13 Top Health Benefits of Alfalfa Tea #1 Potent Herbal

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Alfalfa is a kind of herbal plant which has great benefit for human health. It belongs to nuts families and easily is identified by its one meter long branch with tons of leaves. Medicago sative is its Latin name. Alfalfa can group up blossoming small purple flowers with deep 4,5 meter roots. Therefore, alfalfa can insist on dry and humid condition due to its ability to absorb mineral which cannot only found out on the ground level. Alfalfa comes from Arabic language means father of the plants.

What is Alfalfa?

Alfalfa has been known widely since decades ago along with its popular benefits for human health. Chinese people have used alfalfa plants since decades to extract herbal medicine. It contains many essentials components such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. It also has K, C, B, and E vitamins. Not to mention fluoride, protein, mineral, essential fat acid, fiber and anti-oxide to complete its super magical benefits for our body. Thus, let’s check out the health benefits of alfalfa tea below.

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On the other hand, Arabian people found out one day a long time ago that their horses became much stronger and fit after consuming alfalfa plants. They did not realize yet that this plant was quite good for the body. As a result, after seeing the impact on their horses, they started to extract alfalfa as their herbal medicine like what Chinese did. However, alfalfa is still mainly consumed as their farm animal food. It is commonly consumed in the form of branch or dried leaves. Nowadays, we can simply consume alfalfa as tea, powder, or capsule. Here are several benefits of alfalfa, particularly alfalfa tea, for human body and health which are very complete. You might really need to know and fast grab it soon after reading it!

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  1. Detoxification

Alfalfa leaves can cleanse the poison inside your body caused by too much chemical contained food. For example, if you are a hard fans of instant noodle or canned food, then you might need to start consume alfalfa leaves in the form of extract of tea in order to cleanse the poison inside. You may also consume alfalfa tea by cooking it into soup or salad since it may look more tempting. The composition of vitamins inside alfalfa tea can cleanse and detox the poison through out of way the body. The detoxification character which enables alfalfa tea will cleanse and fit the body into a healthier one.

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  1. Breast Milk Production

Alfalfa leaves are best consumed for breastfeeding mother in order to smooth and increase breast milk production by such compound called phiostrogen. After increasing the breast milk production, the vitamins contained inside alfalfa leaves are also good for the baby’s nutrition. Baby needs much vitamins to compose the cells and maintain their healthy to protect such virus and bacteria. If you are now breastfeeding your baby, you can select the option to consume alfalfa leaves by cooking it into soup to keep the vitamins extract well. Do not overcook or stir fried alfalfa leaves since oil can crack the vitamins contain by the leaves.

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  1. Heart Attack and Stroke Minimalize Risk

Alfalfa leaves consist of good natural chemical which can reduce the cholesterol called saponin. Such natural chemical functions to prohibit cholesterol substance inside your blod veins and around artery heart. Therefore, the heart attack and stroke risk can be minimized and even reduced at all.

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  1. A Good Anti-Oxide Source

Alfalfa leaves are one of the anti-oxide sources which very good for the healthy body. Who can resist of the health benefits of anti-oxide? There are tons of anti-oxide like skin and aging protection, influenza and fever healer, immune maintaining and so on. The best way to consume alfalfa leaves in order to get the maximum benefit is by eating it raw or extracting into one of your juice composition.

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  1. Digest System Healing and Maintaining

Alfalfa leaves can smooth the digest system and also cure digest system problem like mag, vomit, stomached and other digest problems. In order to maintain the health of your digest problem, you can boil some alfalfa leaves and add mints tea into the boiled water, then drink it once up to twice a week. Alfalfa leaves and mint can help your digest to smooth and regenerate the cells and good bacteria inside the stomach to keep your health.

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  1. Vitamin K Source

In the previous section it has been mentioned about the benefit of alfalfa leaves for breastfeeding mother. Here is one more benefit of alfalfa leaves for pregnant mother that is Vitamin K Benefits. When you are pregnant, you need many vitamins to keep your upcoming baby and your own body healthy. You need to consume alfalfa leaves in order to minimize the post-partum blooding and reduce the blooding of the baby.

  1. Pregnancy Health

Pregnant mother always have some symptoms such as morning sickness, constipation, anemia, and so on. They are all normal, however sometimes the mother still have to their work and activity that the symptoms are really disturbing. If you meet this case, you can try to use alfalfa leaves which had extracted into alfalfa tablet which will cure some pregnancy problems above. Consuming alfalfa tea, alfalfa soup, or alfalfa salad might be the best way to reduce the problem.

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  1. Cancer Prevention

Alfalfa leaves have amino acid which called by canavanine. It is beneficial to prevent cancer by tying carcinogens inside the colon so that your risk of suffered from colon cancer can reduced as well. Furthermore, alfalfa leaves which had been extracted into tea or powder are very strong and recommended herbal medicine for curing cancer in such early stage because they minimize and kill the cancer cells out of the body. It also makes your immune proper to stand fighting the diseases.

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  1. Insects Bite Aid

Alfalfa leaves are very good to cure the infection caused by insect bites by external natural healing. The meaning of external healing is by not consuming or drinking the leaves but lubricating it around the scars and you might also pour or plant alfalfa around your house yard to prevent such insects to come. The insect bites probably contain such chemical which can be dangerous for the body. Therefore, alfalfa leaves will aid by absorbing the poison out of your body through the skin. You can also consume alfalfa leaves in form of tablet for more practical version.

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  1. Body Immune

What’s more health benefits of alfalfa tea? It is so obvious to say that alfalfa leaves have such very beneficial benefit for the body immune since it contains much anti-oxide extracts. The leaves work by increasing the immune quality and regenerate the body cells. If you have a strong and good immune, you will be not easily suffered from diseases and maintain your fit body every single day.

  1. Moist Skin Face

Who doesn’t want to look fresh and beautiful by having moist and healthy skin face? Woman, particularly will prefer to spend their money and time to maintain their beauty by doing various treatments. Unfortunately, nowadays it is not really natural anymore for them having such treatments since the treatments mostly use much chemical compounds which can trigger healthy problem in the future.

Why don’t you be back to the natural treatment by using alfalfa tea extract in for of powder or consuming alfalfa tea in order to help your skin face looks moist and fresh? The anti-oxide compound inside the leaves will surely help you to get a beautiful and natural skin face glowing.

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  1. Skin Smoothing

One more the health benefit of alfalfa leaves for the skin after moisturizing is smoothing. Rough and dried skin is only few of skin problems which happen due to some reasons. Unhealthy life style, smoking habit, alcohol consuming, and sun bathing are several conditions which might trigger your skin to look fresh, well hydrated, and smooth. You can start to do the beauty treatment of your skin by consuming alfalfa tea or using alfalfa leaves extract as the masker or body serum. The anti-oxide and complex vitamins such as A, C and K will help the skin to be smooth, well hydrated and fresh.

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  1. Anti-Aging

Every woman might be afraid of this biggest and most horrible skin problem: aging. Even though aging is such a natural yet inevitable case for every human being, still, we try our best to at least cover or slower it. Actually, aging especially for the skin can be well prepared by having a healthy and well hydrated skin condition started from your very young age. One of the methods to prepare your aging and still having a glowing and fresh skin during the age is by consuming as many as fresh and healthy food which contains anti-oxide inside. Alfalfa leaves are much recommended for it. You can drink and eat the leaves in order to help you struggle the aging.

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Those are all healthy benefits of alfalfa leaves in for of tea or powder which you might try to consume by now. You can start to cultivate alfalfa leaves around your house too. However, remember one thing out of health benefits of alfalfa tea, do not ever consume alfalfa leaves in raw condition since it can cause salmonella infection for your body. You have to consult the doctor as well if you want to consume alfalfa when you are in kidney health problems or you have such diabetic symptom.

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