17 Health Benefits of Banana Leaves Tea (Top #1 Natural Remedy)

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Bananas turned out to have very many benefits and this also applies to banana leaves, the leaf that we know is mainly used as wrapping for food that was sold. But they turned out to have another benefit. The benefits of this banana leaves include as food wrapping, accessories and also as a drug.

In addition to food wraps, turns out banana leaf has a wide range of advantages, the benefits of banana leaves that usually seen is that it is used as plates that are used for eating on. Many people known banana leaf only as food wrapper and only a handful of people know the other benefits of banana leaf that can help carry out a healthy lifestyle.

When you taste banana then you’ll feel its sweetness. There are many types of banana serving, such as fried bananas and banana chips that were processed.

Bananas are one fruit that is very popular with people from young to old, also loved by the monkey. Especially for people who have difficulty in digestion, then there must be a few times where they should be eaten bananas, banana is good for your intestinal tract.

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Well but this time we will not discuss the banana itself but rather about banana leaves. Green banana leaf grows on banana trees. Now let us examine what are the benefits of this banana leaf. As it was explained, the banana leaf has several other benefits in terms of health. Here’s the health benefits of banana leaves tea:

1. Healthy Hair and Overcoming Dandruff

If you are having problems of dandruff on your head, then banana leaf is the solution you can use to overcome them. The first step is for banana leaves to be chopped down and crushed till the water are extracted. Then the banana leaf extract is smeared all over the head, let it absorb for a few moments and then rinsed thoroughly with clean water.

You should know that banana leaf extract taken from the leaves will help us get rid of dandruff and make the hair remains perfect black, and if the hair is often itchy due to prickly heat then you should use this leaf because it is proven effective.

Here’s how to make it:  Take a fresh banana leaf then blend until it’s smooth and then use it as a hair mask

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2. Beauty skin and make it Smoother

Believe it or not, the banana leaf can be used as a substitute ingredient for beauty creams. Not only can make smoothing beautiful skin, but also banana leaves can act as a germ killer that are good to avoid skin irritation problems that are mild or severe.

3. Face Mask 

A banana mask may not sound strange to us, but what about the banana leaves? Banana leaves are not really used as a face mask, but banana leaves can overcome skin irritation and also kills germs on the skin so the skin can be more clean and clear. So Banana leaves are better for the health of our skin so that it can become a natural remedy.

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4. Fever Cure

A banana leaf can also be used as a drug to treat fever. Certainly, you don’t drink banana leaves, but instead, you use it by attaching a banana leaf that has been cleaned and smeared with coconut oil on the one’s forehead. Over longer term then the fever will be diminished.

5. Traditional Treatments 

This is especially the traditional treatment that was known,  you can grab the banana leaf and rub with coconut oil and pasted it in several parts of the body that have a high fever. Such as your waist and forehead. It is a natural remedy for fever.

6. Treat cuts and open injury

Banana leaf health benefits are as a natural wounds treatment. They way to use it as a wounds treatment are by cleaning banana leaves by washing. After that, you need to grind the banana leaves and placed evenly on the wound. This method can only be done for minor injuries. A banana leaf can also be used to help heal with open injuries.

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7. As an antioxidant

Banana leaf also contains antioxidants that are beneficial to counteract free radicals that exist in the body.

8. The benefits of dried banana leaves

Dried banana leaves are rich in protein, hemicellulose, and lignin. Dried banana leaves can be used for mushroom cultivation that can later be eaten. In addition, dried banana leaves can also be used for food packaging.

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9. Non-Hazardous

When using banana leaves as a base or a replacement dish, then you can avoid the dangers of using the plastic material because the plates that are used for eating sometimes are entirely not washed clean.

10. Appetite

Aromatic scent permeated by banana leaves can increase appetite. Therefore, banana leaf used to wrap food can be used as a plate because it can increase appetite.

11. Hygienic

The Banana Leaf is a wrapper for food hygiene. To wrap food, better use banana leaves as compared to using a plastic wrap made with polymers that can cause cancer, especially when used to wrap the food that’s hot.

12. As Neutralizing poisoning agent against venoms

Banana leaf benefits can also be used as a poison neutralizing agent against liquid that was injected into one’s body such as venom. If you are attacked by insect bites such as ants or mosquitoes then you can use banana leaves to neutralize the toxins and it will have no side effects whatsoever. You just need to grind banana leaves until it turns into a powder, then applied to the affected area of insect bites accordingly.

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13. For Skin Inflammation Drugs

Dermatitis can be handled using a banana leaf which has been transformed into an ointment products. Then can be applied to the affected part of inflammation for treatment.

14. Enhancing Body Endurance

Banana leaves can enhance the immune system of a human body that are weak. In addition to enhancing endurance, a banana leaf can also ward off free radicals inducing cancer that are increasingly dangerous for human health. Perhaps this is a strange thing, but the substance that is stored in a banana leaf namely allantoin can be converted into an anti-oxidant producing agent.

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15. Packaging food

The first benefits of banana leave surely as food wrappers. In the layers contained inside banana leaves have a texture similar to a candle wax. Thus making food wrapped in banana leaves not easily sticky. Additionally, it can add a distinctive aroma to the food wrapped in it. If you are using banana leaves for steaming food, then it will add a unique flavor to the food.

Typical traditional Indonesian food likes to use the banana leaf for its wrappers including for local delicacies. Some many other Indonesian foods are boiled with banana leaves to make the taste much more delicious. Banana leaves can also be used as a tray for the food to be eaten at. So then the tray can become disposable.

16. Food Wrapper 

During this time banana leaves are mainly used as food wrappers only. Actually, almost all from banana parts has its own benefits, ranging from fruit, banana roots, leaves, and stems of banana. And several usages that can be used or processed into fertilizer, food, medicine and others. Surely, we can find out what are the other benefits of banana leaves other than for wrapping food.

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17. Decoration ceremonies

Have you ever been to Bali? Then you’ll definitely see a lot of offerings presented to the gods. The offering use banana leaves as a decoration wrapping that is presented to deities. And it also acts as the tray of food from several offerings that are given, so the offering looks charming and interesting.

In the meal that was wrapped in banana leaves, then they have a much more interesting look and can make the meal appear native and hygiene. The advantages are not only constraint for food packaging, but also important to health as well as having another benefit listed below.

  • When choosing a banana leaf then you need to check it again to know if cleanliness has been maintained properly or not.
  • Because sometimes the wrapping for banana leaves are not that clean so you need to wash it twice before usage.
  • But when using it, do not forget to always attempt to preserve the banana leaves in the garden.
  • Don’t just consume it but you need to also care for its preservation of nature and the availability of existing banana leaves. As banana leaves have an important role that is beneficial to earth’s population

And many more benefits of banana leaves that can be acquired is by making banana leaves as an art, or can also be used as a canvas for painting or as wall hangings decoration.

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In addition, you can also find out the benefits of banana leaves from the internet through an online article. Certainly not in theory, but even better if you can use it in practice as a natural material for your consumption. The Banana Leaf is one of the natural resources that are very important to create a healthy lifestyle. Because as time goes by, more and more products that contain chemicals that can threaten human health need to be discontinued in usage. And the banana leaf is the solution for the elimination of using chemicals product.

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