13 Health Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a truly precious lifetime moment. It has been every women dream about. The moment of having bundle of joy inside your tummy for months is irreplaceable. Therefore, you need to really take care of your pregnancy by doing healthy life style while preparing the delivering process. In order to stay fit longer and get the ease of delivering, prenatal yoga is some of the best methods for pregnant women. The health benefits of yoga during pregnancy will prepare the mother better before delivering and maintain the baby health.

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Before doing yoga, every mother to be should understand and know well the health benefits of yoga during pregnancy and which class they should take, not to mention some safety tips on how to do yoga for the pregnant mother. The yoga class will be as other delivering preparation classes, but yoga does closer multi-phase to practice the muscle stretching centralized on mind and breath. Many researches have been done to prove that yoga during pregnancy is much safe and recommended to do.

Some of the health benefits of yoga during pregnancy is to easing the stress and worry, helping sleep process, increasing flexibility of women vagina, strengthening the muscle, and many more. Yoga can also contribute to decline the pain on the back, reduce nausea, ease asthma and headache, and many more. The risk of having premature baby will also much lower when the mother routinely do yoga during pregnancy since it reduces the hyper tense of blood pressure.

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Yoga Technical during Pregnancy

Here are more the health benefits of parental yoga during pregnancy:

  1. Breathing

Mother to be will practice breathing technique differently in order to lessen shortness of breath either during pregnancy or delivering process.

  1. Stretching

Stretching will really help the mother to have neck and arm relaxation since they often get sore during pregnancy. It will also stretch leg and vaginal muscle in order to ease the delivering.

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  1. Posture

Yoga during pregnancy exercises the body posture, particularly on back and front nest to be stronger and stay fit. The movement will help the body to gain its strength, flexibility, and balance.

  1. Relaxation

In the end of yoga session, there must be a relaxation time. This part is essential to loose muscle and rest heart beat to be in rhyme with breathing tone. Mother to be will feel very peaceful and soul calming to control the emotional and hormonal reaction during pregnancy.

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There are many more health benefits of yoga during pregnancy which is really essential to be obtained. However, make sure you have a good trainer who will guide and repair your movement. Since you are mother to be with bundle of joy inside your tummy, be careful in doing the movement, do it only with certified trainer or you can also do it by yourself if you have yoga class background back then.

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Benefits of Parental Yoga

Thus, let’s check out the health benefits of parental yoga during pregnancy:

  1. Maintaining a Health, Fit, and Active Body

During pregnancy, the body will have slightly differences physically, hormonally, and mentally. Some hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, relaxin, prolactin, and oxitosin will sharply incline and change your body. Practicing yoga may help you to adjust well and consistently towards the body changing. You lower body part will bring heavier load for the baby growth. Therefore, yoga exercise will stimulate and practice the muscle as well to adjust. As a result, it will create a healthy, active, and stay fit body during 9 months of pregnancy.

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  1. Learning Better Breathing Technique

Why does breathing technique is very important when you are pregnant? Doing breathing exercise will influence your emotional and mood affected by the pregnancy. It is normal when a woman will have such unstable mood and emotional often during pregnancy due to hormonal changing. Sometimes, it gets worse by suffering over worry feeling.

By breathing better, you can control your emotion as well since it maximizes the breath quality with sufficient oxygen level. The baby inside the womb will feel better and relax too if the mother have large amount of oxygen. It doesn’t stop there, better breathing will also ease the pain during delivering and help the baby comes easier during the vaginal stretching. That is why there is a word of “breath is delivering baby best friend”.

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  1. Increasing Body Balance and Curing Waist Pain

One of the most common health problems for pregnant mother is having body balance lost and waist pain due to the baby growth inside the womb around the waist. Doing yoga will help to circulate the body in order to keep the balance and stretch the waist muscle to be stronger and fit.

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  1. Preparing Hips Area for Delivering Process

Many postures on yoga are aimed to help and prepare muscles around hips to be more flexure and flexible for the baby delivery process. Some exercises like squat regularly done to stimulate hips and pelvis opening. Moreover, the exercise will be improved to combine breath and posture control in order to control the pain during contraction. This will be really helpful if you have normal deliver process.

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  1. Relaxation and Resting Easier

During pregnancy, mother to be can be quite worry all the time due to hormonal changing. A mother intuition will make you cannot stop thinking of your baby growth, delivering preparation, or even as simple as choosing nutrient food can be a big problem. These conditions result a difficult to sleep moment and even having insomnia at worst. Exercising yoga regularly will contribute great impact to help you be way much calmer and relax when the hormonal situation attacks. Yoga also teaches relaxation pose of savasana which can help you to get sleep easier.

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  1. Building the Love Bound Towards the Baby

When you are doing yoga during pregnancy, many movements will make the baby inside the womb feels so relax and comfortable. The instructor will also guide you to communicate with baby, such as by swiping the belly before doing the exercise and tell your baby that you will move around along with him/her. It will make your baby and you have such a love bounding way stronger and bigger even before you meet you baby in the real world.

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  1. Mingling and Socializing with Others Pregnant Mother

Coming to the yoga studio and practicing yoga can be very useful, plus you will have extra benefits; knowing and sharing with other pregnant mothers. It is not only sharing about the baby delivery preparation, but you can tell them about the body and emotional changing, best recommended hospital to do the delivery, obstetrician, and even baby diapers for your baby ahead. You can also make an online messaging or chatting group to continue the discussion and sharing session. Keep being healthy and fit during pregnancy while adding some more new friends!

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Those are several benefits of yoga during pregnancy which you really have to do and try. Once, yoga can be a very best investment for the pregnancy and baby growth improvement. After delivering, you still can continue the practice in order to return your body shape and get fit even more after the exhausting baby delivering and newborn taking care time. Have fun and enjoy yoga!

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