13 Health Benefits of Horse Meat (No.3 is Shocking!)

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Horse meat for the dinner menu perhaps not a typical kind of thing to know for mostly people. They are more familiar with horse meat as a consumption of man vitality needs. Meanwhile, the benefits of consuming horse meat are very important to know more, particularly in order to maintain our health and as traditional medicine treatment.

Generally, horse meat is identical as an optional menu to add man’s vitality. It is caused by the fact that horse is one of the strongest animals on Earth which being managed to be horse-drawn carriage; needs powerful energy. Horse is an animal which has strong and well-done ability to pull such heavy loads and run faster than any others animal. That is why eating horse meat is believed good to some men to add their vitality.

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Horse is one of the animal farms utilized by human to help human’s jobs, such as carry loads, agriculture, and vehicle. Horse is breed by bearing. Since decades ago until now, horse is mostly used as transportation to help human activities. Riding a horse is way easier than any other animals because it naturally connects to human and smart to be taught. Horse is also full of spirit and eager to struggle. Besides, horse is also utilized for its milk to cure some diseases and maintain human’s health. Fresh horse milk has some benefits as well as its meat. However, what we will describe here is the health benefit of horse meat to maintain human health and heal some diseases which you might never know before.

Horse Meat Nutrition

Horse meat has potassium of about 10 mg per kilograms, which is very benefit to maintain your bones’ growth and strength. Moreover, it has only 4,4 grams fat which is way lower than beef or lamb. The carbo of horse meat is quite much and burning as the energy to do daily activities. It also contains protein to regenerate body’s cells. Last, horse meat is rich of zinc to add hemoglobin level inside your blood. For each 100 grams of horse meat, it has some nutrition such as 18,1 grams protein, 4.1 grams fat, 0,9 grams carbo, 118 kkal energy, 10 mg potassium, 150 mg phosphorus, and 3,82 mg zinc.

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Seeking from the various nutrition of horse meat, there are some health benefits of horse meat for human body which will be described more in the following descriptions:

  1. Body Stamina

The substance which is very beneficial to add our stamina contained in the horse meat is protein. Horse meat has higher protein level than beef or chicken and produces bigger calorie of about 118 kkal. That is why for some men they intend to consume horse meat for the sake of their vitality.

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  1. Curing Rheumatic

Rheumatic can occur among your joints due to inflammation. Horse meat has such steroid to reduce the pain caused by the inflammation. As a result, the joints damage can be pushed slower and your joints will be lubricated by the steroid of horse meat contained.

  1. Healthy Diet Menu

If you are now having a diet, consuming horse meat is strongly recommended due to its low fat contain. Moreover, the high protein contains will balance the cholesterol inside your blood, both HDL and LDL. That is why you may need to start considering horse meat for one of your healthy menu combination.

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  1. Balancing Cholesterol

Horse meat has saturated fat acid which makes the cholesterol level keeps being balanced inside your body. You may compare from any other meats such as chicken, beef, and lamb, horse meat has the lowest saturated fat acid which is very good for balancing your cholesterol and maintaining the well metabolism.

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  1. Muscular Growth

Steroid is highly contained in the horse meat, of which stimulating the cells growth slightly increase. If you are ongoing to get your body shaped like an athlete, then you must include horse meat into your daily menu. The steroid will work better and faster when you are doing exercise too along with the meat consumption.

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  1. Strengthening the Bones

Strong as a horse, that idiom is widely used and commonly spoken by many people. It is so true why horse is always labelled to anything related to strong and power. Horse meat has potassium and phosphorus to which make their cells and bones become so strong. Moreover, there is also zinc as one of the main essence of red plasm blood to strengthen the bones too. It means that if you consume horse meat, the benefits of potassium, phosphorus and zinc in the meat will automatically work for you too.

  1. Stiff Curing

Each 100 grams of horse meat has 3,82 zinc, which means it can help our body to cure any diseases or symptoms such as stiff or sore. Zinc is widely known as the nutrition needed by our body to smooth the blood circulation along the veins so that the oxygen and food nutrition can be fully distributed. If you are suffering from sore, consuming horse meat will help you reduce the pain in moderation.

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  1. Epilepsy Curing

Epilepsy can happen anytime, no matter what and how. There is very lack of information known about what kind of triggers influence epilepsy. However, there are some statements from epilepsy suffered who consume horse meat several times, their frequency of having epilepsy get reduced. It still needs to be examined further about the nutrition impact in horse meat which can stimulate the reducing frequency of epilepsy syndrome.

  1. Immune Improving

Relating to numerous amount of vitamins and minerals contain in horse meat, they work effectively to help improving our immune system. By rising up the immunity system, we will not get suffered of diseases easily. The minerals will work to activate hormones and enzymes to smoother the metabolism.

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  1. Asthma Healing

Are you having asthma and often get relapsed? You might want to try to consume horse meat due to its nutrition contained. The nutrition such as minerals and potassium can prevent the smooth muscles contraction which causing throat constriction. This constriction is the main reason why you get hardly breath and painful around the chest.

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  1. Curing Lungs Fleck

Lungs fleck is a disease which causing breathe disorder and sometimes stimulating the immune system decreased. Consuming horse meat may help to reduce the flecks by its mineral and vitamins contains to smooth and release good cholesterol (LDL) so that the blood circulation is clean and free of bacteria or any other harm viruses.

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  1. Curing Allergy

Although there is no a scientific research yet related to the effectiveness of consuming horse meat as one of the good treatment for skin allergy, some evidence state that horse meat somehow effective to cure skin allergy. It is logically caused by the mineral, potassium and low fat level inside the meat which is quite neutralize the allergen triggers.

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  1. Reducing Cholesterol

It is quite clear to state that cholesterol problem would not happen if you substitute your beef with horse meat consumption. It is caused by the fat and cholesterol level in horse meat is way much lower than in beef or lamb. You can try to substitute your rib eye steak with horse meat instead. It is tasty and savory! Thus, there are many health benefits of horse meat.

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How to Consume Horse Meat

Horse is not a typical consuming meat, yet breed which is utilized to work and help human’s job. Long time ago, horse was being the main transportation for human moving, in other hand, along as the modern technology invention, horse is no longer being the transportation media unless in fewer villages around the world. Nowadays, it is not an odd to find restaurants, stall, or homemade cooking which serve horse meat as part of daily consumption after chicken, beef, lamb, or pork.

Horse meat is not too juicy, sticky and hard chewed due to its very active and strong muscles and bones. However, the meat is quite tasty and savory. Horse meat is widely popular around the world wide and each country has its different and unique serving.

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In America and most of Europe countries, we can easily find baked or grilled horse meat sliced into medium up to big pieces. The ingredients are quite simple and even not very different with grilled lamb or beef. In other hand, in most of Asia countries including Indonesia, horse meat is often served after sliced into small pieces. The meat then powdered with the ingredients particularly typical tropical spices and ready to be processed further. In Indonesia, we can find horse meat processed into some dishes called “sate kuda” and “tongseng kuda”. Sate is small slices of meat bond into stick and covered with spices and then it is grilled. Usually, the peanut sauce is served to complete the dishes. Meanwhile, tongseng has a similar appearance with curry but the spices used are quite different. Those two dishes are the most popular refined food of horse meat in Indonesia.

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Though it is not very familiar and stable food consumption, horse meat still has its own fanatical eater, particularly men who love to taste and try its benefits of vitality increasing. Not only its meat, horse milk is actually good too for our healthy. Fresh horse milk is even way more popular to consume and drink than the meat. Horse milk has a very rich of nutrition and effective to cure the allergy and some degenerate diseases. So, it is official that horse meat and milk are the perfect combination to contribute a very healthy and new kind of human consumption classification.