15 Benefits of Carambola On Skin (#1 Top Beauty Treatments)

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Many women who are willing to spend expensive to perform beauty treatments, but with carambola fruit we do not need to pay expensive and the results were very satisfactory.

Carambola is a fruit that has a distinctive shape and comes from the territory of Indonesia and Sri Lanka, this fruit is also an icon of one city in Indonesia is the city of Depok. Fruit that turns out to have a little sweet and refreshing taste has enough benefits for skin beauty, it certainly can we use as a natural skin care safe from the danger of side effects.

Carambola fruit grows in many tropical regions including Indonesia, this fruit is also quite easy to get in the fruit market with a relatively cheap price, carambola very delicious served as a juice or a sweets. In addition, carambola fruit has many benefits for health.

This is because the carambola fruit is rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients, it is no wonder if the carambola fruit is much sought after to be a natural remedy that is very nutritious. So there is a lot of benefits of carambola, especially the topics this articles: Benefits of Carambola On Skin. Carambola fruit is rich in vitamin C, where this type of vitamin plays an important role as skin nutrition as well as antioxidants that can protect the skin from free radical damage. Indeed, let’s check out the benefits of carambola on skin!

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Nutrients in Carambola

The most abundant carambola content is vitamin C, as it is contained in the benefits of citrus, the benefits of lemon and the benefits of guava. Vitamin A in carambola produces good antioxidants for the body. Other building materials, such as minerals, folate, fiber (fiber). Here are the nutrients in carambola :

Calories                          31 Kcal           1.5%
Carbohydrates                6.73 g              5%
Protein                            1.04 g              2%
Fat                                  0.33 g              1%
Cholesterol                     0 mg                0%
Fiber                               2.80 g              7%
Folate                             12 μg               3%
Niacin                            0.367 mg         2.25%
Pyridoxine                     0.017 mg         1.5%
Riboflavin                      0.016 mg         1.25%
Thiamin                         0.014 mg         1%
Vitamin A                      61 IU               2%
Vitamin C                      34.4 mg           57%
Vitamin E                       0.15 mg           1%
Vitamin K                       0 μg                0%
Sodium                           2 mg                0%
Potassium                       133 mg            3%
Calcium                          3 mg                0.3%
Iron                                 0.08 mg           1%
Magnesium                     10 mg              2%
Phosphorus                     12 mg              2%
Zinc                                 0.12 mg          1%

Indeed, there are many benefits of carambola on skin, face, and for beauty and health treatments.  For those of you who are curious, here are some benefits of carambola fruit for the face, including:

1. Smoothing rough facial skin

Carambola fruit has a very high vitamin content, so it is very nutritious in smoothing the skin. The trick is, prepare 1 fruit starfruit that has been cooked, then clean and grate until run out. After that, clean the skin first and then apply grated fruit carambola had to the entire skin of a dry face. Let stand for 15 minutes, then clean and do the treatment regularly every day until the skin looks smooth and soft.

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2. Prevents wrinkles and signs of aging

In addition to smoothing rough facial skin, the way as above can also be useful to prevent skin wrinkles and prevent other signs of aging. That’s one of the best benefits of carambola on skin.

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3. Prevent and eliminate acne

Carambola fruit rich in vitamin C, so it is very powerful in fighting and killing the bacteria that cause acne. For those of you who have facial acne skin, you can do a way rubbing carambola fruit that has been in the split on the skin of the acne is slowly.

After that, let stand for a night and clean it in the morning after you wake up. At the beginning of use, acne will mature and remove dirt like pus, let it because it means dirt in the skin is being removed. Within a few days the acne will die and dry, after which little by little acne will be invisible so that the skin will look cleaner and far from acne. Do it regularly every night before bed, do not forget before doing the treatment first clean the skin with warm water.

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4. Reduces excess oil content

What’s more benefits of carambola on skin? One cause of the growth of acne is oily skin, then if the skin is not oily rarely affected acne problem. The way as above is also at the same time useful in reducing excess oil production on your facial skin.

5. Helps reduce blackheads

In addition, the above can also be efficacious in reducing blackheads. Therefore, do the above treatment properly and regularly.

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The Others Benefits of Carambola

Despite the benefits of carambola on skin, now let’s check the benefits of carambola for health.

1. Healthful Digestion

The fruit along with the leather carambola provide a supply of dietary fiber. Fiber helps prevent the absorption of LDL cholesterol in food in the gut. Fiber will also help protect the intestinal mucous membranes from exposure to toxic substances by binding to cancer-causing chemicals in the colon. The fiber content in starfruit makes digestion healthier and avoids the risk of colon cancer symptoms.

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2. Prevent Cancer

One of the benefits of carambola is prevent cancer. Because carambola provides vitamin C which is acting as an agent of prevention against the emergence of cancer symptoms. Vitamin C known as a powerful natural antioxidant. Carambola contains high levels of vitamin C. Approximately 100 g of carambola will give around 34.7 mg or about 57% of vitamin C intake needed every day. In general, the benefits of fruits with rich content in vitamin C will help the human body to develop the resistance against infectious agents, free radicals and anti-inflammatory for the body.

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3. Rich in Antioxidants

Carambola is rich in antioxidants like flavonoid polyphenols. Some of these important types of flavonoids include quercetin, epicatechin, and gallic acid. Total polyphenols in this fruit reach 43 mg / 100 g. These compounds help protect from, from the effects of free radical damage.

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4. Enhance Enzyme Work

In addition, carambola is a source of vitamin B complex such as folate, riboflavin, and piridoksin (vitamin B-6). Taken together, this vitamin helps as a co-enzyme factor in metabolism as well as supports various synthetic functions of enzymes in the body.

5. Overcoming High Blood Pressure

Carambola contains a number of minerals and electrolytes such as potassium, phosphorus, zinc and iron. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids, which helps control heart rate and blood pressure. Thus, it will suppress the adverse effects of sodium. Healing of hypertension is mostly done with starfruit therapy, by consuming it regularly.

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6. Overcoming Kidney Disorders

Kidney stones are a serious and dangerous kidney organ disease. Because the disease until now there has been no antidote. You can add these kidney stones with some minor disorders of kidney organs that appear.

According to research conducted in Japan in 2003, carambla contains high oxalic acid. This acid content will work optimally with potassium in the kidney organ.

The benefits of carambola for kidney health include such as dissolving dirt on the kidneys, prevent the oxidation of negative causes of kidney damage, treating kidney nephrons, and much more.

7. Reduce bad cholesterol levels

Cholesterol can be divided into 2 ways good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. As the name implies, bad cholesterol is not good for the health of the body, while good cholesterol is important and necessary by the body.

Carambola that contains pectin high enough, according to scientists from Hong Kong, this pectin is able to bind cholesterol in the body and store it through the secretion of bile. Thus, the benefits of carambola for bad cholesterol levels in the private body.

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8. Anti inflammatory

Anti inflammatory or inflammatory drugs is the next benefit of carambola. This fruit you can make a natural healthy healer to overcome the diseases arising from inflammation, such as gout and also rheumatism.

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9. Nourish the eyes

The benefits of starfruit to the eyes are supported by vitamin A content in this fruit. This vitamin is the best type of vitamin to nourish the eyes. A healthy eye will make your vision ability increase sharply.

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10. Increase vitality

For those of you who have problems with vitality, carambola may be the solution. This fruit has good nutrition to increase vitality, whether you as a wife or husband. That way, the harmony of the household can be maintained.

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That’s the benefits of carambola on skin and health that you need to know. Hopefully useful to increase your knowledge in maintaining health by consuming healthy fruits as well. Healthy lifestyle will benefit you in the future, because health today is expensive. Good luck.

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