21 Health Benefits of Indian Bay Leaf #Evidence-Based

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Indian bay leaf is a common plant that can be used in cooking and health. This plant comes from India and known as tej patta. It is mainly in Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and North East India. It is well-known because of the addicting flavor and smell. We can use it by cooking, mixing with other ingredients or applying it directly to our body. Here are some health benefits of Indian bay leaf :   

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  1. As an Antiseptic

When we get some wounds, we can use oil from Indian bay leaf to prevent the infections from those wounds by stopping the bacteria growth. It can prevent the occurrence of tetanus too. We only need to squeeze the leaf and put it directly on our wounds because there is much oil in there.

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  1. Cure Kidney Stone

Indian bay leaf can reduce the amount of urease in the body which often causes some diseases like the kidney stone and stomach ache. We can use it with other herbal plants to cure those diseases.

  1. Ease Stiff Muscle and Joint

Indian bay leaf contains oil that can be used to make stiff muscle and joint easy to move. We can use it to massage our body which feels sore after doing too much work and then we will feel alive again.

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  1. Food Flavoring

This may be the most common benefit of Indian bay leafs known to the public. Everyday bay leaves are often used as spices that give the aroma a distinctive herbal but not sting. Cooking with bay leaves is usually paired with galangal to give the aroma of scent on the dish. Leaves either fresh or fresh greetings can also be used to bring the meat to soft and not fishy. Greeting leaves are used to cook chicken, beef, fish, even rice.

  1. For Digestive Health

Mineral and vitamin content in Indian bay leaf can ease digestion and prevent various digestive problems, like diarrhea and constipation. Drinking bay tea leaves with hot water can alleviate common digestive disorders.

How to use it? 

Another benefit of bay leaves is that it can be a medication for ulcer disease, either mild or acute ulcer. You only need to boil 15 to 20 bay leaves in 1/2 liter of water, then make sure the water is boiling perfectly. If you want a different taste, we can add sugar, palm sugar or other sweeteners.

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  1. Get Over Diarrhea and Worm Infestation

In the Indian bay leaf, there is an ethanol compound that can eliminate bacteria which often cause diarrhea disease. Indian bay leaf contains methanol which helps the body to eliminate worms that are located in the stomach, so we can use it to cure worm infestation that often attacks the children.

  1. Help to Lose Weight

For anyone who wants to lose body weight in a natural and healthy way, drinking boiled water bay leaves is the solution. The health benefits of Indian bay leaf for weight loss are also in line with preventing diabetes because one of the major factors of diabetes is overweight.

How to use it? 

Take 20-30 bay leaves and wash. Then, boil them with water as much as 4 cups until the remaining 2 cups only. Drink this water 2 times a day each 1 cup in the morning and night before bed.

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  1. Increase the Probability of Woman Pregnancy

If a woman wants to get pregnant soon, she should use Indian bay leaf as an alternative way. To use it, combine it with the anise and then put the mixture on the woman organs. After that, do this method continues to increase the probability of pregnancy.

  1. Keep Your Hair Healthy

Indian bay leaf can be used to overcome the problem of hair, from root to tip of the hair. It is rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene, amino acids, and proteins, which help get rid of dead hair follicles, and promote hair growth.

How to use it? 

You can do the treatment naturally by using a bay leaf mask. The mixture of the bay leaf with coconut oil is believed to make healthy hair and beautiful beauty.

Here are the health benefits of Indian bay leaf for hair :

  • Reduce hair loss
  • Improve the hair roots
  • Increase hair growth

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  1. Anti Aging 

Indian bay leaf can make us look healthy, fresh and ageless by smoothing our skin and reducing wrinkles on the face. To use it, we need to prepare six dry Indian bay leaves first. Then, boil it with two cups of water at least two minutes. Lastly, inhale the water gas and feel the effect after doing it several times.

  1. Overcome Diabetes

Reduce the risk of diabetes by improving your blood sugar control. The way can be by using the decoction of Indian bay leaf. You need a regular consumption of boiling water bay leaves to decrease blood sugar levels (become the normal stage). This natural way is quite safe and free of chemicals. You can consume boiled bay leaves 2 times a day.

The health benefits of Indian bay leaves have been shown to be effective in treating diabetes because it can lower blood glucose level, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Usually, bay leaves are used as a diabetes drug is a laurel leaf that has been used as a powder.

For maximum results, the leaves of powder greetings can be consumed for 30 days. Antioxidants contained in bay leaves can help the kidneys to produce insulin more efficiently. This is good for diabetics and people with insulin deficiency.

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  1. Protect Heart from Various Diseases

Caffeic acid, salicylate, and phytonutrient in Indian bay leaf can help the heart to work effectively and prevent various diseases that may attack the heart, like stroke, coronary artery disease etc. This is very important matter because the heart is the place of all human activity comes from.

  1. Teeth Whitener

Yellow teeth can be caused by cigarettes, alcohol, the soft drinks, coffee, sweet foods, diseases, etc. There are cheap ways to whiten our teeth, that is with orange peel and Indian bay leaf.

How to use it?

Dry the bay leaves and orange peel until dry. Then, blend with crushed then mix both with water. After that, mix well to pasta like toothpaste. Finally, feel the efficacy of dry bay leaves to whiten teeth naturally through traditional toothpaste preparations. Drink regularly the ingredients to get maximum results while losing weight. But after consuming this bay leaf drink, you are also still advised to set the diet and exercise routine so that weight loss can be reduced quickly and stay healthy.

  1. Treat Eye Pain

Usually when the eye pain we use eye drops for the eyes soon healed. Apparently, bay leaves can also treat the disease. The content of vitamin A in bay leaf will keep the eyes healthy.

The way is by rubbing or wetting eyes with boiled water bay leaves. Keep wetting your eyes until slowly there is a change. It would be better, boiled water bay leaves used only once, do not boil bay leaves until several times because it can reduce the existing minerals and vitamins in bay leaves.

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  1. Skin Treatments

Bay leaf has the ability to make young skin back. The content of antioxidants in it is able to avoid the skin from free radicals and keep skin young. In addition to keeping skin young, this bay leaf is also able to overcome the acne problem that is being happened. In fact, he can also prevent the acne coming back.

How to use it? 

The step is not difficult. First, mix some bay leaves with water, and then stir until mixed evenly. After that apply on the skin after bathing. Do it regularly for maximum results.

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More Indian Bay Leaf Uses

Here presented more health benefits of Indian bay leaf :

  1. Prevent the cancer
  2. Accelerate the circulation of blood
  3. As an antibiotic
  4. Stabilize blood pressure
  5. Eliminate some toxins in the body
  6. Support metabolism of body

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Cautions of Indian Bay Leaf

It is clear as we can see from above that Indian bay leaf has many benefits for our health. However, there are some cautions apply to some people below.

1. Diabetes Patients

We should not consume Indian bay leaf with other diabetes medicines because it will make us unable to control blood sugar or make it too low. We need to consult it with the doctor about the recommended usage too.

2. Patients Who Undergo Surgery

Patients who will undergo surgery should not consume or use Indian bay leaf at least two weeks before the surgery. It is because of the effect of Indian bay leaf which can slow down the ganglion and effect to the surgery.

3. Breastfeeding and Pregnant Mother

One of the Indian bay leaf’s benefit is for pregnancy. However, women need to care because there is not any information about the dosage, so the women should consult with an obstetrician.

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Side Effects of Indian Bay Leaf

Here are some side effects when we use Indian bay leaf.

1. Become Addicted

When we mix Indian bay leaf to food, we can become addicted because of the flavor and the smell. These will lead us to consume it continuously with big amounts.

2. Bad for Breathing

For asthma patients, consuming Indian bay leaf with excess amounts is not good. It is because of the side effect that makes breathing difficult.

3. Constipation Effect

Consuming Indian bay leaf will make our metabolism bad because it is difficult to digest. It leads us to the constipation effect.

That is all the health benefits of Indian bay leaf. However, we need to consume or use it according to the recommended dosage because there are some cautions and side effects that we need to pay attention.

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