about this combination? The nutrition packed spicy cayenne pepper, combined with the refreshing sour lemon juice. For me, it’s a little bit horrible. But knowing the health benefits of each ingredient, there is no wonder we’ll […]

17 Top Health Benefits of Aleppo Pepper You Should Know

People at Middle Eastern and Mediterranean might have been so friendly with Aleppo pepper. Aleppo pepper is one of the pepper variant with moderate heat. It considered being spicier than bell pepper, yet less than jalapeno and chili pepper. They are accustomed to use this pepper to any food as it gives fresh and fruity […]