15 Belinjau Health Benefits (No.4 is Unbelievable)

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Have you ever tasted belinjau or at least any kinds of product made from belinjau? In several South-east Asia countries particularly in Indonesia, belinjau is widely processed into crisp called “emping”. The food tastes crunchy and salty. It is usually served as condiments for some traditional dishes such as pecel, soto, gado-gado, and so on.

Moreover, have you been familiar to belinjau? Belinjau is fruit of belinjau tree, one of shading trees populated particularly in Asia. The tree has big shape branches surrounded by small leaves. Its height can be up to 25 meters. The leaves are green and smooth. That belinjau has health benefits for human body is did little known by people. Here are several health benefits of belinjau which you need to know.

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  1. Body Imune

Anti-oxide is the highest natural compound in belinjau. This chemical works by hitting the free radicals inside our body and simultaneously increases the body immune. The anti-oxide found in belinjau has similar benefit to what contained in fruit such as grapes and oranges. Thus, it will be really good and way cheaper to consume belinjau, especially when you are living around South-east Asia countries which have lot of belinjau population.

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  1. Anti-Aging

Free radicals are the foremost cause of anti-aging which causing your skin looks older and dull. It has several symptoms like black spots, wrinkles, and slack. Consuming belinjau fruit regularly can prevent anti-aging due to its natural anti-oxide. You may eat as raw or process it into such mix component in your delicious meals. Another way is to boil the belinjau fruits and drink the water as one of your healthy treatment.

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  1. Reducing High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure might seem not too serious, but wait until you know it can trigger such dangerous diseases of stroke and heart attack. It is a condition which leads into a complication, therefore you need belinjau to reduce your high blood caused by your unhealthy life style, particularly too much salty foods consuming. Belinjau is rich of anti-oxide and protein which will help you to prevent high blood pressure, as long as you consume it in a moderation way.

  1. Strengthen Memory

You are only 30 and get worry why you often forget many things easily? Relax, you can start consume belinjau to solve the problems. Belinjau has a function to increase your memory and stimulate your brain to produce such hormones in order to increase the memory. How can belinjau strengthen your memory? Well, it is belonged to one of ginko’s plants, a specific family plant in this world, which has a special function to strengthen you memory. Belinjau will activate your brain’s cells and blood to support the memory skill as well.

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  1. Natural Preservative

The extract produced by belinjau has rich of natural anti-oxide and flavonoid. Those can be a natural preservative to persevere your food when you cook in a lot of portions and want to save it to be consumed next days. Belinjau has a health benefit to lessen the mushroom and bacteria in a food so that it will not decay.

When you cook something with belinjau, you don’t need any additional preservative since it will not expire soon. That is what done by mostly Asian woman who cook for their family. They will mix their cooks with belinjau in order to make it more preserve to be consumed next days without having to re-heating it which will lose the vitamins and minerals containing inside the foods.

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  1. Get You a Better Stamina

Belinjau can be processed into variety of snacks, such as chips. It doesn’t need too many ingredients and kind of easy to make. Belinjau chips has low fat calorie which stimulate your body to produce hormone in order to get you a better stamina. When you are tiring or feeling unwell, consume food containing belinjau or simply snack belinjau chips to constantly get your power back. Remember, always eat in a moderation since consuming too many belinjau chips can be not good for your urine acid.

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  1. Smoothing the Urination

When you are having a trouble in pee, it means you have got something wrong in your urinary tract. It can be caused by any kind of things, for example bacteria infection or lack of water consuming. In order to heal such problem, you may consume belinjau as a food or simply juice it. Another way is you can process it by boiling it and drink the water of belinjau boiled. It works really good to smooth your urination by consuming it in a moderation when you get such problem.


  1. Preventing Anemia

Anemia is caused of body loosing of red plasma blood which trigger to there is not enough oxygen inside your body to circulate the food and food nutrition. As a result, your body will be weak, pale, easy to get tired, and has no power to do daily activities. When you are having anemia, you will often get headache which only make your condition be worse. So what should you do?

Surprisingly, anemia is rich of anti-oxide which also stimulating your body to produce red plasma blood and oxygen to prevent anemia. Consuming belinjau by mix it into your food or just drinking the boiling water is best way to get the maximum health benefit of anemia inside your body. Thus, that one of the belinjau health benefits.

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  1. Healing the Scars

You are just beaten by an animal or fallen down which leave scars on your skin? It must be stressful to have such scars on your skin, even when it is not that hurt. Healing it with belinjau leaves is one of the best traditional and fastest ways to lose the scars away. You have to mash the belinjau leaves until smooth and mix it with garlic. Sweep it on your scars and wait until it is dried before cleanse with the water. Do it twice a day until your scars is getting dried and covered by such natural anti-oxide inside belinjau leaves.

  1. Preventing Heart Attack

It is not exaggerated to say that heart attack is the highest death major cause in the world. Heart attack is not an easily detected disease since it is often coming surprisingly without explicit symptoms. Consuming belinjau fruit regularly can reduce your heart attack risk by its anti-oxide and flavonoid containing which are really good for your heart healthy.

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  1. Skin Care

Belinjau has zinc contain which extremely works well for curing your pimples. Zinc will help the increasing function of white blood cells that is being major factor in recovering pimples on your skin. Besides, zinc in belinjau is also important to stimulate collagen producing for your healthy, smooth, and clean skin appearance. Who would not consume it then?

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  1. Kidneys Health Maintaining

What can we do without healthy kidneys? Therefore, consuming belinjau is strongly recommended to maintain your kidneys health by supporting poison releasing out of the kidneys through excretion system of pee. By having a good frequency of pee, your body can maintain water level, control urin acid, and release too much salt and fat. You can also consume belinjau by drinking its water boiling and consume it as one of your weekly routine health maintain. It sounds great, isn’t it?

  1. Eyes Health

Belinjau has tons of A vitamins which are really amazing for your eyes health. Consuming belinjau regularly can help you to get such clear, healthy, and shape sight eyes. When you are having low vision, consuming belinjau will also help you to get a better sigh quality. That’s the belinjau health benefits.


  1. Brain Health Maintaining

As the most vital organ, brain needs special treatment in order to maintain it functions well and keep healthy. Consuming belijau, surprisingly, can help you to lessen free radicals which coming from such pollution environment and processed food. Those free radicals will really influence the brain neutron and snap. Belinjau has rich of anti-oxide which will beat the free radicals and create a condition where a signal process between brain’s snaps and neutrons becomes much smoother.

  1. Maintaining Body Temperature

One more health benefits of belinjau for your body is maintaining your body temperature. Basically, human body has a wonderful natural regulation to control the temperature along with the outside environment temperature. When the outside temperature is changing, your body will automatically adapt it.

However, sometimes you cannot have such control well during your decreasing immune or any un-well situation. Consuming belinjau can help your body to have such a good adaption with the temperature. Belinjau will keep your metabolism function and enzyme for keep being stabile even when you are in such extreme temperature.

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Warning and Side Effects of Consuming Belinjau

Although it has tons of health benefits, belinjau can be something dangerous too if you do not consume it in moderation. When you are frequently consuming belinjau chips as it is most popular and widely used way to process the belinjau, you can suffer from urine acid by the side effect of fried oil and anti-oxide inside belinjau.

As a consequence, it will be better if you consume belinjau without frying oil and boil it or simply eat it in raw instead. It is clearly not that delicious as well, but who will substitute such tasty with a high risk of urine acid? Thus, try to consume belinjau without having it fried.

Indeed, there are many belinjau health benefits for you. Thus, this kind of fruit may be rare in your countries as belinjau is the plant from Asia. Indeed, you may once try to eat belinjau, it’s also tasty.

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