30 Benefits of Vitamin C for Hair (#1 Natural Treatments)

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Our hair builds our appearance. We think that it’s so important that we put hair mask, gel, and other treatments to make it look good. All the treatments cost a lot and it usually doesn’t last long. What if there is a natural way to keep your hair healthy and shining? You probably have consumed this hair-treatment agent everyday. It can be found almost everywhere and it’s really beneficial. It’s vitamin C!

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What is vitamin C?

Vitamin c is also called ascorbic acid. It is a vitamin that is essential for our health and is commonly found in citrus, potatoes, tomatoes and many other food. Vitamin C is important for us because it can strengthen our immune system. It also helps the body build and maintain connective tissues, such as skin, bones and blood vessels. Vitamin C is full of benefits. Therefore, World Health Organization said that Vitamin C is the safest and most effective medicine that we need in our health system.

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We now know that Vitamin C have an abundant benefits for our overall health. But recent study show more evident that vitamin C is beneficial for the hair. So what are the health benefits of vitamin C for hair?

  1. Stops hair loss

We all want a lavish hair and the best way to do it is to stop losing hair.Hair loss is a common problem that can be caused by hormones, stress, or dietary problems. Vitamin C can help this problem because it have antioxidants within them that helps our body take more Iron into the blood. Hair loss is one of the most visible evidence of iron deficiency. So by having vitamin c, we may stop further hair loss. Vitamin C’s antioxidant also help fight free radicals. These free radicals are the cause of the damage of hair follicles, which ultimately increase hair loss.

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  1. Fights dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most irritating problem that can happen to our hair. It makes us lose confidence and its quite hard to remove. By consuming vitamin c you can fight this.

Vitamin C can stop cases that can be triggered by a weak immunity, such as dandruff. A study by Linus Pauling Institute also said that vitamin C can maintain the health of our skin and scalp. Therefore, we can have a dandruff-free and healthy head and hair for the perfect look!

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  1. Stopping cases of hair disorder

Hair disorder is an illness that struck the growth of your hair. Examples of hair disorders are alopecia (thinning hair), male pattern baldness, hirsutism (excessive male hair growth) and hair shaft disorder. This seemingly odd and untreatable disorder can be weakened by vitamin c. It is said that a diet plan consisting vitamin c can prevent this disorders because of the antioxidant in it which is essential for treatments of damaged hair.

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  1. Prevents graying of hair

Our fear is to have a graying hair, which is a sign of old age. Graying hair makes the natural beautiful color of your hair fade away. This can be prevented by vitamin C because it have the benefits of preventing premature aging that can happen to the hair. Premature aging of happens when the body stops producing melanin, the agent that gives color to your hair. Vitamin C can stop that with its antioxidant content. Bye bye grey hair!

  1. Boost hair growth

Hair growth is considered important among many people. It is one of the signs of a healthy hair. Faster hair growth can be promoted by taking vitamin c because it have an important role in collagen synthesis. Collagen is important because  it is one of the main agent that builds our hair. This substance also increase the volume of your hair. It does it by increasing the diameter of every strand of hair, therefore leading to a more full and lavish hair look.

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  1. Maintains hair shine

A shiny hair is all over the advertisement we see on our TV. This hair can be obtained by simply putting vitamin c as a staple in our meal plan. Again, this is because there is collagen in vitamin c. Every strand of our hair is surrounded by a blanket of collagen. This collagen blanket is connected to micro-vessels that feeds nutrients to our hair. This nutrient is what makes our hair looks shiny.

  1. Stops hair breakage

We usually do a lot of things to make our hair look good. Whether it’s straightening or brushing. Sometimes these treatments can have a negative effect, which is hair breakage. Hair breakage and split ends is caused by wrong treatments to your hair. Vitamin C helps cure it by providing collagen and antioxidants.

The antioxidants fight free radical that causes tissue and cell damage. Meanwhile, the collagen boost the performance of blood vessels which nourishes the follicles. These follicles are the base of every hair. By having a great follicle, you will also get a strong hair that can withstand every hair treatment without breaking or splitting.

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  1. hair dye removal

Maybe you just colored your hair and it come out too bright, weird and unsuitable for you. This one may be unorthodox and strange but vitamin c really can do the job! When you just want a quick fix to remove your hair dye, opt for vitamin c tablets. You should apply around 500mg of vitamin c tablets or powder and mix it with your shampoo of choice. Leave it for five minutes and then rinse. The result is lighter hair dye color!

This reaction is caused by the opened hair cuticle because of the vitamin c. This opened hair cuticle will swell and lighten your hair color. Using bleach, which is the usual way, is more dangerous. This result will only react with dye and will not lighten natural hair color.

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More Vitamin C Benefits for Health

Meanwhile, here are more benefits of vitamin C for hair and health:

  1. Immunity Booster
  2. Cold Treatments
  3. Antioxidant Sources
  4. Hypertension Treatments
  5. For Blood vessel
  6. Good for skin beauty
  7. Prevent skin disorder
  8. The sources of collagen
  9. Heals wound faster
  10. Sun protection
  11. Asthma Treatments
  12. Prevent heart diseases
  13. The energy sources
  14. Prevents cancer
  15. Prevents cataracts
  16. Relieves stress
  17. Best for weigh loss treatments

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Ways to incorporate vitamin c to your everyday life

There are many benefits of Vitamin C for hair and health and It is important for us to consume vitamin C every day. It is advised that man should consume 90 mg of vitamin c per day. Meanwhile women should consume 75 mg of vitamin c per day. So here are ways to consume it for the benefits of your hair.

  1. Change your diet

If you want to see a long lasting, healthy hair, you need a major change. Simply change your diet by incorporating more vitamin c in your meal plan. Vegetable and fruits area great source of Vitamin C. While incorporating vitamin c to your diet you should be aware of some things. You should be aware of their shelf life. By storing these food for too long it will significantly take away their vitamin contents.You should also know which food are the best source of vitamin c. Food that are abundant in vitamin c are:

  • A large orange will fill in over 100% of daily value
  • Bell pepper. A half cup of bell pepper will fill in over 100%
  • A half cup of broccoli will fill in 107% of daily value.
  • Brussel sprout. A half cup of brussel sprout will fill in 80% of daily value.
  • One guava will fill in 100% of daily value.

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3.  Supplements

If you have a hard time eating fruits or vegetable, or if you just want a quick fix, take supplements. Supplements usually comes in pills, tablets and many more. Inside, it have a mix of vitamins for different purposes. You can take pure vitamin c supplements or hair treatment supplements that contains vitamin c. It is advised to take two to three vitamin c supplements a day to enhance hair health.You can also use topical citamin c supplements that you can apply directly to your scalp and hair area.

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2. Natural hair masks and hair rinses

Hair masks and hair rinses are a great way to keep your hair healthy and strong. There are many fruits and ingredients that is rich in vitamin c. These ingredients can  be mixed  and matched to create the ultimate hair treatment. Here are a few of our favorite matches

  • Mix two ripe bananas, coconut oil, a tbsp of honey and a couple drip of olive oil. Mix them until it creates a smooth liquid, and then apply to your hair.
  • Coconut is rich in vitamin c.Apply a thin coat of coconut milk to your hair and then rinse.
  • Mix strawberry, lemon juice and oil until it creates a liquid consistency. Apply to your hair and then rinse.
  • Apply lemon juice to your hair before you shower. This will work because citrus is rich in vitamin c.
  • Avocado is a great source of vitamin c. Add a ripe avocado to a mix of honey and oil for a great hair mask

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4. Hair products

Use hair products that you can apply to your skin that have a high vitamin c content. This can come in the form of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and many more.

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Cautions of Vitamin C Deficiency

We usually don’t really care about our vitamin c intake. Sometimes we don’t take enough vitamin c.What happens when we lack vitamin c? The results are pretty damaging such as split and broken hair, nosebleeds, easy bruising, scaly skins and many more. It also makes us prone to lethal diseases such as cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure.

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We have given you the prove that vitamin c is great for your whole system and especially your hair. We provide you a lot of ways to incorporate vitamin c to your daily life, so there should be no excuse for not taking it. Start consuming vitamin c right now and prepare to see a beautiful, shiny, and strong hair everyday!

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