12 Benefits of Brown Rice Tea for Health and Beauty

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Who says that brown rice is only for main dishes consuming? Surprisingly, brown rice can be processed into tea drink which is quite fresh, good taste, and rich of health benefits for your body. It can even prevent and treat cancer disease as well. It might seem strange and unfamiliar for you, especially Asians, who are loyal consumers of rice as the main dishes. No eating before you eat the rice, they say. It is so exciting to know that brown rice can be extracted into tea as well as one of your optional healthy drink. So, are you getting interest to know more about brown rice tea? Let’s check it out.

Little did people know about brown rice tea and the very beginning story why and how this kind of tea should be made. Similar to the name, brown rice tea is made of brown tea particularly organic peel off skin brown rice. Years ago, Eastern Asia people have started to invent this kind of tea because the multi benefits contain inside the rice. Day by day, the rice tea has been spreading over the continent, including Indonesia.

In Indonesia, people make rice tea from brown or black rice and add much more water and sugar to make the taste sweeter. The tea is free-preservative and chemical color. If you may see the tea has rather colorful due to the antosianin fiber contained. This antosianin are the source of red or purple pigment inside the rice. It leads to the appearance of brown white with a little red accent tea.

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Concerning about the health benefits of brown rice tea, you should have no doubt at all. Many researches have been done to identify and classify the benefits of the tea for your body health. The researchers from several well-known universities over the world claimed from their researches that brown rice tea can be a new green tea life style, even way better. Here are several health benefits which you may get from the brown rice tea and some facts of its healthy containing things. Check them out!

1. Helping Weight Lost

Ask to some people around you, they probably have just experienced the health benefits of brown rice tea to lose their weight. So, why don’t you try yourself? Brown rice tea has a very low calorie which is so effective to prevent the fat roll under the skin surface and burn it into sweat. Brown rice contains complex carbo which supply power for your body religiously so you will be away from starving and craving. You can consume brown rice tea once a day in the morning or at the night before going sleep. No need to add sugar.

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2. Metabolism Boosting

High fiber contained inside the brown rice is good for your digestion; therefore you may get prevented from health problems related to metabolism in the future. Start to consume organic and natural brown rice tea to maintain your long-term health by smoothing your metabolism. Metabolism needs fiber and mineral to make it smooth and clean, that is why you need brown rice tea to help you maintain your health body by having such a smooth and fast metabolism. One more secret, having a smooth and fast metabolism will maintain your slim fit body too!

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3. Controlling Blood Sugar

For those who are suffering from diabetic, consuming less sugar and eat more are must to do. Happy news for you that you can start to substitute your daily white rice into brown rice which has little sugar contained and fewer calories compare to the white rice. The advantage will be even way better if you add to consume brown rice tea among your daily meal time. Make sure you do a consultation with your doctor first about how much is it best to consume brown rice tea in your diabetic condition. It is a good health investment, isn’t it?

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4. Declining LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and Inclining HDL (Good Cholesterol)

If you are now facing a problem with cholesterol matter, it is a mandatory for you to consume brown rice and brown rice tea as parts of your daily diet menu. Cut off the LDL by the high fiber and complex vitamin contained in the brown rice as you consequence of diabetic or any other diseases related to cholesterol. It is not that hard to start everything healthily, isn’t it?

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5. Preventing Kidney Stone Form

There have been done some researches by researchers that fiber is crucially needed to prevent the form of kidney stone. High salt consuming is the biggest cause of kidney stone form, whereas lack of water is also the problem too. When your body has no enough water to cleanse the leftover food, the salt inside your body will turn into crystal which slowly turn into the stones and they stay remain on your kidneys. Do not ever not taking this caution seriously cause kidney stone is way very painful! Fiber is easily digested inside your body and help to soluble food leftovers which will form the kidney stone.

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6. Anti-oxide Source

It is not so surprising to know that brown rice is one of the highest sources of anti-oxide coming from food types. It also contains vitamins and minerals to help your body to throw the free radicals inside your body which can cause several dangerous diseases. Besides, you will a good side-impact which is having a health, smooth and fair skin without those dreadful free radicals stayed inside your body in.

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7. Strengthening Bones

Magnesium is one important essence after calcium and vitamin D which extremely important to maintain your teeth and bones health. brown rice tea has high magnesium to help you get maximum benefit of bones and teeth strength. You also need to combine it with some good magnesium foods in your daily menu like spinach, beef, milk, and so on. They all seem delicious, why don’t you just start to do it right now?

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8. Cancer Prevention

What type of essence which can be preventing cancer contained in brown rice tea? They are selenium and pholyphenol for sure. Those two essences can reduce your risk from suffering cancer, particularly colon cancer which highly risk of cancer coming from food you had consumed. Start to maintain your health by controlling what you consume every day and make a good habit to drink brown rice tea minimum one cup a day to maintain the job works well.

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9. Energy Source

Brown rice tea somehow has low energy solid due to the water and fiber contained. The food which has low energy solid will fill the calorie way less than high energy solid. It causes your body to have such a fast and smooth metabolism to maintain your weight lost and calorie control. It is such a good habit to drink brown rice tea for people who need more energy every single day due to their hard yet peak schedule. Drink one cup every morning from now on and see the difference!

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10. Skin Beauty

It is no kidding. Consuming brown rice tea can make you have such a beautiful, fair, and chewy skin. Do you have black spot problem on your face or any other complains? Try to regularly drink brown rice tea in order to help your skin gets its natural water and oil control and release the free radicals inside. You can also use brown rice tea mask on your face once in a week as a masker treatment to rejuvenate your skin health. Who will not like this?

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11. Curing Urin Acid

Do not think that only elderly people who will get threatened by urin acid. If you do not maintain your healthy life style earlier as well, you will immediately be suffering from urin acid too. Balance diet and healthy life style such as regularly doing sport and do not smoke are ones, but drink brown rice tea can also help you to cure your urin acid disease. The minerals, vitamins, anti-oxide and magnesium contained in the brown rice will cure the urin acid as well.

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12. Healing the Stress

It is ridiculous to say that stress is nowadays being a new classification of serious disease, yet it is so true to be said so. Stress is the root of others dreadful disease which will lack you from having a healthy and happy life. Why don’t you start your day by drinking one cup of brown rice tea to stimulate your positive hormone come up and bring you to have such a best day ever? The anti-oxide and vitamin contained will reduce your stress and relax your mind and soul peacefully.

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Consuming brown rice tea is now widely started to be popular, but to make it as a habit, it still needs much time. Start to treasure yourself by having such a good habit, beginning from what you are consuming every single day for example. You may get brown rice tea in your nearest beverage store or simply do online shopping to prucahse the tea. It is not expensive but really has good impact on your body health. Brown rice tea is truly a good and recommended habit to do in order to get such maximum benefits of life inside a cup of tea. Well, now what are you waiting for? Shall you try?

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