10 Health Benefits of Thai Tea #1 Top Stress Healing

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Have you been drinking Thai tea? Is it now being your favorite? If you say yes, then congratulations because you are such a lucky person and will be really glad to read further this article about the health benefits of drinking Thai tea.

Drinking tea has been a custom in many countries, including Indonesia. Since years ago, tea is one of the most drunk by people either they are in the middle of crowd and peak big city or peaceful countryside. Surrounded by the large land areas and topical climate, Indonesia has many tea plantations around the country. It makes the large number of tea varieties, for example, black tea and green tea. Since drinking tea has been such a life style, the new coming tea trend is approaching Indonesia and successfully attracting society’s attention. Here we present the newest trend of tea with surprisingly hit large number of fans; Thailand tea or simply called Thai tea.

That not so many people get familiar with Thai tea becomes a concern. Basically, Thai tea is quite unique because it has no exact similar ingredients with others tea in general. “Cha-yen”, that is how Thailand people call this kind of tea, has a special compositions of Asian spices. You will find those spices such as cardamom and star anise. It is so Asia style! It is a mix of black tea, sugar, orange flower, spices, and evaporated milk sugar.

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Soon after its upcoming in Indonesia, tons of people become its fans. The taste is quite rich and delicate, yet so spice strong and fresh. Besides, the benefits for your health are beyond expectation. It has anti-oxide, amino acid, vitamin, flavonoids, and mineral which are perfect for our body. Here are several health benefits of Thai tea which you might never know before.

  1. Reducing the Allergic

Some people are quite sensitive to several kinds of food or any chemical ingredients. No worry, it can be heal now by consuming Thai tea as one of the benefits. What should you do then? Simply, drink two or three cups of Thai tea with no additional sugar and add more milk instead. The flavonoid compound which is composed in Thai tea has magnificent boost to protect your body from inflammation and poisoning. It would be much better if you drink Thai tea soon after you get noticed that you are suffered allergic to minimize the worse effect of the allergic into your body. Don’t forget to balance it with consuming much water to help your body has its own metabolism to exhaust the poison out of the way.


  1. Preventing from Asthma

What is worse than having a breath trouble? It is so awful and none would ever do anything to avoid it. For some people with asthma, the world gets as hell when it comes. Why don’t you just prevent before the nightmare happening? Drink two cups of original Thai tea with more black tea and star anise compounds will be a great prevention from suffering asthma. The anti-oxide inhibits inflammation substance inside your body, thus whenever your immune is not so much good, you will steal be resisted. Drink it regularly and see how it is going in one month.

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  1. Preventing and Fighting Cancer

A research done by Stanford University, USA found that early-stage breast cancer can be stopped out of cancer cells spreading by consuming Thai tea which has black and green tea mixed. Drinking a cup of Thai tea with original black and green tea will contribute much to block the cancer’s cells spreading because Thai tea has polyphenol, anti-oxide, and vitamins which are good for stopping the worse cells spread out. Basically, everyone has cancer cells inside their body, but it is their life style which decides whether the cells will be worse or not. So, why don’t you just swipe them all away and get the health benefits of thai tea?

  1. Healing the Stress

In Japan, some researchers have been done a research to prove the function of Thai tea in order to heal and manage the stress. It is caused by the caffeine composition in Thai tea which is good for reducing the sensation of tiring and stressful. Caffeine has been known for ages as a magic substance which stimulate human brain to produce such hormones which create a calm and peace feeling. You don’t need to drink Thai tea every day, consume only when you feel not comfort and in a high risk stress instead.

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  1. Defeating Free Radical

Free radical is very dangerous since it is one of the main causes of diseases such as cancer. Tufts University has done a research proved that Thai tea with its green tea concentrate has been functioning well to kill free radical which absorbed into our body by its high anti-oxide composition.  Free radical comes through blood veins and spreads out of the whole organs, therefore, we need anti oxide to reduce the free radical rate and extinguish it out of the body. Consuming 3-5 cups of Thai tea in a week is very recommended if you are a typical person who is often be outside and has a high risk to be contaminated by free radical.


  1. Cleansing the Urinary Tract

Your urinary tract might have such risk to get infected by any viruses or bacteria. It leads to inflammation which is quite painful and stuck you on getting difficult to do your pee or pop. Drinking less water might get it worse. Thus, drink much water in a day and you may add to consume 2-3 cups of Thai tea every day. Anti-oxide containing in Thai tea will help urinary tract to clean itself from any kind of reside and lessen the inflammation. It will be great for your body to have such a cleansing and detoxing process without any complex process. Will you try it?

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  1. Removing Your “Panda Eye”

Herbalists do agree that green tea, in any kinds of form, might be the best treatment to remove eye inflammation or more popular called as panda eye. When you are lack of sleep or life gets you into such a trouble situation which lead you cry out load, don’t show it to everyone!

Compress your eye with Thai tea extract to lessen the inflammation and freshen your eyes look. Natural and organic compositions in Thai tea will relax your eyes muscles and normalize its size into normal ones. Simply put Thai tea extract on a wet linen and put it as a compressor on your eyes. Do it in the morning before you are getting ready to face another day. It works a lot!

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  1. Supporting Your Diet Program

For those who are in dietary program, drinking cups of Thai tea between their meals and snacks times is strongly recommended. Thai tea with its black and green tea extract can help your smoothly digesting system and normalize your metabolism. Furthermore, by having a good digest and metabolism, you can help yourself a lot to reduce the weight. It is recommended to drink one up to two cups of Thai tea in the morning before breakfast and in the night before going to bed to get the approximate benefits of the tea. Paying yourself attention for at least one month and when you see the result, will you still dare to say no to this awesome thing?


  1. Creating a Smooth and Fluent Body Metabolism

Thai tea has many compositions like minerals, vitamins, polyphenol etc which contribute satisfyingly into your body health. One of the health benefits of Thai tea is for your smooth and fluent metabolism. You can get such a good metabolism every day when you regularize yourself to consume at least a cup of Thai tea every day. Great metabolism is not only matter for your weight, furthermore, it will help you to maintain your health way better!

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  1. Reducing High Risk of Stroke

One of the most frightened diseases in the world after cancer and heart attack is getting stroke. Stroke is caused by obstructions in blood veins mostly triggered by high cholesterol due to unhealthy life style. Therefore, black tea as the biggest composition in Thai tea has been known for ages by Asian people to reduce the amount of fat cholesterol in our blood circulation and automatically decrease the risk of getting suffer from cancer, diabetic, stroke, heart attack, and so on. Dr. Carrie Ruxton, a nutritionist from South Dakota Foundation mentioned that black tea has anti-oxide, theaflavin, and caffeine which are quite good to consume for human in order to reduce the cholesterol leads to several dangerous diseases.


Those are finally ten health benefits of drinking Thai tea. Surprisingly, there are still a lot of functions to be discussed related to Thai tea impacted our health. You surely still need to balance it with such a regular life style like doing routine exercise, consuming healthy and well balanced diet foods, drinking much water, and always be positive thinking. Thai tea will greatly impact on your health improvement then. As one of the main popular life style teas in Indonesia, and probably all over Asia,

Thai tea is easily found everywhere. You can now just simply step your foot to the nearest stall or tea gallery in your town and you will catch it there. It has no reason like “I can’t afford it, it is too expensive for me” for not drinking Thai tea. Comparing to the health benefit in a cup of Thai tea, it must be a very worth reason for you to start drinking at least a cup of Thai tea regularly for the matter of your own body healthy. Shall you begin now?

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