26 Top Health Benefits of Lemongrass – Medical Uses- Beauty Treatments

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lemongrassLemongrass or also known as Cymbopogon citratus is a herb which is well known as their lemon flavor and citrusy aroma. This herb also belongs to the Poaceae which is a kind of grass family. The characteristics of lemongrass are the way it is a tufted plant with linear leaves grows in thick bunches. Also, this tall and perennial grass can grow to 3 meters in height with a meter-wide stretch.

Lemongrass is native to India and other tropical regions in Asia. It is used for the culinary and medicinal purpose since ancient times ago. Indeed, it is caused by the presence of antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties which it has provided.

Apart from the culinary uses of lemongrass, this one is also great to be used as kind of beverages such as the teas, curries, and soups. Even, we can find it in meat products, baked goods, and pudding too. Not only for that, lemongrass is used for the perfumes, polishes, candles, and deodorants. Indeed, it is due to the good fragrance it has provided so that it is also valuable to be used in soaps and cosmetic products. At this point, the mild and sweet smells of lemongrass are worth to be included in beverages recipe such as desserts and to be made for a flavoring agent.

Then, it is known that lemongrass is a great source of essential nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), folate and vitamin C. Not only for that, it is an aromatic storehouse of essential minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, zinc and iron.


As the consequence, if you want to find out what are the health benefits of lemongrass, then kindly read the following statements below.

1. Your Healthy Aromatherapy

As a matter of fact, lemongrass can be used as an aromatherapy due to its unique aroma. By having lemongrass as your favorite aromatherapy, then you add the healthy herbal plant into your life. For this reason, it is known that the lemongrass has the therapeutic effects which help to refresh the body. It is also linked to the presence of cooling effect which can relieve the body and mind from the stress and depression. Not only for that, the consumption of lemongrass in moderate will help to promote the body health. Indeed, lemongrass becomes such a lovely and excellent aromatherapy for sure.

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2. Reduces Cholesterol Level

What people mostly want by eating a food is that the food does not contain any cholesterol. We know that bad cholesterol is something harmful which can give bad impact to the body health. For instance, the high cholesterol level in the body may lead to the heart disease including stroke and heart attack.

Then, as a solution lemongrass contains no bad cholesterol. In contrast, it provides the anti-hyperlipidemic and anti-hypercholesterolemic properties which help to promote the healthy cholesterol levels as well as reducing the LDL or bad cholesterol in the body. Consequently, this event helps to prevent the accumulation of lipids in the blood vessels.


3. Regulates Blood Pressure

Everyone is aware of the level of their blood pressure. They try to watch their food consumption and apply the healthy lifestyle in order reducing the risks of the high level of blood pressure. On the other hand, rich in potassium makes lemongrass shows positive result in maintaining the body health. Potassium in lemongrass help to lower and regulating the blood pressure. For the tips, you can consume a cup of lemongrass tea as your daily regular drink. Indeed, with the regular consumption, lemongrass tea will add a great range of health benefits you may never expect.


4. Promotes Digestion System

The reason why lemongrass is good for digestion system is the way it has antiseptic compounds in it. The compounds have a role in killing the bad bacteria, parasites, and other bad pathogens in the digestive tract. In contrast, it provides the good bacteria in the colon. With this function, it will be good to prevent the digestion problems such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, indigestion, vomiting, and cramps. As the consequence, to help you maintain the healthy digestion system, you can drink lemongrass tea on regular basis. Also, do not forget to add honey as the natural sweetener.

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5. Prevents Obesity

As a matter of fact, people nowadays mostly do a diet for a healthier body. They also want to manage their weight and wish for best body shape. As a solution, lemongrass comes with beneficial nutrients contained in it. Besides, lemongrass contains citral which helps to prevent the obesity. The way citral works are by reducing the accumulation of abdominal fat. Moreover, it enhances the oxidation of fatty acids in the body so that the obesity could be prevented as well.

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6. Acts as Antioxidant

What is even great from the lemongrass is the way it acts as superior antioxidants. At this point, it provides flavonoids and phenolic compounds such as quercetin, luteolin, glycosides, kaempferol, chlorogenic acid, elimicin, catecol, and caffeic acid. According to it, all the components work together to bring the positive result to the body. The antioxidant nutrients will protect the body against bacteria, viruses, and bad pathogens. Also, it protects the body from free radical exposure. Finally, with great functions of it, then the body will regenerate the new cells due to the presence of great antioxidant nutrients.


7. Have Analgesic Properties

Lemongrass as one of the healthy herbal plant has the analgesic properties which is valuable to deal with pain and discomfort. At this point, lemongrass is responsible for treating headache and migraines. Also, other benefits of analgesic properties are improving the blood circulations that it help to relieve the muscle cramps, spasms, and back aches. As the consequence, lemongrass is such a great plant as it is beneficial to treat wounds, injuries, and bruises as well.

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8. Have Antibacterial Properties

Not only for providing the analgesic properties, but lemongrass also has antibacterial properties which are essential to protect the body against the infection. Indeed, lemongrass help to reduce the growth and inhibit the formation of germs. As a result, as lemongrass prevent the presence of bad bacteria, then it will prevent the occurrence of certain health problems.

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9. Prevents Infection

Due to the presence of antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, lemongrass is valuable to treat the infections including the ringworm, scabies, and also urinary tract infections. Also, being a good anti-fungal makes lemongrass has the healing effects on dermatological infections. Then, if you consume lemongrass as your food option regularly, your body will be free from the presence of body infections.


10. Against Stomach Disorders

The presence of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties in lemongrass resulting in the great range of health benefits. One of them is beneficial to protect against stomach disorders. The properties fight the infections caused by Escherichia coli and prevent gastrointestinal disorders. In contrast, it helps to stimulate the bowel function and prevents diarrhea and nausea as well. Thus, consuming lemongrass is recommended as it offers you the great protection from any access of bad pathogens.

11. Builds Strong Immune System

All the benefits above is linked to the one benefit which is to build the strong immune system. We all know that our body needs more protection against the risks of disease which could happen anywhere and anytime. As a way out, we need to build the strong immune system. Then, to support the function, we need to consume best foods which promote the healthy immune system.

Consequently, lemongrass which has good nutrients help to promotes the immune system as it promotes the work of digestion, respiration and also nervous system. With the good consumption of lemongrass, it will strengthen the immune defense and inhibit the presence of bacteria and viruses.


12. Prevents Cancer

One of the health benefits of lemongrass is the way it can help to prevent cancer. At this point, lemongrass is valuable to treat the abnormal cells growth in the body. Then, it is also shown that the main component of lemongrass, citral, helps to inhibit the cancer cells including to reduce the growth of human breast cancer cells.
Not only for that the way lemongrass works involves the function of preventing the free radicals exposure as well. Indeed, lemongrass is such a great herbal plant you should have on your food table.


13. Fights Depression

People face many problems in their life. Indeed, there are various problems that could occur in our life. However, the problem is not those problems. The real problem is about how we act, how we face, and how we find a solution as a dealing process. Then, one of the solutions is by fighting the depression comes from best foods such as lemongrass.
It is known that lemongrass has antidepressant properties which help to treat the depression. It is due to the presence of serotonin, which is being activated by lemongrass to combats the depression. Not only to fight the depression, but lemongrass is also beneficial to deal with anxiety and improve the mental health. Even, if you often feel less confident, then consuming lemongrass might help you a lot.


14. Prevents Fatigue and Anxiety

Lemongrass has many benefits of properties to maintain the body health. One of the health benefits of lemongrass is preventing the fatigue and anxiety. This benefit is linked to the presence of sedative properties which s the soothing and calming effects on the mind. As a result, if you drink lemongrass tea in moderate, you can deal with the fatigue and anxiety as well.

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15. Promotes Detoxification

Our body needs to do detoxification to remove the toxins in the body. In the same way, lemongrass has a role in promoting detoxification as it has diuretic properties. This herb will clean the harmful toxins in the liver and kidney. It also removes the uric acid and bad cholesterol resulting in the increase frequency and quantity of urination. Indeed, lemongrass can help to purify and promotes the blood circulation. With a good detoxification system, our body will work greatly without the presence of toxic for sure.


16. Treats Insomnia

Due to the presence of sedative properties, lemongrass is valuable to treat insomnia. It is also linked to the soothing effect which lemongrass has provided. It will calm the muscles and nerves which induce the deep sleep. Moreover, as lemongrass contains citronella, then it is beneficial to promote the good quality of sleep as it has the calming effect.

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17. Treats Fever

It has shown that lemongrass shows the positive result in healing fever. The way it treats fever is by inducing sweating as well. Moreover, as it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, then it has a role to deal with fever, coughs, cold, and flu. Furthermore, it is packed with Vitamin C so that it protects the body with strong immune system against infection. For the tips, you can have lemongrass as your medicinal drink by boiling a few fresh strands of lemongrass and the small piece of cinnamon stick. Then, strain and drink it regularly for best results.


18. Treats Diabetes

The next health benefits of lemongrass are to be a natural treatment for diabetes. As the result, it is shown that citral in lemongrass helps to produce the insulin and reduces the glucose level in the body. At this point, lemongrass has proven its benefit in treating diabetes as well.


19. Treats Respiratory Problems

As lemongrass has anti-inflammatory properties, then it is beneficial to treat respiratory problems. Indeed, lemongrass is useful to treat coughs and colds. This benefit is also linked with the presence of vitamin C which helps to relieve the respiratory orders including asthma. Thus, if you suffer from respiration disease, then you can have lemongrass as your favorite dish.

20. Promotes Nervous System

Lemongrass provides a great range of health benefits including to promote the nervous system. The way it works is by stimulating the mind and fight against vertigo, nervousness, and various neuronal disorders. For the tips, you can use lemongrass as therapeutic baths so that it will help to calm the nerves for sure. What a great benefit, isn’t it?

21. Treats Menstrual Cramps

Lemongrass can help in relieving the pain of menstrual cramps. Thus, if you suffer from this kind of pains, you can have the lemongrass tea to help to deal with it.


22. Helps Lactating Mother

Surprisingly, lemongrass provides the unexpected benefit due to the great nutrients contained. It is shown that by consuming lemongrass regularly can help in increasing the formation of milk in the breasts. Indeed, this benefit is very valuable for lactating mother and the babies. Moreover, lemongrass can help to improve the quality of the milk as well. Thus, if you want to provide the best milk to your baby, adding lemongrass to your food is such the best choice.


Now you know the health benefits of lemongrass. As the consequence, let’s have a look at the beauty benefits of lemongrass below.

Lemongrass for Beauty Treatments

23. Cures Edema

Talking about beauty treatments of lemongrass may result in the treatment of edema. At this point, lemongrass has the positive effect of curing edema due to the presence of the cleansing effect.

24. Promotes Healthy Skin

Due to the presence of antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and also vitamin C will help to promote the beauty and healthy skin for sure. The antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties help to prevent the access of microbial growth on the skin and prevent the skin infections as well. As the consequence, to have the youth and elastic skin, antioxidant and vitamin C work together to provide the bright and beautiful skin. Indeed, they prevent the presence of acne, blemishes, and also the wrinkles.

25. Prevents Body Odor

Act as an effective deodorant, lemongrass can be effective to prevent the body odor. Indeed, it is due to the presence of good smell of lemongrass aroma. Not only for that, the antibacterial properties help to control the excessive sweating and protect the skin against the microorganism which can body odor. Further, lemongrass is also useful to sanitize the sore as it has anti-fungal properties.

26. Reduces Lice

Using the ground of lemongrass applied to the hair scalp can help to reduce the lice. Also, using the lemongrass as hair mask or shampoo can help to deal with the presence of lice.


After that, you can read the tips for consuming lemongrass as written below.

Tips for Consuming

  • After buying the lemongrass at the herbal store or at the supermarket, you can store it in wrapped container or plastic bags and keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Then, to use lemongrass for the consumption, you can only use the bottom 4 inches of the stem.
  • For the recipe tips, you can add lemongrass to your favorite chicken, fish, and soups food recipe for sure.
  • Next, you can also use the lemongrass oil for many kinds of purposes including to be your favorite aromatherapy.
  • For the tips, you can use lemongrass oil for the refreshing foot bath or be the massage oil by combining it with jojoba oil as well.
  • In another hand, if you have the allergic reaction after consuming the lemongrass, then it is advised to call the doctor and have the medical treatment as soon as possible.

As the conclusion, lemongrass has the lemony fragrance which is used to be an aromatherapy. Also, it has been used for culinary purposes as it becomes the flavoring agent. Then, not only for that, it provides the excellent and beneficial nutrients to the body. As a result, lemongrass has shown its positive effects in preventing risks of certain diseases and maintaining the overall body health for sure.