13 Benefits of Jimson Weed (#1 Asthma Treatment)

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jimson weedJimson weed has been known as Devil’s snare or Datura stramonium in the nightshade family. Moreover, it is believed that this plant originally comes from Mexico and being cultured in many other regions nowadays.

This herbal plant can grow up to 5 feet tall and has green leaves. It also has white or purple flowers and hard seeds as well. Besides, parts of jimson weed can be used to make medicine and it is known as the natural treatment for a cough, flu, and asthma. The small quantities, jimson weed can be your option to treat diseases, but the fresh leaves and seeds cannot be eaten as they are poisonous and because of misuse.


Thus, to give you more information, then we have listed the benefits of jimson weed below.

1. Treats Asthma

One of the benefits of jimson weed is to treat asthma. Asthma as one of chronic disease which related to the lungs and the respiratory system. People can increase the risks of getting this disease if they live in cold and polluted areas. As the consequence, people who suffer from asthma may have these symptoms such as short breath, difficulty in breathing, or a cough during activities like running.

As a result, jimson weed can be the natural treatment for these symptoms. You can use the leaves which have to be burnt first before consuming. Moreover, the fumes can also be inhaled. This way can help you to get the antispasmodic properties provided by jimson weed. Such the great benefits, right?


2. Promotes Heart Health

Surprisingly, the next benefit provided by Jimson weed is to promote heart health. At this point, to promote heart health, you can do several things to achieve it such as living in the healthy lifestyle and consuming healthy foods as well. It is also recommended to consume foods which have low cholesterol level. As the consequence, the leaves can help you to prevent the risk of various heart problems. The leaves may help to treat hypertension, palpitations, distress, and other aortic disorders. Thus, as you can get the better life by consuming jimson weed, then you need to know the benefits of jimson weed below.


3. Treats Malarial Fever

Most of the people may consume tea to heal fever. However, how about the treatment for the malarial fever? It turns out that the right consumption of jimson weed can treat certain health problems including malarial fever. The specific part of jimson weed’s fruit can be used for consumption. Moreover, it has to be burnt first to remove poison. Indeed, as you can treat diseases such as malarial fever, then you can have jimson weed as one of great option for sure.


4. Promotes Mental Health

Jimson weed as a herbal plant can help you to promote the body functions. In this case, one of the benefits of jimson weed is to promote mental health. This benefit is linked with the effect of parts of jimson weed that can make you relax. Not only for that, as it has biochemical substances such as hyoscyamine and atropine, then it can help you to promote mental performance. As a result, it will help to soothe mental problems including Epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. Though this one still needs more proof of research but picking jimson weed for your home remedies is a great way.


5. Promotes Fertility

One of the excellent benefits of jimson weed is to promote fertility. In this case, jimson weed can be the natural treatment for impotence. The one that works to this benefit is the seed fruit of jimson weed. It is known that you can have the extract of the seeds to enhance blood circulation to the genital organs. Asa result, it will prevent the impotence as well. Therefore, jimson weed can be the option for your herbal treatment. Still, you need to be careful and talk to your doctor first before consuming it.


6. Promotes Milk Production

As the consequence, jimson weed can help to promote women’s health. In this case, it will help you to promote breast milk production. This will be good for women who have just given birth. To get this benefit, you can have the warmed leaves of the plant. As a result, it can be beneficial to improve milk production without getting any risk of pain. To sum up, jimson weed may seem as a poisonous one, but the proper use of it can help you to boost the function of your body for sure.

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7. Treats Cough

Have you ever suffer from a cough? Yes, everybody might have this disease for sure. A cough as one of the respiratory problems can be cured with some actions. One of them is by using jimson weed. This benefit is linked with the presence of antispasmodic properties in jimson weed. Moreover, it is also known that jimson weed has been used for aromatherapy sessions to maintain the respiratory health. Thus, as you know the excellent benefits of jimson weed, then now you can have jimson weed as your natural treatment.


8. Treats Nausea

Nausea can be a symptom of any disease. It might be caused by food poisoning or even a sign that you have body weaknesses. As the consequence, if you suffer from nausea a dizziness, then having jimson weed can make you relieved. In this case, jimson weed can help to cure certain health problems which are linked with the symptoms of respiratory problems.


9. Treats Rheumatism

The greater thing comes from jimson weed to treat rheumatism. This one can be helpful to treat problems of your joints and muscles. As a result, it is known that the infusion made of jimson weed’s leaves can treat arthritis and rheumatism as well.


10. Treats Earaches

We cannot deny that jimson weed as a herbal plant can help to treat certain health problems. In this case, It will be helpful to deal with ear problems. As a result, the great benefit of jimson weed comes from its way to treat earaches. It is known that the oil extracted from jimson weed’s leaves can help you to promote ear health. Moreover, putting a few oil drops in your ear can help to reduce the risk of ear infections. Thus, as you can have the good home remedies from jimson weed, then why you don’t give this one a try?


11. Relieves Pain

The herbal plant is the option for those who want to have great home remedies. Usually, home remedies are such the best treatment as it almost has no side effects for some cases. At this point, the next benefit of jimson weed is to relieve the pain. This benefit is linked to the presence of components to make you relax. Parts of jimson weed can be used to a sedate person in pain. Besides, the roasted leaves of Jimson wood can be applied on the affected area to help relieve the pain. Therefore, it can be the natural pain reliever and can be helpful for patients who suffer from chronic diseases or other severe injuries as well.

12. Promotes Hair Health

What is even greater from jimson weed is the way it can promote hair health. When you think about hair health, you may think of aloe vera or another kind of fruits. But, surprisingly, jimson weed can help you in this case. Indeed, it is not only useful for promoting the body healthy, but it is also good for beauty treatments. At this point, the seeds of jimson weed can help you to prevent hair fall. The oil extracted from the seeds can be applied on the scalp to promote the hair growth and reduce dandruff as well. With the right and proper use of jimson weed, then you can achieve best benefits for sure.


13. Used as A Repellent

The next one of great benefits of jimson weed is to be used as a repellent against larva and mosquito. This benefit is linked to the presence of ethanol of extracted jimson weed. Moreover, it can help you to protect other plants of its surroundings from insects as well.


After knowing the benefits of jimson weed, we have also listed the tips for consuming jimson weed below.

Tips for Consuming

  • If you use jimson weed by inhaling it, then it is advised to not use too much of weed leaves as it may lead to hallucination or even be poisonous.
  • Next, the toxicity of jimson weed is linked with the presence of tropane alkaloids. Moreover, the chemicals which are toxic such as atropine, hyoscine (also called scopolamine), and hyoscyamine which may lead to weak pulse, irregular breathing, and convulsions.
  • Indeed, jimson weed is unsafe when taken by mouth as it has many toxic effects. But, if you want to use it as a herbal treatment, then you need to talk to the doctor and read prescription first. In this case, the deadly dose for adults is 15-100 grams of leaf or 15-25 grams of the seeds.

To conclude, jimson weed as the herbal plant can help you to promote the body health. For example, you can try to have a hot bath with a few leaves of jimson weed to relax your body and soothes as asthma and cough as well. Therefore, with the proper use of jimson weed, it can be the traditional medicine to treat various illnesses. So, stay healthy there!